Thursday, 20 September 2012

What's in my September GlossyBox designed by Maggi Li

I meant to do this post the day my GlossyBox arrived but it's still pretty hectic around here and because I waited so long, the lighting hasn't been very good today, a little bit grey. I really need to look into making a light box. Anyway, pictures are ok, so here we go.

This is only my 3rd GlossyBox ever, so when I heard it was going to be a limited edition designed by Maggi Li, I got very excited. Then the box arrived and I was very disappointed. Not in a bitchy, cancel my subscription kind of way, but disappointed all the same. The products that I had received in my 2 previous boxes has been so much better.

Then my disappointment was fuelled even more when GlossyBox released their blog post about all the different products that went into the boxes this month (view GlossyBox blog post here). 2 of the items in my box were sample types that I receive for free on a monthly basis, where as other customers had received what looks to me like full sized products. 

 The box itself, is gorgeous. When opening it, the prettiness of this added to my excitement. I will have to find somewhere that I can use this box and have it on display. Maggi Li did a really fantastic job with this.

 Inside the box hadn't changed, so it has the usual info card, pink ribbon and black tissue paper. I did think that the ribbon and tissue paper would have the Maggi Li design on it as well because i have seen photos of previous special editions which have had the theme throughout the box.

 The front of the info card had the Maggi Li theme on it.

Now the info card has, for obvious reasons, stayed the same. It has all the useful info available on there for each product, along with prices of full sized products. Handy to have to know what value is in your box.

Moving on to the products I received.

Lady Gaga Fame perfume sample: An opulent, crushed floral fragrance that's black like the soul of fame but transparent one airborne. RRP: £25 for 30ml. The sample I received is 1.2ml

 I was quite happy to receive perfume samples. Who doesn't love having loads of different smellies around so that you can use a different one every day. My issue, these are the same types of samples I get for free from Boots Samples or just off Brand websites. I received 5 samples of perfume the week before, for free, (Dueto Parfums and Guerlain Paris) and 2 samples for hubby as well. But the main stumbling block of this product, is that the perfume sample, will not spray. It doesn't even work so I cant smell it. :( 

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 minute facial:Glamoxy snake serum is a revolutionary product with instantly visible results, helping to reduce the appearances of frown lines and wrinkles. 5 minute facial is a triple action resurfacing gommage clay mask. RRP: Snake serum £29 for 10x1ml. RRP: 5 minute facial £10.95 for 10x1ml.

This is what I was really really disappointed by the fact that I received sachets. This is the type of things that you get from a magazine, or again when a free sample is sent to you. Plus, in my first box, there were sachets  as a bonus after the 5 other products in the box. So when you look at the fact that some people got full sized products and others got sachets that are normally free, it's not good. Sad face.

Now the moany bit is out of the way, onto the  goooooood stuff.

I'm going to start with my favourite from this months box.

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream: A smoothing and illuminating day cream that smoothens skin's texture and improves complexion radiance. RRP: £25 for 50ml. The sample I received is 15ml.

Also if you go to the Semple and Semple Vichy section and enter code Vichy20 when purchasing, you will get 20% off.

I love this product. the cream is not too thick and goes onto the skin smoothly. It smells divine. The best thing is how it makes my skin feel. I have very dry skin and even with the best of the products I have tried before, I would still have dry patches, but with Vichy, I felt the difference instantly. Today is the second day I have used it and my whole face, including my problem areas, still feel lush and smooth. I am in love with this and will deffo be buying or asking Santa for this.

This lovely little bottle is Maghrabian Hair Oil: Nutrition, hydration, conditioning, softness, shine and long-term vitality. Hair absorbs the oil quickly, instantly improving it's appearance. RRP: £24 for 100ml. The sample I received is 10ml.

I haven't really had much of a chance to try this out, but weirdly enough, and don't judge me, I have been sniffing it. A lot. My hair has been in a ponytail for the last 2 days and so I only tried it on the mass of dangling hair at the front of my face. It worked. It definitely does what it says on the tin. However, I will reserve judgement until I have used it on my hair properly. 

The oil is kind of in the middle of an oil/gel. It spreads easily in the hands and smoothes evenly through the hair. I think this may, may, be a re-buy.

And finally,

Balance me Wonder Eye Cream: A triple action cream designed to soothe tired eyes,smooth away dark shadows and reduce the appearance of fine lines. RRP: £20 for 15 ml. The sample I received is 7ml.

Go to the Balance Me website to receive £5 off any of their full size extra care products by entering code GLOSSY5.

I honestly haven't had the chance to try this yet. I currently used Garnier caffein eye roll on for my under eye luggage, so I will try this soon. I haven't smelt it either. I'm afraid to because of the pointy nozzle, I'll probably impale my nose on it somehow. 

Well that's my September GlossyBox, very pretty box, some good products and some really crappy ones. I will be doing my surveys on GlossyBox to let them know about the products, oh and to get me GlossyDots. 

Let me know if you received anything better in your GlossyBox and if you were one of those who received a full sizer, did you receive sample sachets alongside that?

Enjoy the rest of your evening.


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