Friday, 14 October 2016

Loot Gaming: Battleground

The September theme for Loot Gaming was Battleground, celebrating fierce conflicts, epic fields of war and larger-than-life- heroes. There are some great items int his month's crate so lets jump right in.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Geek Fuel September 2016

Ok, September's Geek Fuel was pretty awesome but the first thing I'd like to note, is that there was no pin. Based on what it said on the info card in last month's Geek Fuel, it sounded like the pins were going to be a regular thing, I guess not though, Cue disappointment from a 10 year old who also assumed the same thing. But let's have a look at what was in this month's box.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

B-Movie Zombie Nails

A few days ago, my bitch of an index finger nail broke after a violent arm twitch at the door frame, she betrayed us all and even though I decided I was going to wait for her to grow back, I hate having such uneven nails so I had to file the others back a bit and meet her halfway so it's not too noticeable. Annoyingly, I have been planning these nails since I got the Uberchic Zombie Love stamping plate about a month ago and so I had envisioned them on longer nails but I think it still works. 

I love Halloween, it's at a great time of the year and all the myths and legends speak to my soul, plus, who doesn't love getting free sweets from strangers? Each year, I get so pissed off when I see the disappointed look on Kian's face when loads of houses don't take part, it seems to increase every year and it makes me so sad, which is why I tend to buy extra sweets and sneak them into his bag here and there when he isn't looking.

I was going for an old school B-Movie Zombie movie kind of look, where the special effects are minimal and it's mostly just smoke machines and bad lighting that do the trick.

I used Nails Inc black Magic, then sponged on Barry M Arabian, leaving the bottom bit of black showing through. I then stamped on a few zombies across the nails using Barry M Black, which stamps a bit sheer so it looked like these were in the distance, then I applied a coat of Seche Vite. Once dry, I stamped on my 'up front' zombies using Moyou Black Knight then using Barry M Cotton and some nail polish remover to make it sheer or whatever that does to it, I did smoke/fog around the bottom of the zombies.

The thumb is supposed to be one crawling along the floor, kind of like The Walking Dead half zombie from season 1 but ended up being just a head and shoulders because I got a little over zealous with the smoke.

A while back, I also bought some cuticle tattoos, they don't work. After applying them, they stayed gummy and moved around constantly. So in place of these, I decided to stamp onto my finger, which lasted longer than the cuticle tattoos btw, and I love the look. I love how the mani turned out too, I expected it to be crap on short nails but it kind of works.

The Uberchic Zombie plate is amazing and I hope I can come up with few more mani's using it for Halloween month.

Are you planning on doing any zombie related nails this month? Would you stamp on your skin to complete a look?


Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Monday, 10 October 2016

Nails Inc at Poundland

Recently, Nails Inc polishes have been making appearances in Poundland's across the country and we all know how much of a bargain that can be! You can get all kinds of polishes in there, Rimmel, Barry M, Loreal, Sally Hansen, Maybelline, Revlon, Bourjois, all of which can be up to £6 ish when bought from Superdrug or Boots. I'm sure we all remember when there were rumours of OPI's being stocked in Poundland but of course, it was a limited few Crackle polishes. 

So Nails Inc being in POUNDLAND, for a POUND is an awesome bargain, I'm pretty sure these old styles bottles were like £11. Well, my Poundland finally got some in recently, it took ages, and rather than get every single one they had, I was frugal and only got ones that I thought I would wear. So I bought 3, Old Bond Street, Sapphire and Clerkenwell. they did need a good shake as they were pretty separated but I saved Old Bond Street and Sapphire, Clerkenwell however, was unsaveable *sniff* it was too far gone and so ended up in the bin.

As you can see, Old Bond Street is a gorgeous purple leaning, navy blue. It applied nicely and dried pretty fast to a smooth and gorgeously shiny finish. Clean up was easy as was removal but be wary of the possibility to stain. I was wearing 2 coats of OPI Nail Envy for my base coat and there was a tiny bit of stainage after one day of wear. This is 2 coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

The second one is from the Nail Jewellery range called Sapphire. This one is packed full of multi-sized, light blue/aqua with the larger ones having a slight holographic quality to them.

The application is very generous and the glitter is pretty tightly packed, I had hoped that it would apply a little more sparsely but to get that look I would recommend lightly sponging it to get that effect, I think it would be the best look for this polish so you can see how pretty it really is. Other than that, application was a breeze, clean up was pretty easy, although you may have to nudge some glitters to get a clean cuticle line and as always, removal was a little tough. This is one coat over Old Bond Street with one coat of Seche Vite, the glitters lay pretty flat so you don't need to over do it on most nails.

You could probably build Sapphire up for full coverage in as little as two coats, that's how tightly packed the glitters are.

I'm still pretty gutted about Clerkenwell but hopefully my store gets more of them in soon. Pop out and check your Poundland to see which ones you can get and remember, with each Nails Inc you buy from Poundland, you are saving at least £10 and we do love a good bargain.