Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My May 2013 Lust List

It's a bit late in the month for me to do the lust list, but I have quite a few things that I have wanted this month so it has been a little hard to whittle them down for the post.

As you can see, it kind of has a comic book theme this month, and I didn't even notice that until I went to sort the items out, so I used that to make it into this fun theme.

Key Lime, Mango, Blue Grape, Passion Fruit and Guava.

First up is the new Barry M Summer Gelly Collection. I have been really impressed with the Gelly's that have been released so far and have most of the previous releases, which you can see here and here. The pre-release swatches of the Summer Collection look gorgeous and I really love the look of  Mango, blue Grape and Guava, so I think if I can't have them all, I will at least buy those 3.

These are due for release in Superdrug on June 5th and Boots from June 12th and will be priced @ £3.99, but they are currently available straight from the Barry M Website.

To see some gorgeous pre-release swatches of these, check out Allie's post over @Brit Nails.

Now, you know I love eBay, well, I don't know if any of you do this, but sometimes, I just sit on eBay browsing for hours. I was browsing the Nail Art section the other day and I came across these absolute beauties. These Vintage Bird Full Nail water decals are priced @ £1.99 with free postage, bargain. These will be in my possession soon, I hope.

Here is a link to the listing for these, just in case you have fallen in love with them too- Decals eBay listing.

This is the Holy Grail of Batman Jewellery in my opinion. this Batman ring is an Official DC Comics double finger, adjustable ring. It's slightly pricier than I normally go for @ £16.99 from this seller on but it is so amazing that I just won't be able to help myself.

Cheryl by Chockers

OMGosh, *fans oneself with nearest fan appropriate object* These shoes are so unbelievably gorgeous. These are the sexiest shoes I have ever come across in my life. I stumbled upon these on eBay but there was only one pair on there and I have never seen them before. Sadly, I got outbid on them in the last second, BUT, and yes it does require a big but, I found the original place selling them and they still have them in stock. These incredible shoes are available form (click the link to view them) and are priced @ £29.99 reduced down from £45, which is pretty cheap for such art. Hubby is going to be hearing about these every minute of every day forever until he buys them for me. Either that or the Shoe Fairy gots to gets her ass in gear and drop them in my lap.

They also do a normal court shoe platform called Whoosh, with the same print and spikes, which you can find here at the same price of £29.99, just in case the ankle boot type isn't your thing.

Tank Tops from We Love Fine

I recently started reading an amazing blog called Fashion Tips from Comic Strips for obvious reasons, you should check it out if you like this sort of thing too. Betty Felon from the blog, posts about gorgeous fashion inspired by Comic Strips and has been making me incredibly jealous since I started reading. That is how I came across We Love Fine and I have spent quite a few imaginary pennies on there, being poor is in no way kickass. :(

It is an American website and they have loads more on there that are desirable but these are just my first picks. The prices aren't that bad at all, most of the tops are priced @ $29 excluding tax, which works out at about £19.22. They do ship all over the world, but I'm not sure how much postage would cost.

Item links (from left to right in image):

The Supergirl and Robin Tank tops do say that they are sleep tops but I would wear them during the day with no shame what-so-ever.

I would love to know if there are any UK websites selling anything similar to these, so if you know of any, sound off in the comments.

And lastly, up until a few weeks ago, I had no idea that we had a Comic Con in London. How could I not know that? We would love to go to Comic Con but with it being so close, and Hubby going to Rezzed in June, we just wouldn't have enough mullah this year. So we have decided, providing it still happens next year, we will go then, and maybe bring Ki with us as well.

You can get tickets here and they range from £12 to £29.50 depending on which day you go.

Well, I hope you liked this month's Lust List, as always, let me know if this has inspired you to buy any of the items on my list, apart from the Shoes, never tell me about the shoes, knowing others own them will only make me cry uncontrollably.


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  1. Those tank tops OMG! So awesome! ^^ They looooook so fab!