Monday, 18 November 2013

What's in my November GlossyBox?

This months box had the theme of 'The Glossy Wishlist'.

So, what did i get?

Vichy Idealia Life Serum x3: Vichys first skin idealiser, a unique product that helps transform the appearance of skins quality. Helps to protect you skin from the visible effects of stress, pollution, smoke or an unbalanced diet. An all round skin saviour.
RRP: £29.50 for 30ml. I received 3x3ml.

Emite Make Up Micronized Eyeshadow in Dams: Completely free from oil, nickel, parabens and perfume. The pigment is micronized to facilitate application and to create even and lasting results. Ideal for lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes.
RRP: £16.80 for 1.48g. This is a full sized sample.

Yves Rocher France Hand Cream: Protect your hands as the temperature falls with Yves Rocher hand cream. An indulgents scent and an ultra-moisturising formula, your hands will be grateful for this nourishing treatment.
RRP: £1.95 for 75ml. This is a full sized sample.

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads: A handy beauty bad must have to remove polish on the go. The elegant touch nail polish remover pads are acetone free and packed with vitamin E and moisturisers to leave nails and cuticles feeling super nourished.
RRP: £2 for 20 pads. This is a full sized sample.

GOSH Cosmetics Velvet Touch Lipstick in Sundown: GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick gives an intense long lasting colour to the lips due to a high concentration of colour pigments.
RRP:£6.49 for 4g.  This is a full sized sample.

I haven't done my usual massive GlossyBox post this time round, mainly because of how disappointed I am. I'm not saying that this months box was all bad, but for the last few months, I have been less and less impressed with my GlossyBoxes. 

Last months box was absolutely appalling, and I was kind of hoping, with all the complaints they had over various Social media platforms and undoubtedly some emails too, that they would really step it up this month. This month was definitely better than last month, but not quite hitting the mark like it used to.

For some reason this month, my box took nearly 5 days to get to me after it was dispatched. GlossyBox are not at fault on that, but because I am impatient, I wanted to get an idea of what would be coming in the box. I have said it before, and it is always a mistake checking other peoples boxes before yours arrived, more often than not, you will be disappointed. The boxes can be really inconsistent from person to person. 

The products other people received this month, in my opinion, are more suited to me, and so many people received them, so I don't understand why my box was different. For instance, others received nail polish, I received lipstick. I don't use lipstick but love nail polish and this is on my Beauty profile and has been stated in my Surveys.

Yes, there were 4 full sized samples and yes the 5th item was Vichy and I do adore Vichy products. So that and the Yves Rocher Hand Cream saved the box. 

I really look forward to when my GlossyBox arrives and I know that the have had lulls before, so for now, I'm going to stick with them. Plus, next month is the Christmas box and that one is normally the best of the year. Fingers crossed.

Did you get anything different in your GlossyBox this month? Or Do you subscribe to a different beauty box and how is their consistency?


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