Sunday, 7 October 2012

My buys this week

These aren't all purchases this week, a few items have been given to me but I wanted to share them.

It seems that I am becoming a little bit of a Barry M stalker. I love their Nail Paints and when I saw they were having their 'Buy 2 items and get a web/croc effect for free' in Superdrug stores, I had to take advantage of it.

Earlier in the week I bought Red Glitter, Spring Green and got Web Effect for free. I wanted the red glitter for quite a while but other colours and glitters got in the way and were bought instead. Then I bought the Spring green because this green is gorgeous and I am running out of my Rimmel Green Grass.

I have never bought any of these effects polishes before but loved the thought of a Halloween specific one. Plus, I thought that it would look really good over yellow, kind of pumpkin-ish.

Then, yesterday, we went shopping and Hubs left me at Superdrug, his mistake, not mine. So I went in to see if they had any different polishes to my local store. And I ended up grabbing iridescent Pink (how lush is that one), Mushroom (perfect autumnal brown) and Black Croc effect.

Also this week, my friend bought me Magnetic Cosmic Glow and Jewel Glitter Gold Mine, just because she loves me. Again, I have never tried the effects ones before but I tried this the day after she gave it to me, and it worked really well. However, it may take a bit of perfecting to get the chevrons straight and centred. But I really like this. Of course, I love the Jewel Glitter as well, you know how much I love glitters.

I bought a bottle of Bys Glow in the Dark nail polish for Halloween Nail Art. I have been looking into glow in the dark polishes and from what I could tell, this one seemed to be the best. It arrived the next day and now, each night, I have this glowing bottle by my bed. I'm in love. 

Winter is coming and I get chapped lips a lot. I like to have quirky lip balms, one of my favourite current ones is the Cherry Coca Cola. These ones are the Swizzels matlow Lip balm set. They are Double Dip, Drumsticks, Rainbow Drops, Refreshers and Double lollies. They all smell exactly like the sweets they are name after, which basically means they smell lush. They don't unfortunately taste like the sweets, but they are flavoured, just a mixture of Strawberry, Vanilla and cherry.

I bought this Montagne Jeunesse Face mask pamper pack for a girly night in with my friend. I got this from Morrisons, a pack of 5 face masks for £3. Bargain.

And finally, this was given to me by my Mother-in-Law. She had bought it for me a few years ago but it has gone missing in the depths of her house and she just found when re-decorating and stuff. Its so cute and fits in perfectly with my collection, I prefer all the black and white images of Marilyn. It just has 2 images of her at a window and a little list of her movies.

Well, those are my buys this week. I am looking for a new top coat and Seche Vite seems to be a good choice, do any of you use Seche Vite or are there any other top coats you would recommend? Sound off in the comments.



  1. Little late to the party, but I wanted to comment on Seche Vite. It's a great top coat EXCEPT, it gets really thick once it's been opened, and I've had to throw it out before I'm even half done with it. I guess it evaporates, even with the lid on? The Revlon super fast top coat is actually pretty good, too. So far, it hasn't gotten thick, and I have used probably 3/4 of the bottle. Good luck!

  2. Late is better than never. Thank you for letting me know, i haven't tried Seche Vite yet, i settled for the cheap but useful Barry m All in One. It seems to work pretty well tbh although drying time can be a little bit ridiculous. might have a try of the Revlon one when i run out.