Thursday, 26 July 2012

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Hey everyone,

Viva La Nails are offering my readers 20% of all Konad products until Midnight on Sunday.
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What's in my July (and first ever) GlossyBox?

If you have been reading, then you may well know that i recently signed up to GlossyBox.
I received my first ever box on Tuesday and the first thing i noticed, is just how well the boxes are done. Im basically going to show you in pictures with a little bit of writing (sorry for the quality of some, still using my mobile for photos), so here goes.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Transformers nails

Sorry its been a few days, i haven't had much uninterrupted time with the laptop.

On my last post, i told you about the cute Transformers stamping plate and that i was going to attempt some cute Transformers nails. Aside from the designs on the plate, i wasn't really sure what else i wanted to do and how i wanted them to look. Then i found a Transformers theme over at The Nailasaurus, so i'm not taking credit for these nails.

And before i put the picture up, the cable for my digital camera is broken, so i took the picture with my mobile, so the quality is pretty pants, but i will be getting a new cable soon so hopefully these pants quality pictures don't last very long.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

I'm Ba-ack

i got back from hospital on Thursday afternoon but this is the first time since getting back that i have ventured downstairs. 
I spent most of thursday and friday in bed, still a bit sleepy from the anaesthetic and very sore. Today i'm still quite sore but not feeling too sleepy and my dressings have to come off today.

Enough about that though, i had a couple of goodies waiting for me when i got home. Unfortunately, my Glossy Box hadn't turned up, but it is due to be delivered on Monday so will post up some bits about that then. What i did get was,

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Signed up for Glossybox

So today i signed up to Glossy Box. I've seen quite a few people on blogs who use this service and think it's really good.

I can't help myself when it comes to this type of thing, although, to be fair, i have been umming and ahing over doing this for quite a few weeks.

If you don't know what Glossy Box do, you pay £10 + p+p of £2.95 a month and you get one box a month with 5 luxury samples (sometimes full sized). They tailor what they send you each month based on your beauty profile, so you wont get an anti wrinkle cream if you're 18.

And, i only signed up this morning, and they are already processing my first box to be sent out. I do't know how long they take to arrive but i'm going into hospital for surgery tomorrow so hopefully they will be here for when i come home, to cheer me up a bit.

Once it arrives, i will post pics up of what i receive, just to give you an idea of the boxes.

Monday, 16 July 2012



My name is Chrissie and i thought i would start a blog. Don't ask me why, everyone is doing it and i'm always 'down with the cool kids' so here i am.
I don't and won't pretend to know what i am talking about and some days, i may be talking complete crap but at least i have somewhere to put it now instead of looking like a crazy in reality.
I will have different things to bore you with, from video games, nails and beauty products, TV shows and general day to day stuff. mostly nails though, i do them alot.
So hopefully i can keep up with doing this and hopefully someone enjoys reading about whatever i put on here.
:) x