Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Polish Days-Bling

This is my first Polish Days Post, I had been umming and ahhing for ages whether or not to sign up, in the end I thought 'why not?' and went for it. 

Polish days is a fun monthly 'event' that loads of bloggers get involved in, and each month has a different theme.

 Although technically, last month should have been my first one, illness stopped me, but I wasn't going to let that happen again, so excuse the photo fails, I took them late last night to make sure I managed to get it done and I don't really have any good lights for picture taking.

So, this months theme is BLING. Everyone loves a bit of bling, and when I first found out what the theme would be, I had loads of ideas going through my head, as it got closer, these ideas dwindled because bling is something I tend to fail with monumentally, so my final mani was a last minute type of thing and to be honest, it looked much better in my head than it did on my nails.

I used a base of Barry M Denim (lush matte blue-until I added top coat) then I took an old silver necklace and cut bits of the chain off in small lengths. I then added some top coat and stuck them on differently on each finger.

Then I took out my micro beads, I have loads of beads in the wheel that had mixed together, and in the wheel, they look really pretty all mixed, so I poured them on in between the chain curve on my ring finger. These took a LOT of re-adjusting. Then of course, I added the top coat.

I do like this look with the chains on them but think I will plan it a bit more next time I attempt it.

Hope you like them.

Check out the other peeps taking part below.


  1. Oooh that so cool! Great nails :D

  2. Thank you, its something I hadnt tried before so glad it turned out ok. :)x

  3. wowzers! serious bling there! x

  4. aaww shucks, you guys. ((blush)) thank you for the lovely comments. :)x

  5. That is so creative. I never would have thought to use actual jewelry for the mani. This is my first polish day too. So much fun!

  6. Used your jewelry!? That's so luxurious!!
    Great idea, love it <33

  7. Very clever and very cool!



  8. OOoh this is totally creative, what a neat idea. It turned out great!