Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Chockers Shoes

Would you like to see some Shoe Porn? Of course you do.
Maybe if I let them shoe orgy, i'll get some beautiful shoe babies!
Yes, it's New Years Eve, but I haven't done any nails for it, because I'm slack and the only thing I shall be doing tonight is slobbing about, like I normally do. So, I'm ending the year with something else I love, shoooooeeeesssss.

Back in my May Lust List I posted about the most beautiful shoes I had ever seen, the Chockers Cheryl Shoes. I stayed off the Chockers website after that, knowing full well I couldn't afford to buy any shoes, but in September, I was granted the chance to have a little shoe happiness, and so, I went to the Chockers website on a shoe browsing mission. 

I ended up buying 2 pairs from them, the Cheryl Boots of course and Skyscraper Heels, another pair that wowed me when I saw them. 

I feel a little ashamed that it has taken me this long to share the beauty of these shoes and even more ashamed that I haven't had the chance to wear them properly yet.

Aren't they gorgeous? So much swoon every time I open the boxes to take them out. 
The lighting and my camera both played a part in making the colours a little washed out, they are brighter than they seem in the pictures. The Chockers website shows them in true colours .

Here are the Cheryl Boots.

They are a black/dark blue ankle boot with bright colourful, comic callouts all over, then to top it all off. they have gold spikes on the toe area. They have a small zip on the inside of the shoe and a concealed platform with a stiletto heel.

 I made a bit of an error when buying these, you see, they were sold out of size 5's which I normally wear, but I can fit into a size 4 if needs must, so because I wanted them so much, I bought a size 4, although they would fit me, the ankle bit is a few millimetres too tight to fit my foot in through it.

 I will never send them back though, I'll use a stretching method and will get my feet into these beauties, even if it kills me.

These are the Skyscraper Heels.

They are a barbie pink shoes with bright colourful comic callouts. They have a concealed platform and a stiletto heel.

I bought these in a size 5, and they fit perfectly. When on, they make me feel tall and almost amazonian, until I start walking in them that is. 

What I didn't think about is the fact that I have never been very good in stiletto heels, I normally stick to the chunky square heels with a platform because I find them easiest to walk in. I'm wobbly in barefoot at the best of times, and they are really rather high, so it's going to take a bit of practice before I stop looking like a newborn Bambi.

Here is a shot of me wearing the Skyscrapers. Yes, those are my reflective legs there. Shows how pale I really am. Yes, I am now questioning my decision to put my lily white legs out there on the interwebs, oh god how lumpy does my ankle look?

Regardless, these are the most amazing shoes that I now own and I will continue to get them out of the box every now and then, just to put them on and hold my feet out to admire them, then put them away again until I can fully function in heels again.

Skyscraper Heels are £25 and they still have most sizes left , the Cheryl Boots are £20 but they only have sizes 3 and 7 left, BUT, if you like those ones, the Whoosh heels are the same design but without the boot bit, equally as gorgeous, the Whoosh Heels are £30 and they also have most sizes available. (I kinda wish I'd bought these instead of the boot now)

Chockers also have a massive sale on at the moment and there are loads of gorgeous shoes starting from £5, click here to go to the sale, it's the end of the year, treat yourself one last time in 2013.

Happy New Year and to everyone partying tonight, stay safe and have fun.



  1. gah!!!! i cant EVEN walk in heels anymore, but that doesnt ever stop me from buying them, i guess i just collect them now, and THESE NEED TO BE MINE!

    1. They are gorgeous aren't they?

      So glad i'm not the only one with the shoe fetish when i can't even walk in them lol. :)x