Sunday, 9 September 2012

Boohoo £50 Fashion Voucher Blogger Challenge

I've been feeling very 'meh' lately and a little under the weather so haven't really had much motivation to post anything. Then I saw that are doing a blogger style challenge to win £50 of BooHoo vouchers and just had to take part.

So far, I have only done one of these blogger style challenges, and that was my House of Fraser style challenge. I really enjoyed doing it and love looking through all the clothes I can't afford. So I jumped (not literally) at the chance to try this one. And who wouldnt love £50 of BooHoo vouchers?

Taken from Fashion Vouchers Website- 'To celebrate making it into our Top 10 Fashion Money Saving Websites list, we have launched a new blogger challenge to find the best outfit for £50 or under at Your outfit can include whatever you like, a dress, shoes, jewellery, accessories and whatever else you can find as long as the total cost does not exceed £50. There are four £50 fashion vouchers up for grabs for the best four fashion outfits, which means if you win you can buy your creation!'

There were so many different outfits I wanted to do, but it seems I may have quite expensive taste, and I couldn't quite keep my amount below £50. In fact, I was nowhere near it.Then I managed to get an outfit to £48.

There are a few different styles/trends I like to stick to, and one of them is Geek Chic. So this is what I have gone for.

(click to enlarge)

Samia Stud Leggings   Neldra Viva La Geek Vest   Gracie Suedette Buckle Wedge

I love cute slogan like t-shirts and vests and so this Viva La Geek vest was perfect for me. Then, of course it has to be paired with some kickass leggings. Has to be leggings. I was going to go for some wet look leggings for the sexy geek chic look, but these caught my eye. The stud detail all over the thigh looks gorgeous, kind of a rock chick look, which I know is moving away from original style, but geek girls rock too ya know. 

Onto the shoes. Ah the shoes. As you may know, I like my shoes high. Well high but stable. And for this outfit, I really wanted a bright pop of colour. On the website, the colour is marked as blue, but I would say these are more of a turquoise colour. Which is one of my favourite colours, and these shoes are lush. I want them. They shall be mine. Maybe. Oh money Gods, make me rich so i can buy hundreds of pairs of shoooooess. *ahem* 

So this is the point I really got stuck. Accessories. I like accessories, well, love accessories. But the trouble is, I tend to like accessories that are slightly more on the quirky side than Boohoo accessories. So this took me a while. 37 minutes in fact. Just to pick accessories. 

I decided to add one accessory to match the rock chick look of the leggings and one to match the geek chic vest.

Welcome the triple row spike bracelet. I did initially pick the spike necklace but thought that would be a bit over the top for my look so the bracelet was just the right level of awesome I was looking for.

The glasses are a bit of a cheat for me. I wear glasses 24/7 or I'm blind and my glasses have the geek chic thick black rims (by choice) I love these glasses, and they are a perfect addition to my little outfit here because I would definitely be wearing them.

I'm not sure if this is in line with any trends this A/W, but this is always on trend in my wardrobe. I hope you like my look.

If you want to enter, here's how-

1. Head over to and start piecing together an outfit, making sure you do not exceed your £50 budget (no student discounts or other voucher codes can be used to help you stretch this budget).

2. Write a post about your outfit and this competition on your blog, which includes a link back to our home page

3. Email a link to your entry to

That’s it! To help you get started you might want to check out the clearance page.


1. The prize will consist of 1 x £50 voucher, and there will be four winners.

2. No cash alternative is available for the prize.

3. The competition starts on September 1st.

4. Closing date for entries is September 30th.

5. Winner will be announced by October 10th on our twitter page @fashvouchers..

6. Only one entry per person.

Good luck to anyone and everyone who enters.


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