Monday, 27 May 2013

Models Own Fruit Pastel Banana Split and Apple Pie Swatches and Review

Models Own Fruit Pastels are a range of Pastel polishes, each with their own fruity scent once the polish has dried. Initially, I intended to buy the whole range of these, I thought it was such a novel idea, and you know I'm a sniffer so I really wanted to have them in my collection.

I'm glad I went into the store to get them though, and also glad they had these cute, retro scratch and sniff panels on the lids.

These panels do just what they are supposed to, you scratch the panel with your nail, then sniff and you get a whiff of the scent. I did this with all the Fruit Pastel Polishes and I didn't much like the rest of them but Banana Split and Apple Pie were lush.

Banana Split is a truly pastel Yellow. It's a very subtle colour and has a gorgeous finish to it. The smell once dry is not as strong as it was on the panel but it is still noticeable. This is my favourite of the two both for the colour and the smell.

Apple Pie is a mint green with a very, very subtle scent to it. It doesn't smell like Apples or Apple Pie but it is a nice, sweet smell. 

Both of these polishes took 3 coats to be opaque. Coats 1 and 2 were very streaky but dry time was quite quick so it wasn't too bad. The finish is smooth and shiny and they were easy to remove.

I think these are definitely a novelty type item and although I like having these 2 in my collection, I'm not sure if I would go out and buy loads of different ones. Now if only they can somehow use this technology to rid us of the initial polish smell, that would be something, wouldn't it?

The Banana Split was definitely the strongest scent and the most pleasant smell in my opinion but all the colours in the range are very pretty and perfect for spring.

These 2 and the rest of the range are available from the Models Own Website for £5 each  or all 5 for £20  (click the prices to be taken to the page) or you can get the from Boots for £5 each or they currently have 3 for 2 on all Models Own Cosmetics


Monday, 20 May 2013

Wonder Woman NOTD

I have been playing Injustice: Gods Among Us quite a bit lately, and just in case you couldn't tell, Wonder Woman is my favourite superhero. This is when I realised that I haven't done superhero nails, let alone any Wonder Woman nails, so it's about time I started.

I have also done a review of Injustice:Gods Among Us for Gert lush Gaming, so please take a mosey on over and have a little read- click here.

If you're not very familiar with Wonder Woman, I'll explain what each finger is just to give you an idea. 
So, the index finger is her golden tiara with the red star in the middle and black hair at the top. 
Middle finger is her red corset/bodice with the Wonder Woman logo sticking up from the bottom. 
Ring finger is her spangly knickers/ skirt/ trousers, depending on which representation you look at, with her gold belt at the top.
 The pinkie finger is her red boots that have the white line down the front. 
The thumb was a last minute decision, I honestly had no idea what to do on this one and I'd pretty much covered the whole outfit on the other four fingers, so I just went with a comic book POW! which ended up looking really cute.

Polishes used: Barry M Matt White, Barry M Black, Barry M Gold Foil, Barry M Retro Blue, Barry M Silver Foil, Barry m Black Nail Art Pen, NYC Lexington Yellow and Nails Inc St.James.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and a good start to the week.

Friday, 17 May 2013

What's in my May GlossyBox? 2nd Birthday Edition.

My GlossyBox was a little late this month because of an issue with my Paypal payments and because of this, I broke my own cardinal rule when it comes to GlossyBoxes, don't find out what other people get before you have received your box. My friend who lives round the corner is a subscriber too, and normally, she isn't allowed to tell me what she got until I have had mine, but this month I asked her, and oh I wish I hadn't, her box was amazing, the products were so good and she got full sizes that were quite high priced. So I got excited. Then my box turned up and I got disappointed. Not because my box was rubbish, my box was actually pretty good but because I was expecting something different. I have got over it now but I recommend not breaking this rule, EVER.

So, this months box is to celebrate the 2nd birthday of GlossyBox UK. They have done really well since starting up and I'm really glad that I joined them, yes, we do get disappointing months but its personal preference and lets face it, you can't keep everyone happy, and I would never have got to try some of the amazing products I have if I never signed up.

Because of the significance of this month, I was really hoping that we would have another limited design box but they stayed with the normal baby pink box and instead changed the ribbon and tissue paper. I love the colour of the ribbon, its a bright neon pink, which hasn't really come through quite as bright on camera.

The tissue paper is a cute 'treat' theme.

The info sheet is the same as usual as well. See that little blue box on the right? That box is to tell us that if you had been subscribed for over a year, you were getting and extra treat in your box, why didn't I hear about GlossyBox earlier than I did. :( I'd be interested to find out what long time subscribers got as this extra treat.

Click after the jump and we'll get onto the items I did get.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Polish Days- The number 5

This Polish Days seems to have come round really quickly, and tbh, Hannah (from Polly Polish, that runs Polish Days) seems to have a knack for picking themes that proper stump me. This months theme of The Number 5 is no exception.

Unfortunately, the number 5 has no significance to me at all, which I found quite strange. Apart from a few 5's in my phone numbers, that's it. So, thinking of a mani for it was quite difficult. Yes, there are loads of things out there in the big bad world that have relevance but I couldn't think of anything to do with them.

Apart from one thing that kept sticking in my head, 5 Gold Rings. Yes, it's a little bit out of season but don't worry, I didn't go for a Christmas theme. I kind of loosely used it, so the mani I came up with ended up a bit of a mish of 2 things.

Before we get to the pictures, I'll explain how I decided on this particular mani. So, 5 gold rings, gold rings, one gold ring, one ring, one ring to rule them all, I have 5 fingers, so, 5 gold rings to rule them all.

And this is it.

Direct Sunlight
I had recently bought some cute decals which had the text from the ring in LOTR, or so I assume, it could say anything for all I know. I used a base of Barry M Gold Foil (the only non-glitter gold polish I own), topped with 3 coats of Barry M Gold Glitter, added the decals and topped with Seche Vite, which took 2 coats because of the glitter and decals.

I love the effect of old, dirty gold it gives in direct sunlight.

Natural light-shade

This is the mani in natural shaded light, you can see a few crinkles in the decals but it doesn't ruin it. 

I'm very interested to see what everyone else has done for this month, I love that everyone else's interpretation will be different.

So don't forget to check out all the other lovelies taking part to see what they have done, they are listed below. And if you want to take part in next months Polish Days, you can get all the details here.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

May the 4th be with you!

Yes, today is Star Wars day, so I decided to do these cute Stormtrooper nails that have been floating around for a while. This was my first ever attempt at them, and i made the mistake of going in thinking these would be easy as pie and quick, I was wrong. Mainly because I had hand tremors at the time so it was impossible to freehand anything neatly, but the outcome was cute as hell and they got the approval of my 6 year old, so job done.

I used Barry M Matt White and Barry M Black Nail Art Pen for the details topped with a coat of Seche Vite.

We like Star Wars in this house and have crap loads of Star Wars memorabilia. I did try to take some pictures of some of it for you but my camera ran out of battery and I have no more in the house (you wouldn't want me going out in the rain would you?) Maybe that can be a post for another day.

We have 2 FX lightsabers, some mini collectable lightsaber hilts, film cells, old collectable figures, newer figures, original soundtrack LP's, clothes, jewellery, teddies. The list could go on and on, we even have inflatable lightsabers and the Star Wars posters that we had on the walls of our first flat together.

Sadly, in our town, there isn't a lotta love for Star Wars and so there are no celebrations going on anywhere near us so we are gonna chill out with a Star Wars movie marathon.

Did you know that today is also Free Comic Book Day? You can have a look at the website here to find out more about it and see if you have a store near you that is participating. Again, we miss out because our little town sucks and is nowhere near anyone who is participating. Let me know if you do anything fun for either Star Wars Day or Free Comic Book Day.

Now go and relax you will.
 (yeah, I know, that was lame, don't be judgey)