Saturday, 27 April 2013

Barry M Nail Art Pens

I've been umming and aaahing about getting some nail art pens for ages, mainly because when it comes to certain things, my intensely unsteady hands can't quite manage it with a brush.

So when I found out that Barry M were releasing their own nail art pens, it made sense for me to get some.

For my birthday, I was let loose in Superdrug and luckily, these had been released a few days before, plus they were on a 3 for 2 deal (Still 3 for 2 across all Barry M nail @Superdrug) and I love bargains even when I'm not the one paying, so I grabbed the white, black and silver ones.

The pens are quite chunky, especially when compared to a nail art brush, and the shape and size made them really easy to grip. They have a solid plastic 'nib' which you have to pump on a hard surface on your first use (sheet of paper or paper towel highly recommended to cover hard surface). Don't make the mistake I did and pump it on every use, you tend to get splodging.

The polish, isn't quite the same formula of nail polish, it's sort of runnier, so it comes out easily and evenly and spreads thinly. For instance, when doing a french tip with normal polish and a brush, have you ever noticed how the polish builds up into a ridge type bump? With these nail art pens, you can go over the area several times and the polish still looks and feels flat and even. Because of this, it makes it so easy to do straight lines and other annoyingly and deceivingly difficult details. Although the Silver pen seems to have a closer consistency to that of Barry M Silver Foil.

So the reason I wanted pens, was to be able to do controlled straight lines. And I wanted to do controlled straight lines so I could do border nails. And these are the nails I wanted to do.

Nails Inc St. James Road (Red Polish) Details done using pens
It's not an amazing example of the use of the pens but I originally saw these nails done on Nancy Mc Nails and mine aren't quite as stunning but I love them and I will perfect them.

One tip for these, is to wait until your nails are completely dry before using the pen, otherwise the pen polish cracks when applied onto wet polish.

To see some more detailed and gorgeous designs using the Barry M Nail Art Pens, have a look at Hannah's design @Polly Polish and Allie's designs @Brit Nails.

The pens are available in Black, White, Silver and Pink and are available from Barry M, Boots and Superdrug and are priced at £4.99 each, however they are available on the Superdrug 3for2 on Barry M Nails.


Tuesday, 23 April 2013

OPI Liquid Sand- What Wizardry Is This? Swatch and Review

You might have noticed this, but I seem to have developed somewhat of an obsession with OPI Liquid Sand polishes. I can't help it, they're all just so gorgeous. I just wish they would stop releasing so many of them, for a poor person like me, it's a very expensive obsession to develop. 

Luckily, this was one of my birthday presents from hubby. doesn't he pick well? ok, I may have hinted a little bit. Ok, I hinted a lot. FINE, I told him I wanted it. What can I say, I knows what I wants. I'm definitely not disappointed. 

In the bottle it looks kind of bronzey in colour and sparkles like mad in the sun.

It was so difficult to pick up how truly gorgeous this polish is and I have to be honest, the pictures don't do it justice in any way, shape or form. 

The polish applies really well and was opaque in just 2 thin coats. The formula seemed a bit runnier compared to other Liquid sand polishes but didnt have any effect on application. 

Once dry, it looks almost like I have applied a sparkly gold polish then added a sparse textured brown over the top, you can see this on the left shot above, mostly on my ring finger. 

As with the Mariah Carey liquid Sand polishes I have tried (which you can see here) the polish seems like a sturdy laster. I wore this for 3 days and had no chippage. I did get a bit of end wear on day 3 after doing the dishes but this is a sufficient amount of time if you ask me.

Again, because of how pretty and sparkly the Liquid Sand polishes are, they also look fab with a topcoat. I used 2 coats of Seche Vite to cover it. It did become a bit difficult to photo with a topcoat, although I don't know why but you can still see that it looks like a  nice dark colour with gold glitter throughout. 

Removal, as usual with these polishes, was a bit of a pain in petuttie just because of the glitter, but the colour came off well and there was no stainage. 

You can buy this polish from Amazon uk for £7.75 here or straight from OPI for £11.50.
You can also get this polish as part of the Oz great and Powerful Mini Collection for £13.95.

This polish has definitely jumped to the top of my favourites list.


Sunday, 21 April 2013

What's in my April GlossyBox (Designed by Pearl Lowe)?

I have been anticipating this box ever since GlossyBox announced that it was going to be a limited edition box. This months design is by singer/songwriter turned fashion designer Pearl Lowe and has a theme of Vintage Spring Fever. 

I am absolutely in love with the peach floral design of the box. The design is all over so will be a great re-usable box to have on display along with my Maggi Li box.

Inside, the box has a white ribbon and the sticker looks very cute with the Pearl Lowe design on it.

The info sheet has stayed the same in the way it has been put together and also has the Pearl Lowe design on the front.

Inside the sheet is an interview with Pearl Lowe, and you can also check out the GlossyBox Blog for a video of Kate's day with Pearl Lowe here.

Aaaah so pretty, click the jump for more about the products in this months box.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

OPI Mariah Carey Mini Liquid Sand Collection-Swatches and Review

Aaaaah, I love it when i manage to get hold of something off my Lust List. OPI Liquid Sand, any of them, feature prominently in my lusting at the moment, and you may remember that i mentioned the Mariah Carey Mini Collection in my March Lust List. What makes this even sweeter is that i didn't have to fork out a single penny. This is like a Brucey Bonus. 

I use a survey website called Valued Opinions, I have found them to be the best survey website and the payouts are pretty good. It took my 2 months to build up the £10 to get the Amazon Voucher used to buy these and only a few weeks on and I'm nearly at £10 again. (£10 is the minimum reward claim but you can build it up to larger amounts). As with all survey sites, it can be pretty hit and miss, and you have to 'qualify for a survey before you can do it. You also need to make sure that you keep up with the surveys, otherwise you won't get anywhere. Check 'em out to earn some extra pennies. 

Onto these little pretties:

So, the mini set comes with 4 mini 3.75ml bottles of the Liquid sand polishes from the Mariah Carey Collection.

The colours included are (from left to right) Get Your Number, Can't Let Go, The Impossible and Stay The Night.

You can't tell from the pictures above, but these bottles are proper diddy and I was a little concerned about how many uses I would get out of it, so I didn't want to waste any. All of these swatches were done on different days in different lighting, so I could get some wear out of the polish rather than put it on just to swatch and move onto the next one.

Just a comparison shot next to a normal sized Seche Vite to show how tiny they really are.

Click the jump to see the swatches.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Birthday Mani- Matte Black Stamps and Studs

Just a quick post to show you the mani I wore on my birthday yesterday. I have done this mani a few times before but have never posted it on here, the pictures ended up being a rush job as we got back from shopping quite late and daylight was rapidly fading. and I have had a savage breakage on my thumb.

I used W7 Black as the base colour.
Barry M Gold Foil and Bundle Monster plate BM-311 for the stamping on my index and ring fingers.
And gold studs for the thumb, middle and pinkie fingers.
All topped off with a coat of Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Topcoat.

Honestly, the photos don't do this justice, this is one of my fave mani's.


Saturday, 13 April 2013

Birthday/April Lust List

Today is my Birthday, I kept it so quiet that I almost forgot about it. So I decided to do a Birthday Lust list.
There hasn't really been much that has caught my eye this month, maybe I haven't been looking hard enough, a little window/screen shopping is in order perhaps.

Lets start with the cosmetics side of things then.

First up is the newly released Barry M Nail Art Pens in Black, Pink, Silver and White. These pens are just what I have been looking for and would be great for doing border nails hopefully.

These are £4.99 each, I'm not sure if that is a good price or not but they are currently available in Superdrug on 3 for 2.

I love a nice yellow polish and Butter London Cheeky Chops is the perfect pastel yellow for me. To see a gorgeous swatch of this check out All Lacquered Up who shows off this polish and other Butter Londons gorgeously.

You can get this polish straight from the Butter London Website for £13.

This is another lot of Textured Polishes that I really want, especially Solitaire. I don't think these are out yet, as far as I know, they'll be out in early May, but you can pre-order them here for £14.56 including postage. 

To see amazing swatches of these polishes and some of the other bond girls polishes, check out The Polishaholic.

Next up is Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant. I received a sample of this in my November GlossyBox and managed to make it last until the beginning of this month. This stuff is amazing and I have fallen in love with it. It is a rice based Microfoliant and works wonders on my dry skin, so I must have more of it.

It is available from The Dermalogica Store for £40.30, a little bit pricey but it's incredible and lasts for ages so deffo worth that little bit extra.

Now onto wearables, which there are only 2 but there is so much want for these 2 items.

I came across these shoes while browsing eBay and fell in love. Out of curiosity, I browsed the Internet to see where the came from, as a lot of people on eBay seem to charge what they think they are worth rather than what they are worth, and I found them on for £9.99 which is much cheaper than what eBayers are selling them for.
Don't you just love them?

And finally:

This 'My Zombie Killing Shirt' is amazeballs. I have seen it a few times before but tended to skip past it on my browsals. My love for slogan and quirky/nerdy t-shirts is getting worse, so it's time I at least think about buying it. Plus, I loooooove zombies. Obviously not the whole brain and flesh eating bits but zombie fables.

You can get this from this eBay seller for £21.95. This may seem a little pricey but it was the best quality one I can find.

And a special mention for Qwertee t-shirts. 

If you haven't heard of Qwertee before, they are a company based in Ireland but ship to pretty much everywhere. They do awesome t-shirts, available for one day only at the fantastic price of £8. Like their Facebook Page and follow their twitter to get chances to win these amazing t-shirts. I pretty much want every tee every day.

So that's my lust list for this month. Has this post inspired you to buy any of this stuff or do you already own any of them? If you own the shoes, t-shirt or any of the nail polishes, I would love to see them.


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Polish Days- 7 Deadly Sins

This month's Polish Days theme is 7 Deadly Sins. When I got the email announcing the theme, I thought it was a fantastic idea and surely it will be easy to come up with a great mani. MIND. BLANK. For the last week, I have been racking my brain trying to think of something to do, and, nothing, just nothing has come to me. I have been completely stumped this month.

Well, I decided to go with the aptly named Rimmel 60 Seconds Green with Envy. This is a gorgeous green with a foil-ish finish to it. I really like this polish and don't know why I don't use it more often, this has been in my stash for years but the consistency of the polish is still really good. Plus, Envy is quite appropriate as I'm probably going to be pretty damn envious of all the amazing mani's the other participants come up with.

Just a few different shots to show you how pretty it is. 

I realised that I have been neglecting nail art (stamping, striping tape, general artistry on nails) for a little while now so attempted something. This was disastrous. I think I have neglected it a little more than I thought. See my nail fail below.

As, long as this hasn't melted or burned out your eyes, check out all the other lovelies taking part, listed below.

Engage Envy.