Sunday, 4 May 2014

May the 4th be with you- Chewbacca Nails

Yes, May the 4th be with you. Star Wars day, the day that the Universe invented for everything to be awesome, and the fact that it was Free Comic Book Day yesterday means that this weekend is probably,definitely the best weekend of the whole year.

Last year for May the 4th, I did some cute Stormtrooper nails, and this year I wanted to do something equally as cute and awesome, which has resulted in possibly my favourite nails ever and I would happily wear these nails FOREVER.
outdoor in the sun

I've wanted to do these Chewbacca nails for a while and have bought a few pots of brown flock for it but they all had too much of a reddy tone to them, until last week when I finally got a pot brown enough.

For these Chewbacca nails, I used a base coat of Barry M Mushroom, then a tacky cheap top coat and after double checking the best method for flocking, I piled the flock on. The belt was done using striping tape and Barry M Silver Foil.

indoor natural light
Believe it or not, the clean up on this was pretty easy, any topcoat that had spilled over onto skin and now had flock on it, scraped of easily once dry and i used a fan brush from my nail brushes just to sweep off any excess flock that was hanging around.

I didn't put a top coat over the best just because I thought it kind of had a little bit of a distressed leather look after the striping tape had come off.

Sadly, flock doesn't last very long and by the time I took these photos, it was already a little bit patchy in places and by this point of typing up the post, I already have some tip wear. I'm definitely going to do these again sometime though, maybe when I don't have anything to do afterwards.

Just an FYI, you still have plenty of time to get on with a Star Wars movie marathon and no one will judge you today.

Now get the flock out and May the 4th be with you!


Saturday, 3 May 2014

Comic Book Nails for FCBD

Today was Free Comic Book Day, both one of my favourite days of the year and one of the most annoying. Favourite because COMICS! FOR FREE! what's not to like there? Annoying because, there aren't any comic book stores close to me, well, not any that are easily accessible to me. Owning my own little Comic book store is one of my dreams but until someone buys me a store and fills it with merchandise or I suddenly become rich, I'm stuck dreaming. So for now, I try my best to take part in the digital world.And of course, that meant I had to do my nails.

I really wish I had spent more time on this mani, I have had this doodled on a piece of paper for months now and I finally decided to do it. I love it, and some of the imperfections are what makes it good, but I think it looks really rushed and I could probably do a better job on the dots. Oh and excuse the cuticles, they have gone really dry and icky for some reason.

Anyhoo, my thumb is a Superman dedicated thumb, the top section is supposed to be his hair, so kudos if you guessed that.

The index finger is Green Lantern and in case you wondered, the bottom right section, the word is BAM with some callout spikes on each side.

The middle finger is a massive POW! callout. All the better to swear with, not that I would, ever. ;)

Ring finger is Batman and Robin. I was quite impressed that I managed to get the Robin symbol to look like the Robin symbol, although Bat symbol, not so much, close enough though I think, right?

And finally, the pinkie is The Flash. The word is ZAP, I wanted ZOOM, but by the time I got to the words on the pinkie and index, I had cramp and just stamped them, and those were the best two words on the stamping plates I have.

Polishes used: Barry M White, Barry M Spring Green, Barry M Cyan Blue, Barry M Lychee, Barry M Black, Barry M BLE 2013, Ciate Red Hot Chilli.
Then I did a top coat of Seche Vite and finished it all off with a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat.

Hope you liked them. Did you manage to get your FCBD comics, were there any FCBD events at your comic book store?


Thursday, 1 May 2014

Born Pretty Neon Studs

In the summer, I love nothing more than white nails, I think white nails in the sun give your skin a nice healthy glow. Add to that a little bit of neon and your set for healthy tanned looking skin. Being as pale as I am, this will always be a good combination for me.

Roll out the Born Pretty Store Neon Stud Wheel. I do love studs and there are so many different nail art variations you can do with them, have them all over your nails, have one on each nail for subtle nail art or have them as part of a design, either way, with this stud wheel containing 400 pieces, it will last you throughout the summer.

The studs themselves are 2mm, my favourite size because it's easier to incorporate them into a design and you can fit more of them on your nail. The wheel contains 12 different colours, 6 bright neons and 6  pastel neons, my favourite are the bright neons (above). And at this size, you can use them to create a gorgeous summer pedi and the studs won't look silly on your toes.

To show them off, I decided to go with Barry M Matt White (of course) and then a kind of rainbow strip down the centre of each nail. The picture doesn't do them justice, I really wish I had managed to get a picture in the sun. I really, really like this mani, I don't know why but I do. It's simple and it stands out at the same time. 

The studs have kind of a matte finish anyway but I decided to finish it all off with a coat of OPI Matte Top Coat because I just think it all looks better matte, and matte neons are sexy, amirite?

You can buy these from Born Pretty Store here through this link on this writing for $7.59 which is about £4.49, for 400 studs! 400! If you haven't already bought this then you're crazy, or you are waiting for the 10% discount, which is here, now- for 10% off enter my code CBAQ10 at checkout. Oh, and don't forget, it's free shipping to anywhere in the world. 

If you read this post and some bits sound a bit like i have lost it or turned into a infomercial host, then it's possible i have, send help now. Crazies unite!


The Stud Wheel in this post was sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion. All other products mentioned in this post were purchased by myself.