Friday, 24 August 2012

My buys this week.

I have only bought a few little things this week, but I am quite pleased with my mini haul.

I had to venture into town yesterday anyway to have yet more blood taken at the doctors. So I thought, as a new B&M store had opened in town, that we might as well take this opportunity to have a look around it.
I'm glad I did, even though I couldn't spend a fortune, there are loads of things in there that I want to get and all at a really good price.

One thing I was a little disappointed in, was their collection of nail polishes. From a distance, I spotted a massive collection of W7 polishes on a shelf at the bottom of the aisle. Moving quickly towards them, I soon realised that the only polishes they had were the crackle effect. I'm not a big fan of crackle effect tbh. I have the Rimmel silver crackle polish but have only used it once and even then it was only on my toes.

Anyway, moving on to what I came on here to do, show you my lovely little haul from this week.

These were the main things I was impressed with on my trawl through B&M.

These are Keyboard button shower gels. How geeky cute are they? And they were only 50p each. So cute and so cheap so I had to grab one of each that they had. They have taken pride of place lined up on the windowsill of my bathroom. The only problem is that I don't want to use them now. 

The next thing I picked up from B&M was this.

A Sexy & Love nail polish set, this was a little bit higher at £2.99 but still a bargain for 6 polishes. They are all pearlised type colours, which you should be able to see from the bottom pic of the light pinky coloured one. None of them have names. I love the purple colour but I couldn't get a really good pic of that one to show you just  how nice it is.

Sticking with the nail polish them, I also picked up this.

A Pink Tease 2 way nails art pen in with a clear based and silver glitter. This was only 99p, which is how much I have paid for other 2 way pens, but this will be my first glittery one. I did do a little bit of a dab with the dotter and the brush on a bit of paper to see what it looks like. It didn't seem to spill out very much glitter, but I'm hoping that when I actually use it for nail art, it comes out much thicker.

That was all I bought in B&M, but I do have one more thing to show you. And it is a gem.

This is W7 Lava Flow. It is a gorgeous White jelly base with red and black glitter pieces throughout. I haven't yet tried it, but I think it will be the perfect winter polish. I got this from The Original Factory Shop for £2. They had a few more that I wanted to get, 2 other W7's, a Turquoise Colour with silver glitter through, a silver glitter and then a Technic Carnival, but with Hubby giving the evils, I thought I'd better just get one. For now. 

This is my first W7 polish and when I opened it to have a look at the polish on the brush, I noticed the smell was quite strong. Have you used any W7's and what did you think of them? Do all of them have a strong scent? This one is supposed to finish matt but to me it looks like it will have quite a glossy white finish.

Well that's my bargains for the week. Not much, I know, but there are still 2 more days of this week, so you never know, I might add to the list.

Have a good long weekend everyone.


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