Friday, 1 July 2016

Slytherin Nails

I'm still trying to work out if this is a fail or not. I haven't done Slytherin nails before and being Slytherin, it had to be rectified. I think I might have piled too much into this one mani but there are elements that I really like.

I used hehe Harry Potter stamping plates and some Bundle Monster plates for the Unicorn Patronus nails. Polishes used: Barry M Gelly Watermelon, Ciate Snow Globe, KBShimmer PT Young Thing, Barry M Spring Green and A-England Holy Grail.

Like my red Harry Potter nails from last year, I popped the Hogwarts crest on my thumb, it doesn't quite stand out as nicely against the green.

My pinkie is my favourite, I love that you can only see the Deathly Hallows symbols in certain light because of how the gold stands out against the green and the flakies.

Have you been on Pottermore lately to find out your Ilvermorny house? I got Horned Serpent, so that's 2 snake houses I belong to now which is awesome!

Have you repped your house on your nails?


Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Colour Shifty Mermaid

Have you ever loved a mani so much but hated it at the same time? In real life, this mani was incredibly pretty, with the colour shift from KBShimmer Pigment of my Imagination showing up constantly and being it's gorgeous self, and the mermaid is stamped using KBShimmer PT Young Thing so that holo'd away like a beauty but in photos, I just couldn't capture it and for the most part, it just falls flat. I very nearly didn't post it.

I managed to catch a few with a bit of colour shift but none with the holo :( 

The base for this is also a KBShimmer, it is Stark Raven Mad which I really need to buy a new one of soon because this one is nearly finished. I used vinyls from Whats Up Nails to do the mermaid scales and the mermaid is from Bundle Monster BM-510 stamping plate. I might wear this again but stamp the mermaid in black then stamp over with PT Young thing, I think that might give it more of a holo pop.

What do you think of this mani? Would you wear it?


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Soft Kitty Clothing Made My Squee Happy

About a year ago, I bought 3 pairs of leggings from AliExpress, they claimed to be in my size and I was really excited to get them Annoyingly, when they arrived, I couldn't even get them over my knees, colour me disappoint. It was a disaster and I still have 2 pairs of them in my wardrobe as a reminder, now thinking of turning them into workout tops.

For years now, I have only been able to wear leggings because of the pain a normal pair of trouser causes(man, I miss jeans), don't ask me why, MS is all of the fun, but I got annoyed with just plain black leggings, I'm a naturally colourful person o_0 I wanted awesome but affordable ones because I am also a naturally poor person. I discovered the pyjama leggings from Primark. Yes! I did wear them as normal day to day leggings but the material that they were made from just doesn't last long when you are wearing them often and you have a fat arse. Plus, they are very easy to shrink so it still wasn't a solution for me. 

A few months ago I came across Soft Kitty Clothing on Instagram, they had awesome leggings so that was a good start, then I noticed in their bio that they were based in the UK, bonus, then when I went on their site, they had mermaid leggings in my exact UK size. Ok, so I was still skeptical, I'd gotten my hopes up before and been completely disappointed. 

So I placed an order, I told my squee to stay in, there was no point getting excited when they were not likely to fit. My first order arrived about a week later, I bought just the green leggings and that adorable Harry Potter backpack because backpacks are my thing now. The 9 3/4 tag was from an old Loot Crate, I added it because together they are awesome.

First things first, I was sent a free gift for spending over £40, it's a cute love hearts skater dress and it was in my actual size, it fit fantastically and is perfect for this summer heat we have been having, and I love freebies so that was cool and it buttered me up pretty nicely. 

I placed my second order for the purple and black leggings just a few weeks later because I was so happy with my first and again they arrived after about a week. I also bought a Pacman skater dress at the same time but I forgot to put it in this post,  it is amazing btw and fits perfectly too.

The leggings were pretty good quality, there were no imperfections and when I pulled them on, they went over my knees, step 1 SUCCESS. They really are my size, they fit perfectly, they are comfy and they look awesome. I am finally a mermaid. 

The mermaid leggings were £14 each and these ones are size 18/20, they have a large range of leggings but sadly not all of them go up to that size, there are a few pairs that I have got my eye on if I ever get down to a size 16. The backpack is on sale for £26. They have a large range of other clothing items that are equally as awesome and are pretty reasonable prices so it's definitely worth a look as they are constantly adding new things. Fingers crossed they grow their plus size range in the near future. Hopefully in the future I will feel confident enough to model clothing that I buy, as part of my branching out to other things attempts, if any of you amazing fashion bloggers have any tips then I completely welcome them, not that I think any of you amazing fashion bloggers read my site but hopes, I have high hopes.

I highly recommend these leggings if you want to be a mermaid and, like me, have a fat arse.
Let me know if you buy anything from them and tell them I sent you if you do!


Monday, 27 June 2016

Summer Neon Gradient

I really enjoyed the gradient from last week and I wanted to try another one with the other end of the scale of Danglefoot neons, so from top to bottom I used Make an Entrance, Spike the Punch and Steal a Kiss. it turned out really bright and perfectly summery.

I started with a coat of OPI Nail Envy, then a coat of Barry M Cotton, before sponging on the Danglefoot neons, I topped with one coat of Seche and then I stamped the sunglasses from Cheeky CH37 stamping plate using Break the Rules and Ditch the Diet from the Danglefoot neons, which stamp really well btw.

I still think I need to work on my blending a little bit still but I am really happy with this mani and it may mean more gradients in the future but I am not guaranteeing it.

It did get me in more of a summery mood though, it does help to see these super bright colours on my nails.

Hope you all had an awesome start to the week.


Friday, 24 June 2016

Konad Deep Coffee Stamping Polish from Born Pretty Store

This Konad Deep Coffee stamping polish from Born Pretty Store is a welcome addition to my stamping polish collection. Over most polishes it looks like a dark, dark brown but, over a few lighter colour polishes and whilst stamping, you can see that it is a lovely purple toned brown.

I went for some simple nail art using it so that you could see the purple tones in certain lights. The polish is a great consistency, it stamped beautifully and did not streak when I added a coat of Seche.

Base polish is the gorgeous KBShimmer Run! It's the Coppers.

You can find this stamping polish here for £5.93/$8.44.

Don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

Have an awesome weekend and do weird things that make you happy.