Sunday, 21 October 2012

What's in my October GlossyBox?

I've done it again haven't I? I haven't posted for over a week, massive slap on my wrists. Luckily my October GlossyBox arriving reminded me that I do have a blog, and that I do need to post on it.

As you can see from above, this month we are back to the normal pretty, pale pink boxes.

This month, the theme of the box is DIY Beauty, and I'm back to loving GlossyBox this month, the products are back to their normal standards. So the DIY theme is products that would help to achieve a cosy and indulgent night in, creating a spa experience and pamper yourself.

You will also notice, that instead of the usual cute GlossyBox stick that holds the tissue paper together, we have a cute GlossyBox Supports Breast Cancer Care sticker. This is in support of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every October box that is sold, GlossyBox are donating 10p to Breast Cancer Awareness. 

The usual info card. I'm going to go back and look at my other info cards, because for the first time ever, I have noticed there is writing on the back. Maybe I was just always too excited to get to the products. Surely I cant be the only one that has never noticed this.

Aaaaah pretty.

So, first product is up.
Anatomicals Don't just clean it woman,scrub it Body Scrub- A pink grapefruit body scrub that buffs with a bravura sense of charm and wit. RRP £3.49 for 200ml Sample I received is 75ml to find out more about Anatomicals and their products.

Olay Regenerist 3-Point treatment Cream fragrance Free- Olay Regenerist's award winning, best selling moisturiser. RRP £29.99 for 50ml. Sample I received is 7ml.

Visit for more information.

Skinetica Anti Blemish- A unique solution for clearing skin blemishes, showing results in 2-3 days. Kind to skin with no side effects. RRP £6.99 for 100ml. Sample I received is ???? There was no ml amount on the sample, I would guess it's between 7 and 10ml but I could be wrong. I'm not sure if there is enough in there to get 2-3 days use, so I'm not sure if I would be able to see the results but I'll give it a good go.

It says on the card to visit for this product but I think this may be a typo, so instead I would suggest going to for more info on these products.

Yves Rocher France Moisturising Cream Lipstick Couleurs Nature in Framboise- Perfect coverage from the first application: a smooth, supple luminous film covering the lips. RRP £14.50 for 3.7g. This was a full sized sample.

Isn't the colour of this gorgeous? Although it is a bit too bright for me. My face and red lipstick do not mix, which is a shame but hey ho. I didn't swatch this because I may give it to someone who can show it the love it deserves.

And finally.......
Dr.Jart Premium Beauty Balm- This Dr Jart+ BB cream provides high SPF40 protection with anti-oxidants. A slightly glossy, low coverage cream which helps fight ageing. Particularly suitable for those over 30. RRP £24 for 40ml. The sample I received is 15ml.

I have been loving BB creams lately, I have quite uneven skin tone and love how well they cover that up. When DR. Jart's BB cream first comes out of the tube it looks a little dark, but it spread evenly and blends well with my skin. I like that it is specifically for sensitive skin. However, 'suitable for those over 30', I think GlossyBox are trying to prematurely age me :D.

I couldn't creepily smell any of these products this month as my nose is feeling the Winter a little too much, but hopefully I can smell the Anatomicals grapfruit scrub soon.

I am back to being happy with my GlossyBox and think they are entitled to have 1 or 2 months every now and then where they don't live up to our expectations. I would have loved to have got the Sally Hansen nail Polish that some others got instead of the lipstick, just because it would have been something I would have got some use out of, but I'm not complaining.

Hope you are having a lush weekend.


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