Friday, 17 May 2013

What's in my May GlossyBox? 2nd Birthday Edition.

My GlossyBox was a little late this month because of an issue with my Paypal payments and because of this, I broke my own cardinal rule when it comes to GlossyBoxes, don't find out what other people get before you have received your box. My friend who lives round the corner is a subscriber too, and normally, she isn't allowed to tell me what she got until I have had mine, but this month I asked her, and oh I wish I hadn't, her box was amazing, the products were so good and she got full sizes that were quite high priced. So I got excited. Then my box turned up and I got disappointed. Not because my box was rubbish, my box was actually pretty good but because I was expecting something different. I have got over it now but I recommend not breaking this rule, EVER.

So, this months box is to celebrate the 2nd birthday of GlossyBox UK. They have done really well since starting up and I'm really glad that I joined them, yes, we do get disappointing months but its personal preference and lets face it, you can't keep everyone happy, and I would never have got to try some of the amazing products I have if I never signed up.

Because of the significance of this month, I was really hoping that we would have another limited design box but they stayed with the normal baby pink box and instead changed the ribbon and tissue paper. I love the colour of the ribbon, its a bright neon pink, which hasn't really come through quite as bright on camera.

The tissue paper is a cute 'treat' theme.

The info sheet is the same as usual as well. See that little blue box on the right? That box is to tell us that if you had been subscribed for over a year, you were getting and extra treat in your box, why didn't I hear about GlossyBox earlier than I did. :( I'd be interested to find out what long time subscribers got as this extra treat.

Click after the jump and we'll get onto the items I did get.

oooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaa. As you can see, the shredded paper in the box was a orangey colour and there are 6 items instead of 5. The box does look emptyish because all the items are relatively small. I'm not complaining, just saying. 

So, what are they?

Givenchy- Noir Couture Mascara: This is a multi tasker if we ever saw one! Givenchy Noir Couture mascara not only creates instant volume, length and curl but it's Lash Booster Expert Complex, and exclusive Givenchy complex of active ingredients, ensures it truly nourishes your lashes at the same time, as they become more beautiful and visibly healthy over time. This is bound to become your secret beauty weapon.

RRP: £22.50 for 8g. I received 1.5g

Mascara is a staple in my makeup bag and I would never be able to afford that much for a mascara so it is great that I get to try it. I don't think that this sample will last very long so I'm probably going to keep it for special occasions and what not.

Caudalie- Divine Oil: Divine Oil-the ultimate beauty elixir for your body, face and hair- will be sure to turn you into a Caudalie convert in no time! This hard-working dry oil is both light and super hydrating- its unique blend of grape, hibiscus, sesame and argan oils are immediately absorbed into the skin with a non greasy finish, leaving your skin and hair looking, feeling and smelling, well, absolutely divine.

RRP: £4.05 for 15ml. I received 15ml.

I have never heard of this before but since receiving it, I have read good things about it. One of the things is that it smells gorgeous and normally I would tell you if this was a sniffer or not, but I have the sniffles and haven't been able to smell anything. I can get quite oily skin, especially around the summer and so I'm not sure how I feel about applying an oil to my face that I don't wash off. I tried a bit on my hand, and it didn't leave a greasy feeling but I think I might have to work up to that one.

Premae- Harmony Balm: At GlossyBox, we are loving Premae's indulgent 'freefrom' skincare products. their Harmony Creme Balm is the definition of a multi-tasker, functioning as both a skin protector and a primer, leaving a silky, dewy finish. As and added bonus, the antiseptic lemongrass oil and aloe vera soothe breakouts and reduce excess oil in the skin. A winner in our books.

RRP: £26.50 for 30ml. I received 10ml.

In theory, this creme sounds amazing. I applied a little to my hand, and it seems like a bit of a heavy cream but with all it is supposed to do, that should counteract that right? I think I'm going to try this tonight. I'll tweet about how it works tomorrow, so follow me on Twitter if you want to know (button to the right).

Nails Ince- Portobello: Another eye catching, traffic stopping shade from one of the world's most iconic brands, Nails Inc. Portobello is an incredible neon shade named after London's most buzzing location. Seen all over last year's catwalk at London and New York Fashion Week, this is still a 2013 fashionista favourite.

RRP: £11 for 10ml. I received 4ml.

I know that quite a few people received a full size bottle of Headline Colors nail polish and I was looking forward to that, but, a box is a good box if it has any nail polish in it at all, and of course Nails Inc is a great brand and I'm building up quite a little collection of these cute minis. I'm not so sure on the shade, my camera doesn't like these colours but its actually a neon peach. At least its not pink or red again. 

Beatiful Movements Cosmetics- Prime and Create Mixing Medium: Exciting new product launch alert! Us glossy girls love a good multi-tasker, which is why we had to share Beautiful Movements Cosmetics Prime and Creat Mixing Medium with you! This new addition to former Pussycat Doll Kimberly Wyatt's range of beauty must-haves is a clear aloe vera based gel, which can be turned into a cream foundation, blush and eye shadow that work for all skin types. The possibilities are endless.

RRP: £20 for 20g. I received 2.5g.

This to me is a great product and has come in the box at the perfect time. We all know how hard it is to make powder make up stay on looking good on a really hot summers day, and don't cream eye shadows and so on have a longer lasting ability, well, if you still want to wear you favourite eye shadow but want it to last, just mix some of this in, it will also make the colour more intense. I'm going to love using this. 

Lastly, we got this cute little matchbook of Nails files as a treat. They are branded GlossyBox and there are 20 nail files in this pack. perfect for a handbag emergency nail kit. I actually looked at buying a little matchbook of nail files the other day but decided against it. I really like the GlossyBox branded items that they include in some boxes.

Of the 5 products we got (not including the freebie nail files) I work out the value of the box to be about £23- £24. which is a good value box, but to put into perspective, the value of the box my friend got works out at around £48 something which is more than £20 more in value and she got 4 full sized products. I know that GlossyBox can only give what they get but a little more consistency over subscribers would be better, I'm still happy with my box but would've much preferred the products my friend received.


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