Wednesday, 8 August 2012

These are a few of my favourite things...............

I've had to take a break from doing my nails, because I think they were dying a little bit and they had gone really weak so I thought I would give them a few polish free days and do a different kind of post, which, since I have only been blogging a short time, may help you get to know me a bit better.

So, as the title suggests, I am going to show you a few of my favourite things.

I may do this same kind of post every now and then, because I have a lot of things that I love, and I had a hard time narrowing down the masses whilst deciding which ones I wanted to show you.

The first thing I am going to show you is one of, if not the favourite bag I have.

This is my FCUK comic bag. It isn't the biggest of handbags and certainly doesn't fit all of my crap in it but I just love the style, and I managed to pick this up on eBay for under a fiver. I have loads and loads of other handbags but this one deffo stands out in a crowd.

Next I am going to show you some of my favourite footwear. Again, only a very small percentage of my collection but definitely my favourites and I'm sure you can see why.

Because it is supposed to be the Great British summer, I started with my favourite sandals. These are Atmosphere by Primark multiway sandals. I have 4 pairs of these this year, in silver, gold, black and gold with brown. This is the 3rd year in a row I have bought these sandals because I adore them. They are comfortable and soooo cheap. I recommend checking these out if you have a Primark anywhere near you.

Next we have the oh so reliable trainers.

These are my DC trainers. Or should I say, one of my pairs of DC trainers. These are another brand that I am faithful to. I love DC and at the moment, i have 3 pairs. But these are by far the lushest ones I have ever had and I am hoping that when I have worn them out from wearing them all the time, I can find them again somewhere. Otherwise, I may cry.

And finally for footwear, the sexiest pair of heels I own.

I adore these. My TUK platform heels. This is the 3rd pair of TUK shoes I have bought/owned. Sadly, my first pair broke :'( so I only currently have 2 including this pair. Because I'm a shortie at only 5ft, when I wear heels, this is the lowest I will wear, and, because I'm the clumsiest person you will ever meet, I normally only wear platforms for the extra stability they give. I still manage to fall over on nights out though, even without the involvement of alcohol.

I'm guessing by now you will have noticed that I am big on brand loyalty. Although it's more of a case that when I find something I really like, I stick with it. And by stick with it, I mean by it in as many different colours and styles as possible. But I stick with what i know. I'm good like that.

Anyhoooo, moving on, something else I collect, is Marilyn Monroe themed items. 

This is but a small selection of the items I have. Apart from these, I have loads of pictures throughout the house and all of Marilyn's movies.

One of the ways I like to express myself, is through my jewellery. Namely, necklaces. I love weird and wonderful ones, and yes, they are normally pretty geeky.

Again, this is only a few of my favourites, but these are the ones I wear the most. When I wear these, I always get compliments on them. Normally when i am in a my local video game store. The sexiest one in my collection is the massive POW! in the middle. The POW! was mirrored when I got it but that has worn off because I wore it so much, so I painted it silver. I fully intend to buy another one when I can.

And because I put necklaces on here, I thought I would also show you a couple of rings and bracelets I really love.

I do seem to have a bit of an obsession with laser cut jewellery items, but they do what i want. Not only that, if you look for just the charms on eBay, you can get them for anywhere between 50p and £1.50, then all you need to do is attach them to a chain when you want to wear them. Bargain.

And I do love a good bargain, which is why I naturally gravitate to eBay. You can always find bargains on eBay if you know roughly what you're looking for. Of course, there will be times when an item on eBay is being sold or has been bid up to way more than it is going for in the shops or on other websites, so it's always a good idea to price compare.

Finally I will leave you with one of my favourite peoples. And by peoples, i mean my gorgeous kitty Pixel.

He is a bit of a weirdo and I'm pretty sure he thinks he is a dog. But i love him to bits.

I should hopefully have my review of Lollipop Chainsaw up in a few days, so watch out for that if it interests you.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of insight.


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