Saturday, 11 August 2012

My buys this week

Left to right: Perlier lip care Honey Miel, stamping plate KD3, Rimmel Princess Pink, Marshmallow Heaven
 and Orange Your Life

My nails are still naked :( and I feel like I am having polish withdrawal. My nails have never ever been in this bad a condition, they are so weak I could look at them and they would break.

But it didn't stop me from buying some new polishes. I fully did not intend to buy any this week, but I went into Superdrug for some sprays and have to have a cheeky peek to see if there were any deals on nail polishes. There was. Rimmel are back on the 3 for 2 offer and i spotted the Marshmallow Heaven polish and got slightly polish broody. Then I spotted Princess Pink and my symptoms got much worse. I have been looking for a nice nude type polish and this was almost perfect.

But I stopped myself and went to the queue with my sprays. The queue was longish and was taking quite a while and the longer it took, the more I was looking back at the polish displays. I'm ashamed to say I went and grabbed these 2 and an orange one to complete the offer and went right to the end of the queue. oops.
But i got 3 lush polishes for £6.68 which is quite the bargain in my eyes. I will do swatches for them as soon as my nails start to feel better.

I also received a stamping plate that I had bought off eBay, I wanted this plate because of the full coverage options on it.I got it from this seller for £2.87. This is the second plate I have bought from them because they are bargain prices and although you do have to wait a little longer for you purchase because the seller is in Hong Kong, in my experience, these have arrived quicker than any other item I have bought from that side of the world.

The last thing I received this week was the Perlier lip care Honey Miel. When we moved house we had to sign up to a new Internet provider, so we went with Sky. and with our sign up deal we got a free £25 Marks and Spencer's voucher. I don't shop there normally because it's all way to expensive for me but when the voucher came, I started looking online to see if there was anything that caught my fancy. I searched and searched and was coming up empty. Then I decided to use it to buy some luxury beauty products for my mother-in-laws upcoming birthday. This resulted in a few quid left over and so I bought the Honey Miel. It smells delicious and leaves my lips feeling very soft. Technically, because I didn't spend any real money on this, it was another bargain, however, if I had (i wouldn't), at £6 for a regular sized lip balm, it's a bit expensive for my liking.

Back to my bare naked dying nails, I'm pretty gutted, i am using hardener and strengthener but don't seem to be getting anywhere, if anyone has any suggestions that have helped them before, it would be much appreciated, but really I'm gutted because tonight is the peak of the Perseid Meteor shower and so I was going to try out galaxy nails for the first time ever in honour of it. not to mention that, based on the current cloudy sky, i probably won't even get to see the show. But if you have clear skies where you are, keep an eye out after midnight GMT and you should get a glimpse.

Hope you're enjoying the current warmer, rain free weather.


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