Friday, 22 November 2013

Yay New Camera!

My Hiatus went on for quite some time. During that time, both nothing and lots happened. Its a weird way of saying it but its true. 

Among the lots that happened, I managed to pick up a new camera and photo box. 

My little digital camera just wasn't cutting it anymore and so I bought this Samsung Bridge WB100. 

Believe it or not, this picture was taken with my Blackberry.

The WB100 is a 16.2MP camera with 26x optical zoom and a wide angle lens. 

It's not uber expensive, but it gives me a happy. I'm still getting used to all the settings and functions and buttons on this, but hopefully this will make taking blog photos a little bit easier. Its got a weird speckled finish on the casing, not important but thought I would mention it.

The first thing I tried when I got this was a macro shot of a nail polish (Barry M Liquorice Confetti) and I was giddy with how awesome it looked. I have some gorgeous polishes to swatch over the coming weeks and macro shots will be one of the things I do for them.

Hopefully I don't break it, I keep doing the klutz thing of forgetting the lens cap is on, so when I turn it on the camera tells me off. 

It's a proper little beauty and I foresee it bringing me great photo taking joy.

I bought this from Argos but they don't seem to do it anymore, the only place I could find it for sale (on the first page of Google) is Amazon and they are selling it here for £119.99. Just in case you're interested.

And this is my new photo box. 

It came with 2 little standalone lights, a tripod and 4 background inserts that attach to a little bit of velcro along the top. Everything fits inside some pockets on the front of the case. 

I'm still trying to get the hang of the positioning of the lights and the camera  and trying to get the creases out of the backgrounds, but hopefully it will be really handy during the winter months.

This photo box was £35.99 from a seller on eBay, who doesn't seem to be selling any at the moment but this one is exactly the same and is £27.49 with free postage. Bargain.

To add a touch of cuteness to the post, here is a pic of Pixel interrupting my photos.


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