Monday, 22 May 2017

Polished By Leanne Plus10Kapow Custom

Hope you are all doing awesome. I have had zero motivation for anything other than going to the gym and slumming around playing Hearthstone (which I'm not very good at btw) but this weekend I had an influx of motivation. It might have something to do with a handful of beauties from Polished By Leanne which you'll see on here later in the week, and my review stuff arriving from Born Pretty, which you'll also see soon. But today I am going to show you another beautiful polish from Polished By Leanne that has actually been sat in my drafts for a while now, from just before the pointer nail betrayed me.

So a while ago I tweeted that it would be awesome to see some UK indies doing white glitter crellies this year, I love them, I just think they are so pretty and it's not something you see often from UK indies. Leanne saw my tweet and because she is such a wonderful person, she set out making a custom just for me and gifted it to me, which of course gave me the fuzzies.

Especially since the polish itself is a gorgeous white crelly with a beautiful holo micro shimmer. The photos really don't do it justice! It's this opaque in 4 coats but builds nicely and is not thick at all. It works perfectly for the jelly sandwich technique which I tried to show you with this nerdy stamping but didn't account for the fact that it wouldn't show up that great in photos and would just look like regular stamping but you can trust me that it does indeed work beautifully. It dries fast and to a smooth, glossy finish.

If you want a polish like this, keep an eye on the Polished By Leanne Instagram as there might just be a similar one coming up in a near future collection, but shhhh, don't say I told you anything. If you are looking for a custom from Leanne, she doesn't offer it as a service on her website but just send her a message on one of her social media accounts telling her what you're looking for and she will definitely let you know if she can help you out.

Keep an eye out for those swatches coming soon!

Where to find Polished By Leanne: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest


Saturday, 6 May 2017

FCBD Hulk Nails

Today was one of the more awesome days of the year, Free Comic Book Day! It's a day when comic book stores pay for bundles of comics and give them away for free. I've heard some stores only let you choose one or two comics but our store allows you to take one of each comic that was available and this year they gave everyone in the queue a signed Doctor Who comic with a cool cover and they set up a treasure hunt with a goodie bag at the end. Me and Kian had a great day. We popped into Primark too (has to be done) but they didn't have the GotG t-shirt that I really wanted. Then went to McDonalds, I know, I know, so unhealthy but a fun treat every now and then plus their banana milkshake is the bomb! I'm absolutely dying right now though, I'm in so much unbelievable pain but it was worth it, having a fun day with my boy.

Anyway, these were my nails for FCBD, I completely forgot to post them this morning even though I had enough time before we left, but honestly, I played a few games of Hearthstone just to give my anxiety some chill.

I did the FCBD upside down and didn't realise until I had finished it but I think my writing is getting better!

I used my hēhē Super Hero 003 plate which is the HULK plate. It has some awesome images on there, although I do wish the word HULK was smaller, even with long nails I couldn't have fit that on there. But the Super Hero plates are so bloody awesome, I really need to get the rest of the collection some day. 

The base is Barry M Silk Orchid, which is a gorgeous colour and dries matte but when you put a topcoat over it you see the lush sparkles and it annoys me that they no longer sell this, I'm going to have to get my eBay on for another bottle. The green is Barry M Spring Green and the white is Barry M Cotton. I made decals of the HULK, his fist punching and the punch clouds? I don't know if 'clouds' is the right word but I'm sure you know what I mean. The rest (apart from my amazing freehanded letters) was stamped straight onto the nail.

Well, hopefully you had an awesome free comic book day and got an awesome haul, you can check out my haul over on my instagram. I hope you bought something from your comic book store too, I keep saying this but don't forget that your stores still pay some pennies for these comics and give them to you for free and buying something too is a great way to thank them for that.

Have an awesome night, I think I might go curl up in bed!


Thursday, 4 May 2017

May The 4th Be With You!

I have been in a bit of a creative slump lately and finally got a twitch of something for Star Wars day nails. I had been trying to think of a design for something I hadn't done before and then I realised that I had never done Vader. I know! Crazy.

Now I know this mani is far, far away from perfect but I really like it, but then I do like pretty much all of my Star Wars nail art. Can you work out what the index and ring finger are supposed to be? 

I used Barry M Black Forest, Barry M Chai, Barry M Turbo Charged, Danglefoot Nail Polish Dance All Night, MyShopOnline MJXLII plate, Moyou White Knight, Moyou Black Knight and a small brush for the details.

I love this stamp from Creative Shop Stamping Plate 46, it stamped so cleanly and is such a cool image.

Cindy also got in on the action today, this look is further away from perfect than the Vader mani but I did this Stormtrooper look because I thought it would be fun to have two different looks going on. It is so hard to paint anything well with my left hand, even stamping proved difficult, look at that weird, half smeared Empire logo. I think any nail art for Cindy in the future might have to be done on the mat.

For this look I used Barry M Cotton, Barry M Black Forest, Barry M Chai, MyOnlineShop MJXLII  and Moyou Black Knight.

Are you doing anything for Star Wars day?

Don't forget that it's Free Comic Book Day on Saturday too so I'm going to punish my brain by trying to come up with something new, although I am tempted to just do my Lady Thor nails again.


Saturday, 29 April 2017


Yes! International Tabletop Day! An official, but totally not needed, reason to tabletop! I have been saving these Espionage Cosmetics DICE wraps specifically for today because, well, will you bloody look at them! Aren't they just perfect? Here's hoping they stave off the Wheaton curse! 

I'm sticking with the whole 'topcoat optional' thing and not using any, although I may add a matte topcoat at some point because I think these would look awesome mattified. I applied these over two coats of OPI Nail Envy and had no problem whatsoever in getting them on and getting them to stay on. I put them on last night and have had no shrinkage or wrinkling overnight.

OK, go gather your Meeples and your dice bag and lets play some motherfrackin' board games! What is your game of choice? Do you prefer dice game to board games or are you a card game lover? Even if you just love a good game of Monopoly, you should definitely get in on the action today.

Have an awesome day!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Back to shorties! Espionage Cosmetics to the rescue!

Arrrgggghhhh, my index nail broke right the way down, so I had to (my brain can't deal with one short and 9 long) cut them all down to around the same length. It's weird how much you have to re-adapt doing thing when you nails go from long to short, especially using your phone. I have had very little motivation to do my nails lately and in desperate times, I turn to my Espionage Cosmetics stash and this time, it was the 8-Bit Hearts wraps that called to me. 

Now, I feel like this is going to make me look like a dumbass but I have been looking at the instructions for these wraps at least twice a month for nearly a year and I have never, NEVER, noticed that the topcoat phase was optional!!! I thought topcoat was a integral part of the process and as such had gone through a whole heap of annoyances with the topcoat phase. But this time I left topcoat out. I applied OPI Nail Envy, Barry M Cotton because the wraps were transparent and I thought they would look great over a white base, then I added the wraps, made sure everything was stuck down properly and went about my business. They lasted me 5 days! 5 days sans topcoat before I started to get tip wear, and they looked great the entire time. I was very impressed with these wraps before but I feel like this has really enhanced my perception of them.

These ones glow in the dark too. It was a little harder to capture because the hearts are pretty tiny really but I managed to snag this one photo that I thought was pretty awesome.

I am going to be wearing another set of Espionage Cosmetics wraps soon because International Tabletop Day is coming up this week and I have the perfect set put aside. Hopefully I'll have some motivation soon and I can get on with other nails. I have thought of a few designs I might do so I just need a kick up the ass to actually do them!

If you're feeling the urge, and we all know you are, you can use my code NMA15KAPOW to get 15% off an order over $25 (as long as you haven't used the code before). These 8-Bit Hearts wraps are currently out of stock but there are so many fab wraps in stock right now so go get to getting. 

Or, if you fancy getting goodies on a monthly basis, sign up to NEXUS or BOOM!Box and use my code BBKAPOWNX to get $3 off a new subscription (can only be used once per customer).

Have an awesome week you beauteous weirdos!