Saturday, 26 April 2014

Born Pretty Moustache Nail Wraps

The last nail warps I received from Born Pretty Store went really well, you can see those here, and they looked really pretty on the nail, so I decided to try some more, something a little bit less pretty and a bit more nerdilicous. So I chose these Moustache 'Like a Sir' wraps.

In the pack, you get 2 strips of 7 meaning that you can mix the designs up to your liking and even have a few left over after to possibly integrate into other nail art. Like the previous wraps, the last 5 designs were pretty much perfect in size for my nails but I decided to mix it up a little and have a different design on each nail, this took a little extra trimming but it was worth it.

I found these wraps to be much, much stretchier than the last set, which made it a little difficult for me to get the positioning right. Mainly because if I placed it wrong, then pulling it off tended to stretch it out and give it little ruches, making it harder to place the wrap flat and with no folds.

I found that the designs on a white background showed the folds and bubbles more than the black designs. I did originally have the white wrap with the black moustache on my thumb, but changed it because I completely messed it up.

I'd still say that these a much better than the wraps I had tried in the past, and the design is so adorable. I think it would be perfect for Movember nails, I might buy another set just for that.

My favourite thing about these wraps, is that the design is what I would class as the right way up and even though the wastage is again about half of the wrap, the designs aren't lost, even the 'like a sir' design is the perfect size for my nail.

Tidying the wraps up after application is easy. I'm not sure if this would work with the Eiffel Tower wraps, but if you fold the wrap over the end of your nail properly and pull down so it creates a 90 degree angle, then you can rip most of the excess of and just have to do a little bit of filing.

If you haven't folded it properly, you may end up losing the corners, like on my middle finger.

Removal is also really easy. I just used nail polish remover and the wrap removed just like polish with a few rubs and left nothing behind, no sticky residue or little stubborn bits.

I think I am now in the honeymoon phase with nail wraps and I'm going to be keeping an eye out on Born Pretty for any other ones that catch my eye. 

These wraps and a few other designs are available on Born Pretty Store here for $2.38 (£1.42) and don't forget, when doing your Born Pretty shopping, you can get 10% of your order by using my code CBAQ10 at checkout.

I'm not sure if I'm ready to try other brands of nail wraps yet but I'm getting there with them.


*The nail wraps in this post were sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Loot Crate: Dragon

What better way to resume blogging after the Easter break, than with this months Loot Crate? Even though this was dispatched over the Easter weekend, we received it on Tuesday, the delivery time has gotten shorter and shorter since we signed up, I hope this continues, I hate not being able to look at others Loot posts on Twitter because I don't want Crate spoilers, I get enough of needing spoiler awareness during Sunday/Monday Game of Thrones time.

So this months theme for Loot Crate was Dragon. When I first heard that this was going to be the theme, I was all like:

I even went in and changed the t-shirt size from Male to Female, because if there was any chance there was going to be a dragon or Game of Thrones or Elder Scrolls related t-shirt, it was going to be mine and Hubs wouldn't have a choice but to let me have it.

Sadly there was no t-shirt :( but the items that were in the box are pretty freakin' awesome anyways.

Enough of the blabber, you can see a bit more about the items in this epically themed box after the jump.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Have you heard of Zap Creatives?

Well? Have you? If you haven't, and like me, you like your bodily adornments to be large, loud and nerdy, consider Zap Creatives your new habit.

So the photo above is of my current owns from Zap Creatives. Like Craft Jam, Zap Creatives do laser cut acrylic jewellery. They offer ready designed items or their custom service. Having not used the custom items service, yet (I'm hoping to eventually get some +10Kapow charms made up at some point when my pockets  and purse aren't regularly filled with dust) I honestly couldn't tell you how much overall that would cost. What I can tell you, is that their pre-designed items are cheap as chips. So cheap, that even paupers like us can have a little splurge and not feel guilty.

Having run out of comic themed items to buy from Craft Jam, I started looking around for a new site to start buying from. I'm pretty sure (this was quite a while ago) after tweeting about my search, Zap Creatives started following me, on Twitter, not in a weird stalkery kind of way (although I can't imagine a little Zap Creatives logo with arms and legs following me handing me laser cut charms would be a bad thing).

That's when I had a look, bought my first one and decided to collect them all. Well, the nerdy ones at least.

I haven't bought loads but let me show you what I have bought so far, after the jump, because this is a wordy post.