Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Viva La nails decals/stickers review

As i mentioned before, I joined Viva La Nails affiliate program for bloggers (which you can find here) and as part of this affiliate program, I was sent a pack of samples (pictured above). This was a mixture of stickers and water decals which I have now tried out and am going to tell you about them.

Looking at them, straight away I can tell I much prefer the plain black and white ones to the coloured ones. But to try them all out I decided to do one on each finger. And this was the result.

Excuse the mess and the discolouring on my nails. If you wear nail polish a lot, you will know that sometimes this can happen.

On the thumb I have the black and white swirly heart rhinestone sticker, which I actually really like, and above it one of the silver water decals.
On my index finger, I have the black and white butterfly rhinestone sticker.
Middle finger I put the coloured flower fashion sticker.
Ring finger was the coloured butterfly water decal.
and pinkie finger was the coloured flower water decal.

The stickers were really easy to apply and were stuck sturdy straight away, where as the water decals are a bit fiddly to apply and i found that when trying to position them, them folded easily. 

Once I had applied the topcoat, it switched, and the water decals were covered and sturdy, but the stickers seemed to get minimal coverage especially around the rhinestones and it felt like they would get caught and and come off at any time. 

And then came the worst part. Removing them. All of them broke into little bits as I was removing them, the water decals were the easiest, and yes they did split into little bits but came off quite easily. But the stickers, what a monumental pain in the bootay they were. The rhinestones came off first, then little bits, bit by bit. leaving behind the main part of the sticker,which for the life of me, would not budge, I ended up having to scrape it off with my nails. 

I still really like the Heart rhinestone sticker and may do a full mani using these quite soon. I would recommend these to those who want intricate details of cute rhinestones without having to do it all freehand yourself.

Apart from these, I recommend checking out Viva La Nails by clicking the link to the left. They have a good range of stuff from stickers and decals to stamping and fimo canes and all at a very good price.

I'm off to do my nails now.


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