Saturday, 8 June 2013

What's in my June GlossyBox?

I am a very happy bunny when it comes to my GlossyBox this month. Not only did I have enough GlossyDots to get this month's box for free, but every item in this box is a full size, and they are great products.

This month, GlossyBox went back to 'normal', the pretty pink box, the black tissue paper and pink ribbon. The theme, as you can see above, is Summer Looks, which is great because we have actually had some some in the UK this last week.

Here is a box shot of all the pretty items in the box this month. Click the jump to see more about them.

Monu Professional Skincare- Hand and Nail Cream: hand are among the first areas of the body to show signs of ageing. They experience so much 'use' and are dried by repeated exposure to water and soap, so hand cream is a must at any time of year. Finding a rich, non-greasy one for summer is not easy and Monu's is one of our faves. Designed to help protect and care for the hands and nails, its uplifting essential oils, Glycerin, Coconut and Wheat Germ, soften and moisturise.

RRP: £10.50 for 50ml. I received 50ml.

This is definitely a non greasy cream and applies really nicely. It settles well and quickly into the skin and has a really, really subtle scent to it, although don't ask me to describe what it smells like because I can't quite work it out. Hand creams are obviously a big thing for nail bloggers, so this will  get used a lot and is a great size of a tube. Fab start.

GOSH Growth Mascara: We all want more than just temporary results from our cosmetics today, we want them to work while we wear them. GOSH delivers this with their Growth Mascara, which promises visibly longer lashes after 2 weeks of use thanks to Sympeptide XLash, a growth activator. A special rubber brush gives length and volume to the lashes,while small rubber 'hairs' separate the lashes and a bulk reservoir on the side ensures more bulk and maximum volume. Perfume and paraben free.

RRP: £8.49 for 10ml. I received 10ml.
Note: the price bit for this on the info sheet was empty for some reason so this is the price that shows on the Superdrug website.

Mascaras are great, lets face it, every woman likely has at least one mascara. I have quite a few mascaras now and if I had to note one slight disappointment from this box at all, it would be the fact that most of us got a mascara in last months box and so it would have been nice if this was a different product. However, this is a growth mascara and so (providing it works) would be perfect for those who want longer lashes. My lashes are very long already so its probably not one I'm going to use.

Organice Surge Volume Boost Conditioner: Organice Surge feeds you skin and hair what it craves; naturally derived, skin-loving ingredients and organic essential oils. Always looking out for you, Organice Surge Haircare contains no harsh chemicals and is totally free of commonly-used silicones that dull and weigh down your hair.

RRP: £5 for 200ml. I received 200ml.

I'm still at the point where I'm trying to find the right conditioner for my hair. My hair is very fussy, it's temperamental and unpredictable, and I have been using the Milk_Shake Conditioning Whipped Cream leave in conditioner from the December GlossyBox. That stuff is fantastic but doesn't entirely do what my hair needs, plus I'm about to run out so it's time to try something new. Perfect timing GlossyBox.

Figs and Rouge Cherry Blossom Lip Balm: Don't be fooled by the name, this is much more than a mere lip balm. Not only is this a 100% natural lip balm, it is packed with antioxidants, tinted and comes in a tube. So if you've just been on the train or in the mud at Glastonbury and don't want to touch your lips with your fingers, this is a great hygenic option. And it's not just for you lips. We use it on our cuticles, our elbows and knees when we've forgotten to moisturise in the morning and even on our eyelids if we want to add some sheen. (okay, we've been known to tame unruly eyebrows with it when we haven't had them threaded in a while too, but don't tell  anyone as that never officially happens to a Glossygirl)

RRP: £5 for 12.5ml. I received 12.5ml

This is very cute. I have never tried any Figs and Rouge before so this is new to me. I received Cherry Blossom lip balm and when I opened it, it looked like it was going to be way to bright for my skin tone, its a bright cherry red. But when applied to the lip, it is quite muted and gives just a little bit of colour. It smells gorgeous and left my lips feeling really smooth. The best thing about this is that it didn't leave that layer that other glosses and balms leave, it settled into my lips and was not sticky. Love this. This is actually my favourite item this month.

MeMeMe Cosmetics Long Lasting Nail Gloss in Elegant: With names inspired by the inherent qualities possessed by a true free spirit, each and every gloss tells a story. We love the easy application thanks to the maxi-brush and the beautiful, glossy finish. Perfect for creating a groomed look at home and in no time.

RRP: £5 for 12ml. I received 12ml.

You know I love getting nail polishes and this one was better than others before because it isn't pink or red woooooooo. I received Elegant which in the bottle looks sparkly but when applied, I'm pretty sure it is exactly the same as Barry Gold Foil. It applies the same, dries in about the same time and finishes with exactly the same foil effect finish. This is not a bad thing, all I have to do is check that it stamps the same and the fact that I'm running out of Barry M Gold Foil will not be an issue anymore.

MeMeMe Elegant in direct sunlight

 MeMeMe Elegant in the shade.

Working out the value of the box was pretty easy because they are all full sized, so in total the value this month is £33,99. That's pretty good. and apart from the mascara (which is a maybe) I will use all of these items. Honestly, this is one of my top 3 favourite boxes since I signed up.

Did you get anything different in your box? Fancy trying out GlossyBox? Go here to have a look at the subscription options.


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