Saturday, 21 July 2012

I'm Ba-ack

i got back from hospital on Thursday afternoon but this is the first time since getting back that i have ventured downstairs. 
I spent most of thursday and friday in bed, still a bit sleepy from the anaesthetic and very sore. Today i'm still quite sore but not feeling too sleepy and my dressings have to come off today.

Enough about that though, i had a couple of goodies waiting for me when i got home. Unfortunately, my Glossy Box hadn't turned up, but it is due to be delivered on Monday so will post up some bits about that then. What i did get was,

The first item was Barry m Black Glitter, Which has gorgeous little specs of gold glitter throughout it. I haven't tried it yet because my hands are still way to shaky to do my nails but will put up photos/review when i do.

I also got these super cute water decals, which as you can see, include the logos for Superman, The Flash, Batman, They have what i think is the flash logo minus the circle on the right hand side, and the words superman and supergirl. i love these and hope to use them soon and i hope they look good when they are done.

And my favourite thing that arrived was this cute stamping plate. It has a few Transformers images on it. When i saw it, i had to have it. 
And it was cheaper than other templates i have bought. I got it on ebay Here and it only cost £2.88 with free postage. And, even though it was from a seller in Hong Kong, i bought it on 14th july, and it arrived on 19th july. Which, from my past experiences, is really fast. So i was impressed with that.

I saw some Transformers nails art someone had done,which i can only assume was done using the nail art template. So i am going to try that when my hands decide they want to play ball. The only thing that was missing from my collection was a yellow nail polish to represent Bumblebee. So Hubby went to the shops for me in town and grabbed the only yellow they had- Barry M Lemon Ice, which is most pastel than i had hoped. but when i can be bothered i will replace it with Barry m neon yellow or Rimmel Sunshine.

I will post up photos for the glossy box on monday and swatches for new polishes and transformers nail art once i can do it.


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