Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Poundland Polish Mini Haul

A brand new Poundland opened in my Town at the weekend and I think I'm a little too excited for a pound shop. I have been wanting a Poundland to open in our town for ages, especially since they started getting big beauty brands onto their shelves.

This is from my first ever trip into this store and I am more than pleased. None of the polishes were separated, which is always a bonus, but for £1 a pop, a little shake can go a long way. Do 4 polishes count as a haul?

There were loads of polishes there and loads of other colours of the ones i chose, but I had Hubby with me, so in the end, I settled on just these 4 (for now) to stop the horrified and judgey looks from hubs.

First up is Revlon Chroma Chameleon in Aquamarine. Chroma Chameleon polishes are a range of colour shifts, Aquamarine is a blue/purple shifter. You can just about see the purple shade on the side in this picture.

Next up is Revlon Scented Grape Fizz. This is a grape purple with purpley/pink glitter, that is supposed to have a subtle scent of Grapes once it has dried.

I included a close up photo of Grape Fizz using white light courtesy of my phone flash to show the purpley/pink.

Then we have Rimmel Metal Rush Purple Reign, which is another colour shift polish. This time it's a hot pink/purple mix with little flashes of a goldy/bronze here and there. 

And lastly, this is my favourite in the bottle (I haven't had the chance to swatch any of them yet) Rimmel Metal Rush in Pearly Queen. This is another colour shift but has a pearly white/pink/purple/green shift in the bottle. I'm really hoping it looks this pretty on nails. 

This haul gave me more of a happy than it normally would, because...... after I had bought them, the next shop I visited was Superdrug. I went in to look at the Barry M polishes and out of curiosity, I checked the prices of these ones.

Both Revlon polishes cost £6.49 each and the Rimmel Metal Rush polishes are £3.99 each. So had I bought these in Superdrug, it would have cost me £20.96, that's a massive saving of £16.96. 

I'm pretty sure that Poundland and I will have a very fruitful relationship.



  1. Wow! This is great news for you! Take advantage of it as you just did! ^^

  2. I am also a Poudland frequent visitor for that reason! There are two close to where I live and they have have a lot of sally hansen. I just have to stop by once a week to see if they got something new!