Monday, 11 February 2019

Super Love Nails

It feels like I spent forever trying to get a decent photo of this beautiful glitter but my camera was just having none of it today, too much going on in it I think. But you can sort of see how pretty it is, it just looks a little messy too!

So the day of St. Valentine's is almost upon us and of course, there are red hearts and lovey dovey stuff everywhere, but I wanted something, well, super! I saw this gorgeous
"Romance" glitter mix on Charlie's Nail Art and saw the awesome superhero water decals and knew that I wanted to combine the 2 together.

Superman and Wonder Woman's romantic dalliances are often very brief and tend to occur in alternate timelines or in their past, but they would make such a good couple and this water decal of them kissing is perfect for nerdy nail art at this time of year.

You can find the Romance glitter mix here for 75p for a 4g bag, and you can find the Superman & Batman water decals here for 89p. Don't forget to use code CLPK10 for 10% off your order.

Plate used for logos: MyOnlineShop MJ XLVIII

What are you up to for Valentine's Day?


Saturday, 9 February 2019

Espionage Cosmetics Seraph

This week Supernatural hit their 300th episode! Which is pretty awesome considering how few shows these days actually reach this point, and they definitely worked hard for it, so massive congrats to them. Supernatural is an awesome tv show and one of my favourites, and now that I am (slowly) working through it from the beginning again with Kian and he absolutely loves it, it makes it even more special to me. I love that we get to bond over it and his favourite character is Dean.

To celebrate the 300th episode I am finally wearing the amazing Seraph nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics. Inspired by everybody's favourite angel Castiel, these wraps are normally glossy but I added a coat of matte topcoat. I also added the angel banishing spell to my finger, stamped from Moyou Gothic 01 using Barry M Siren.

Friday, 8 February 2019

Beauty Big Bang 2-way dotting tool and brush set

Yes, I do have stamping plates from Beauty Big Bang to be getting on with but I am having trouble finding motivation and ideas for them, but one of the things Beauty Big Bang have sent me is this set of dotting tools/brushes and I was pretty excited to give them a go. The tool are double ended with one end being dotting tools and the other end detailing brushes.

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Stargate False Gods 2.0

This is the last mani I have done using the the new Barry M Molten Metals. For this one I have used Golden Hour as the base and the bronze/golden shift made me think of the Egyptians, and my obvious segue was to Stargate.

Now, I LOVED my original False Gods mani but I had wished that I had done some more Stargate specific nails. I had used the symbol for Ra but really wished I had done the symbol for Apophis. So this time I did!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Born Pretty Store Peel off Glitter Series: Cold Wind

Have you heard of peel off nail polishes? It seems like loads of people are giving it a go now and I was really interested in finding out what these were like, which is why I chose this stunner from Born Pretty to review.