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Review: Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

Pic taken quickly on my phone, poo quality noted, too lazy to get camera.

I love Transformers. Who doesn't? They are all sorts of awesome sauce, especially Bumblebee. So when Hubby got hold of a copy of Fall of Cybertron on PS3, I had to attempt it.

So this is more of my opinion on the game, without giving away the story or any spoilers.

The first thing I will say is that visually, the game is absolutely stunning. After the initial tutorial type level, the game boots into the opening credits and an FMV about how Cybertron fell, and it looks amazing.

The game is a kick back to G1 Transofrmers, and if I'm honest, I'm not quite old enough to be part of the G1 crew but that didn't stop me from loving this game. Although my 6 year old (the new generation) wasn't quite so ready to forgive, he just kept shouting that they aren't the real Transformers. Trying to explain to him that these are, technically, the real Transformers, didn't go quite as well as I expected. Bless him. Hubby, being a bit older, was in retro Transformer heaven.

The story is fantastic and a lot of old favourites have returned for this outing, for instance, Perspector and Metroplex. Voice acting is very well done and the script doesn't suck either. I did, at one point, almost shed a tear for one of the scenes with Bumblebee.

The levels are what I like to call soft roam. You can wander around your current level point, engage in conversations with other characters that are present and find collectibles. With this, you may think there is a chance to get side tracked, however, your next story step is always signposted with a massive arrow and distance.

The gameplay was pretty easy. What I found slightly difficult to get used to, was the overabundance of controls. They use pretty much every button going, including L3 and R3 (clicking in the analog joysticks), I have never been fond of this in any game as it tends to get in the way and I find myself accidentally clicking them whilst in the heat of battle. I will however, give them points for utilising as many buttons as possible on the PS3 controller and for the fact that controls are perfectly responsive, for me anyway.

The battles themselves are pretty intense, this makes for a good fight load. Just make sure you have enough ammo, otherwise you will end up like me, running through the battle zone like a lunatic, trying to meelee everyone, and failing in somewhat of an epic manner.

Following on from my epic fails, you'll be happy to know, like I was (I die a fair amount) that checkpointing is proper tip top, so you wont have those frustrating moments when you die, and after loading back in, find yourself miles back at the beginning of the level or something equally ridiculous.

A welcome addition to the game is the Teletraan 1. This is a weapons and abilities upgrade shop, which improves the playability of the game. It's always nice to be able to upgrade and not be left with a poor, initial weapon to complete harder and harder tasks.

I haven't quite got anywhere near completing this game but even though this isn't my normal, go to type of game, I'm still finding it highly enjoyable. That is, apart from the stutter loading, this happens quite a lot. you will be in the middle of driving or shooting and suddenly, screen freeze, and loading pops up in the bottom right corner.

Oh, I may not have completed it, but I did watch Hubby play and complete it (yes I do that) and the end credits were funny as. I don't want to take away from your joy as you watch it, but do stick around at the end to see it. It's good, trust me.

Sticking to my scoring type thingy majig brought in on my last game review, i would give Transformers: Fall of Cybertron


The annoyances are not enought to take away from the enjoyment of the game, and i love the fact that the Transformers do look much closer to their G1 counterparts than in recent Transformers releases.

Hope you liked my reviews.


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