Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My Lust List of Wonders.

My close to failed attempt at a wonderous montage.

Not unlike many women out there, I have a massive list of things that I want, really want, and just never get round to buying or they are way way to high above my price range.

The stuff mixed together is pretty random, but all stuff I have seen along the way, and that I still lust after to this day. I will also be linking to the places I have seen these items for 2 reasons, reason 1: just in case you also fall in lust with these items and wish to purchase one for yourself. Reason 2: as a source for the images I am using in the post. I will not take credit for something that is not mine.

In this post, I have only done a few items as there is quite a lot on my lust list and if I put it all into one post, you would get bored and it would take me days, maybe even weeks to do this one post.

Hope you enjoy.

Resident Evil Interchangeable Virus Necklace

Resident Evil Set of 3 Interchangable Handblown Glass Pendants, choose from T Virus, T Veronica, G Virus, G Vaccine and Mixed
This Etsy Listing has been on my list for many moons now. I looked everywhere for some low priced T-virus jewellery and the quality was never really there. Then I stumbled across this listing from seller GeekOUTlet and although it is a little bit pricier than I can pay for a necklace at the moment, the level of quality and detail is amazing. 

Every now and then, when I go back to have a look at these to try to naughtily tempt myself to buy them, I have a little browse through the items that GeekOUTlet have for sale, and this is a seller after my own heart. The items for sale are full of kitsch and nerdy items, with the same quality and detail as the Res Evil necklace. If I had it, I could quite easily spend a fortune on this sellers store.

Zombie Stitch Necklace

Halloween Zombie Stitch Necklace in All Sewn Up - Weirdly Cute Halloween Jewelry - Unique Gift

Another Etsy Gem and another item that has been on my list for quite some time. If I remember correctly, I stumbled upon seller WeirdlyCute's store on the same day I found the above Res Evil necklace. I actually came across the store before this listing, and the store was another happiness filled space for a strange un' like me.

I wear some quirky jewellery anyway so I think I could pull this off well anytime, but I'm probably not that brave. So, it would be perfect for the run up to Halloween and maybe even part of a Zombie outfit for fancy dress parties.
I really love this and think it has been done really well, I especially love the little sewing needle hanging off it.

Wonder Woman Footwear

                                            (source)                                       (source)

OK, so technically, the Christian Louboutin heels are not Wonder Woman, they are in fact the Miss America Slingbacks, but don't they remind you of Wonder Woman? And I adore the 50's pin-up style of them. Of course, if I did wear these heels, I'd probably break my neck, those are some proper high stilettos and I'm wobbly in bare feet. Not a good look and nowhere near Wonder Woman or a 50's pin-up, but aren't they amazeballs?

And then of course, for the safest bet in footwear, for me and those around me, the Wonder Woman All Stars. I keep watching for pairs on ebay, as you are sure to find out, I love eBay and I'm quite the cheap ass, or as I like to put it, I love a good bargain, on just about everything.

So far, no pair that I have watched have actually sold for below a number I want to pay (don't forget, I'm poor at the mo too) and the current ones I have on my eBay watch list are the ones from this seller. They are listed for slightly more than I would pay, but I have these on my watch list to remind me to keep looking for them (very forgetful in my old age). 

Oh yeah, Wonder Woman is my fave superhero, I have a few items of Wonder Woman, and there is of course, a lot more that I want. Which Superhero is your fave?

Xbox Live Avatar Items

     (source)                                            (source)

OK, I literally only stumbled upon these glorious items 4 hours ago. I don't go onto the Avatar store much but today I was looking for a new t-shirt for my Avatar and wanted something geeky. Then these appeared. The Codex Outfit and the Codex Staff. Bit more MSP than I had,(my balance was 140) so I settled for a cute Wolverine tee 80msp. For now, then I will have these beauties.
Curious Akasha
This is my Xbox Avatar.
If you have no idea what I am chatting about then check out The Guild Wiki. I love this programme/web series, but it's not to everyone's taste, even Mr.+10 doesn't like it. Oh, plus I'm a fan of Felicia Day, which helps. Not in a creepy stalkerish way, but I like the types of characters she plays and I like the type of person she is in real life. 

Sith Tank Top


And what geek girl's life is complete without a Star (insert franchise here) something or other in their life. For me, it is of course Star Wars. This is a new addition to my lust list, I only received the email from ThinkGeek yesterday to show some new items in store, and straight away, my eyes were drawn to this lovely.

ThinkGeek in itself is a massive lust list for me, I love pretty much everything on there, but because it's an American website, I worry about things like postage and customs charges. I have only ever bought smallish items from America before, and any ThinkGeek order I would do, is going to be mahoosive.

Well that's it for today. I'd really like to see some of the items that are high up on your Lust List's and let me know if anything here has made it onto your list.

Hope you're having a fantabulous evening.


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  1. The zombie stitch choker is amazing - what a great idea.
    One of my wishlists: http://undercoverdressuplover.blogspot.co.uk/2012/08/gamey-wishlist.html
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