Thursday, 28 February 2013

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paints Part 1

I've been quite poorly again so I apologise for my absence, I'm also mourning the literal downfall of my beloved Blackberry, I dropped it on my hardwood floor and the display stopped working, hopefully I can get it fixed soon. I have no idea how I will cope without a mobile phone as I stupidly stopped having a cheap backup because I haven't broken a phone in 7-8 years so thought it wasn't necessary. 

I haven't had a much chance to do anything new, so, because Barry M have released they're Gelly Spring Collection, I thought it was about time I put up the swatches from the original Gelly's that I own.

I've had them for a while now and you can see that I had an index finger breakage during taking these photos. Also, my photo skills, not up to scratch really and to try and get true colour for each polish, they are all slightly different lighting and angles.

So, the Barry M Gelly's come in the regular bottle but with a silver lid. They are named Gelly's in relation to Gel polishes rather than Jelly polishes, so they are meant to have a highly pigmented colour with a high level of shine on the finish (Hi-Shine) so that you do not need to use a top coat.

Although the colours are pigmented and on the darker colours you could probably get away with one mid-thick coat and 2 thin coats for the lighter colours, I honestly wouldn't say that the shine on these are any different from the normal Barry M nail paints.

In each of these pictures I used 2 thin coats which gave great coverage and opaqueness.

Prickly Pear

Prickly Pear is a gorgeous lilac shade and is the perfect spring pastel shade.


Blueberry is a pretty light blue, again it is pastel and so is another perfect spring colour. I think Blueberry is very similar to Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, although this one is a slightly lighter shade.


This one is definitely my favourite of all the colours so far from this range. This was the hardest to get the colour to show properly as it kept coming out way more darker than it actually is but I think this photo does it justice.

Plum is a lush dark purple colour and is more of an autumnal colour but I wont let that stop me from wearing it.

 The one thing I did notice about this particular polish is that it seems to chip much more easily than all the others in this range, this was a bit disappointing but not so much so that I wont use the polish.


Blackberry is a good dark blue. For some reason, my bottle is marked up as 'blue plum', I thought that only review samples had been marked up as wrong but it seems that some shops got these as well.

Blackberry is a rich, dark blue. I don't often come by the darker blue polishes, and honestly, I cant remember the last time I saw this type of shade, but then that could be because I live in a small town and the shops are pants.


Lastly, in my collection, although there are more in the range, is Pomegranate.

Pomegranate is a very juicy red/pinky colour. This is the one polishes of the lot that looked wet to me and it makes me thirsty just looking at it.

I've mentioned before that red and pink colours aren't really my cup of tea, and you can probably tell at least one of the reasons from this photo. With pigmented red/pink polishes, because I have very pale skin, they often stain my skin around the nail, which just doesn't look very pretty, so I would recommend using Vaseline or a heavy hand cream/moisturiser on your skin prior to applying this nail polish if you also have pale skin.

I do like this range and even though the shine doesn't seem any different to normal Barry M nail paints, they are still pretty darn shiny and I really do like them. They dry pretty quickly, which is always a bonus.

Another bonus, particularly with the darker colours, is that they are great for stamping, you can see a quick example of this in the picture below.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paints (including the new Spring Collection) are available from, Superdrug (currently on 2 for £6 instore and online) and Boots (save £1 when you buy 2 selected Barry M nail paints), all for the great price of £3.99.

Every now and then, I try something different with the blog or my posts to see if I like it better, on this post, I'm trying out larger images, do you think it works or did you prefer smaller pics?

Hope you have all had a great week and are ready for the weekend.


Saturday, 16 February 2013

Barry M Textured- Station Road and Ridley Road

I'm normally quite behind on new polishes and trends, so when I heard Barry M were bringing out some textured polishes, I knew I had to get at least one of them. Yes, I bought 2 but I'm glad I did.

Initially, I wasn't sure if I would like the whole textured thing, but based on pre-release swatches I had seen, I really wanted to at least try Station Road (the yellow one). I do like a good yellow polish and this looked gorgeous, but now, although I like the yellow one, I'm glad I got Ridley Road as well because it is lush and definitely my favourite of the two.

Station Road

So this is Station Road. The application was really good, although I did find the consistancy a little bit runny compared to normal Nail Paints, this might be because of the textured effect. I applied it in thin coats and although it was pretty much covered in 2, I added a 3rd for good luck. When applying, you can kind of see the little white particles and the drying time is pretty quick so you start to see the textured effect appear quite soon. It dries matte with the effect, which is good for hiding any imperfections. The actual textured effect is quite hard to explain, its like a smooth, grainy feeling when you run your finger over it (best I can do). 

You can't actually see it in my photos, but Station Road does have tiny flecks of gold shimmer in it. Tbh you can barely see them when it has been applied, but when the sun catches it, it looks stunning. It is visible in the bottle so cue obligatory shimmer in bottle shot.

Ridley Road

And this is my new love, Ridley Road. It's a gorgeous mint green colour and the textured effect seems to have come out better with this polish but then I'm not 100% sure this wasn't due to my application. It applied much the same as Station Road, went on easily, dried pretty quickly and I used 3 coats again for good measure. I thought they might be a bitch to clean up afterwards but it was a lot easier than I anticipated.

I did have a problem with getting the true colour of these in my photos, they are just a little bit more pastel than the photos show and they are perfect spring colours. I'm going to be wearing these a lot me thinks.

They are quite sturdy polishes as well, I have had them on for 3 days now and have no chips at all, even without a top coat, even though I have Station Road on my right hand and Ridley Road on my left, I just couldn't bear to take them off.

As usual, Barry M are great at bringing out quality products for a nice low price. The Textured polishes are currently available from Superdrug and the Barry M Website for £3.99 each or in store they are currently 2 for £6, it does show the 2 for £6 offer on the website but only on Kingsland Road and Station Road. They will also be available in Boots (those that stock Barry M) from February 20th, which is this Wednesday.

These are great for those who are on a budget but want to try this trend, and they are a great alternative to Nails Inc Concrete Polishes which are £12 or OPI Liquid Sand Polishes which can range in price depending on where you get them. 

I'd like to see a proper side by side comparison of Barry M textured and Nails inc Concrete as I think they look pretty much identical. So if any of you have done this or know of anyone who has, let me know in the comments.

I might end up buying the other 2 from the textured range (even though I'm not a massive fan of pink) just because I'm loving these ones so much.

What do you think of this trend and will you be buying into it? I'm really hoping Barry M bring them out in some darker colours as well, I think they would be lush is Black and a dark purple. So, please Barry M'ers, make it happen.


Thursday, 14 February 2013

GOSH Holographic Hero & a little Valentines touch

Well, Valentines Day is upon us. TBH, I'm not one for all this soppy, lovey-dovey crap and to me, Valentines Day is just clusters of PDA's all over the place, geck. So we don't really celebrate Valentines. We do have one Valentines tradition, which is, that every year, on Valentines, we watch a horror film, it's kind of our Valen-thing, but that's it, so I don't really get into all the Valentines mani's. (wow, that's a lot of times to say the word Valentine)

Hubby bought me a bottle of GOSH Holographic Hero (not for Vday) and I thought I would show it off today. I have added a little Vday touch to it.

I've been lusting after a Holographic nail polish for a while so when Hubby brought this home, I was all like 'YAY'.

It's beautiful. I've read people say that the holo in this isn't very strong, or at least not as strong as the original GOSH Holographic, so I do think I'm quite lucky that I never owned the original because it means I can admire this one without comparing it.

Natural Light

Natural Light

The polish applied quite nicely and I was quite shocked to find it dried really quickly. The only downside was that it took 3 coats for full coverage with no brush marks or streaks.



It does say that it is a one night only polish but I managed to get 2 full days out of it, which I'm quite happy with, that's about as long as I wear a particular mani anyway.

Artificial Light

The finish is quite smooth, all these images are without top coat as sadly, a top coat takes away the holo effect quite dramatically.

Removal was easy. For some reason, I thought it would be a pain in the ass but it came of with just 2 rubs of the cotton pad.

For the valentines additions, I didn't try very hard, I just wanted something simple. My heart did not turn out very well but it's still cute. For this I used Barry M Red Glitter.
For the lips, I stamped using Nails Inc St James and Cheeky Plate CH27. I wish I had used a little bit of glitter on the lips.

So, in conclusion, @ £4.99 from Superdrug (In store- doesn't seem to be available online) for my first holo, its done the job and I think I may have caught the holo bug. I want a nice blue holo next, any recommendations?


Sunday, 10 February 2013

What's in my February (Valentines) 2013 GlossyBox?

This months GlossyBox is a special edition box and I love it. 

It's very pretty and as you can see, the designs goes the whole way around the box.
It is a baby pink box with hot pink detailing.

Inside, we have baby pink tissue paper with a hot pink bow and hot pink detailed sticker.
See what products I got after the jump.

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Craft Jam Buys

I showed you a while back some of the necklaces I have and love in one of my favourite things posts. What I tend to do is buy the charm and then fit a chain to it myself. It's easier and cheaper this way as over the years I have collected quite a few spare chains due to charms breaking and what not.

So I wanted to share with you one of the places I get my charms from.

Craft Jam is a website that have loads of cute jewellery and jewellery supplies. I found them just over a year ago and instantly wanted to buy pretty much everything laser cut and acrylic from their store.

But I mainly just buy charms, you can see the range here, look how cheap they are. Most of the charms start at 50p for a basic plain acrylic, then you will be able select different sizes, Glitter, Mirrored, Wood or Fluorescent for usually 50p for each thing, prices will sometimes differ, dependant on the style of charm or the size. but they definitely work out much cheaper than buying a whole necklace.

Here are 3 charms that I have bought recently.

First, they arrived in this very pretty gold padded envelope.

Then, as you can see, the items are packaged in little cellophane packets with craft jam tags on top. Those little pictures on top are images of some of their other items for sale, so you may get your item and want another one straight away.

Aren't these lush? I've wanted that Autobots one for aaaaaggessss.

Now apart from the price, this is another reason why I love these charms, the detailing is fantastic, as you can see in the picture of the lips charm above. They're very sturdy and last for ages. Shipping is cheap as its based on what you buy, so for this order it was £2 and they turned up in less than a week. V.Happy with that. I'm not sure where they ship to other than the UK as it doesn't seem to be mentioned on the website but  I'm sure they would welcome enquiries.

These will probably appear at some point in the future with chains attached.


Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Polish Days Nature

Polish Days time of the month again and this month, the theme is Nature. 
Every time I thought about this theme, Poison Ivy kept popping in my, the DC villain rather than the plant, and I just couldn't think of what to do. 

Then I thought about my favourite types of weather. I love storms. Proper thunder and lightning storms, we haven't had a decent storm round here for a long time. So I decided to do lightning nails.

This is how it turned out. At first I didn't like them but I have grown to love them as the day went on.

I really like the sponging of colours on the background.

Polishes used

To do this, I used W7 Black as the base.

I didn't have the right colour of purple for the job so I mixed a little bit of Collection Hot looks Parma Violets and a bit of Barry M Matt White to make a lighter purple, I sponged this on.

Then I sponged on tiny bits of Rimmel 60 Pulsating and Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, 

Then to 'meld' the colours together I added 2True Shade no.2, which looks white in the bottle but is clear when applied and has little bits of glitter in it.

Then I added the lightning on using Barry M Matt White and a dotting tool.

Lastly, I added a coat of Seche Vite topcoat.

Although not perfect, I think the result is really pretty, it's a shame I couldn't catch the sparkle of the little bits of glitter in the pictures. I might keep these on for a while. It's also made me want to try some galaxy nails. Maybe soon.

Hope you like these.


Sunday, 3 February 2013

Liebster Award

Victoria from Dreaming Daffodils has nominated me for the Liebster Award. I had no idea what it was so I did a little Google and once I got the jist of what it was, I thought it was really lovely that Victoria had picked me as one of her nominees.

The Liebster Award is given to up and coming bloggers with under 200 followers, (Up and coming eh? Check me out). It floats round the blogisphere and you are nominated by fellow bloggers.

There are rules of course, and here they are:

1. You must post 11 facts about yourself.
   2. Answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you. 
3. Choose 11 blogs and link them in your post.
4. Come up with 11 questions for your nominees to answer.
5. Go to their blog and tell them you have nominated them.
6. No tag backs!

I decided to do this mainly because I was planning on doing a 'Facts about me' post anyway and this is a really good way for readers to find new blogs they might be interested in. So, lets get this show on the road (I'm sorry, that was lame).

11 Facts about me

1. I am originally from Northern Ireland but my Dad was a soldier so I moved around quite a bit when I was younger and I now reside in Wiltshire, England.

2. I love nerdy and geeky things.

3. I secretly covet the idea of LARPing, but would never do it for the fear of making a fool out of myself.

4. I love my Blackberry. The handset not the fruit. No matter what people say, it will not change my preference in mobile phones.

5. I'm an animal lover, love 'em all, but my favourite animal would have to be Pigs. They're so cute.

6. I hate the Summer. I much prefer the Winter. No-one gets it, but in the Summer, it's really hot (only sometimes in the UK) and you get all sweaty and smelly and feel really uncomfortable all the time. People walk around with barely any clothes on (I'm all for loving your body the way it is but sometimes, you just shouldn't show that much skin, I do not want to see your breakfast and lose mine. There's a time and a place people). In the winter, its cosy knits, rosy cheeks and comfy nights in. It's so much easier to warm up than it is to cool down.

7. I have a cat called Pixel which I'm sure I've mentioned before. He is awesome (when not ruining my favourite handbag or trainers) and pretty weird. Sometimes he sounds like Gizmo from The Gremlins.

This is Pixel

8. I don't really like all the fancy schmancy food that has become so popular, I'm a simple girl with simple tastes, give me a cheeseburger or a bacon sandwich any day.

9. If I had to choose one place to shop for the rest of my life, it would be eBay. I love eBay. I love finding rare stuff on there, and stuff that is one of a kind. I loves me some bargains.

10. I collect Marilyn Monroe stuff, don't care what it is, if it has Marilyn on it, I'm having it.

11. I love a good cup of tea, has to be PG tips though, with milk and 2 sugars. I love the fact that in British TV, no matter what has happened, from someone being mugged to someone dying, someone always says 'What you need is a good cup of tea, that'll sort you right out.'.

Questions from Victoria @ Dreaming Daffodils

1. What are your top 5 beauty products?

Vichy Idealia Smoothing and Illuminating Cream
Rimmel Day to Night Mascara
Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant 
Garnier Caffeine Eye Roll on
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

2. What is your dream job? Why?

Superhero, definitely Superhero, but I think that's a bit unrealistic. So back in the real world, I have spent most of my working life working for Mobile Phone networks. I really enjoy working with mobile Phone technology and ideally would really like to work in Advertising or PR for a major phone manufacturer or Network.

3. What is your biggest pet peeve?

All the rubbish that spawns from these terrible reality TV shows like TOWIE, Geordie Shore, Made In Chelsea, its mainly their 'language', I hate hearing grown men and women saying things like 'Reem', 'Well Gel' AND 'Totes Amaze'. Please just stop now.

4. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you choose to live?

Both me and Hubby would like to live in America. It would have to be a small town out in the middle of nowhere and it would have to be somewhere that isn't too hot.

5. Why did you begin blogging?

I've been quite poorly for quite over a year and a half now, no one has been able to tell me what is wrong with me even though I have been back and forth to the hospital for tests and had investigative surgery. Some days I can't do much or leave the house and that's where doing my nails comes in. But when you spend ages doing your nails and no one ever sees them it can be a bit boring so I decided to share my nails and other random things with the interwebs. 

6. What do you look for when it comes to skincare?

I get really dry and greyish skin because I'm not well and so the main thing I look for is something hydrating and something that gives me a bit of a glow.
7. What is the funnest thing you have ever done?

In 2008 I went on Holiday to Dawlish in Devon with Hubby, my son and Hubby's family. This was the first holiday I had been on in a long time and had so much fun. Apart from that, my teenage years were pretty fun but we wont go into that.

These are 2 of the pictures I took of the beautiful Dawlish seafront.

8. What movies have made you cry?

I'm a bit of a sucker for sad things and I cry at the drop of a hat, so you can pretty much guarantee that if it has a sad bit in it, then it has made me cry. Films I have watched recently that made me cry are PS I Love You and The Proposal.

9. What cosmetics brand is your favorite?

Definitely Barry M. It's high quality with an affordable price tag and they have a massive colour range, especially in their nail paints.

10. Do you have any interesting hobbies?

Not really tbh, I like to chill out with Video Games every now and then and I read but apart from those and nails, that's pretty much it.

11. What was your favourite moment of 2012?

2012 was a pretty pants year so I don;t really have a favourite moment that I can think of. I have a 'proud of myself for' moment when I managed to go for surgery by myself and got through it even though I have an irrational fear of Hospitals, needles, blood and being cut into. I'm actually a bit of a wimp really.

My Nominees

Liz & Lisa @ lozlosa
Sthephany @ brunette obsession
Louise @ Dream Dust
Laura @ Naileymabob
Natalie @ Polish Panache
Eva @ L'Ongleterre
Emelie @ Twin Colours
Sarah @ Mint Nails

My Questions for the Nominees

1. What is the first word that pops into your head?
2. If you were a Superhero, what would you be called and what super powers would you have?
3. What mobile/cell phone do you have?
4. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and what would you be doing?
5. What is your most coveted beauty item?
6. Favourite food?
7. What 3 people (dead or alive) would you choose for your perfect dinner party?
8. What book are you reading at the moment or what have you read most recently?
9. You win the lottery, what's the first thing you do?
10. What make-up items do you have in your handbag?
11. Which season of the year do you prefer and why?