Sunday, 19 August 2012

-10 Kapow!!!

It's been a few days since I was last on here. I know I told myself that I would keep up my blog as much as possible, and I really want to, but my camera has now stopped working. :'(

I tried to do some cute Zombie nails (love zombies) and for my first attempt at proper, full on, freehand nail art, they actually turned out pretty good. I was actually very impressed and I got quite a few compliments on them.

Of course, I wanted to put them up on here and show you all how they looked, so that's when I went to take some pictures, and, that's when I discovered that my camera was no longer with us. Gutted.

I tried taking some pictures with my Blackberry, and even in nearly 200 photos, in different lighting and at different angles, none of them were anywhere near any kind of quality. I'll show you. This was actually the best photo I managed to take.

Pretty pants yeah?

I'm going to have a look around at camera's and although I probably can't afford an awesome, super duper camera, I can get one that takes better photos than my mobile.

Unfortunately, you cant really see much of the design/details, but I used Rimmel Green Grass Grass as the base, for the pink brains and the red patches, I used 2 from my 17 Mini polishes collection and then Rio black 2 way nails art pen for the stitches.

I was so gutted they didn't come out that well, and then, when I removed it all, another (not so great) revelation. My nails hadn't discoloured before because I was wearing nail polish too much, it was the Rimmel Green Grass. Even with 2 coats of base coat, this somehow still managed to stain my nails. This is annoying, because the polish applies really well (although I have never had any problems with Rimmel Polish, that's why I have so many in my collection) and the colour looks vibrant and shiny once dry. This is one of my favourite polishes and this makes me sad.

To cheer myself up, I decided to try and do some swatches of the Rimmel Polishes i bought last week. No buys this week I'm afraid. I'm brassic until further notice.

Keep in mind my lack of camera at this time. :)

First I tried Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish Marshmallow Heaven. OMG this colour is gorgeous. This definitely goes into my favourites pile. Its a soft pastel kind of purple and it reminds me a little of the colour marshmallows go after soaking up the hot chocolate. 

here are the photos ((cringe))

I tried to catch the colour and shine as much as possible for you to see. I didn't get very far with this.

Next was Rimmel I <3 Lasting Finish Orange Your Life. This was another first for me. I probably mentioned  someone along the line (scatter brain) that I haven't really done bright colours much before and so trying Orange was a bit weird. This was also another colour that went down well. Yeah its a bit bright to begin with, but it grew on me very quickly. This is an in your face colour and will be good for summer and autumn if paired well.

More cringe worthy photos. I actually think these ones are worse.

I haven't managed to swatch the Princess Pink yet because I have ran out of polish remover and was too lazy to go and get some today, but that one will be on soon, hopefully after camera purchase.

So, hopefully you now understand the meaning of my post title, and, I apologise intensely for the injustice I have bestowed upon your eyes. I hope you can forgive me and come back for my next post. I promise that whilst I wait for camera, i will post something where images are not necessary or images that have come out stunning somehow.

Forgive me


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