Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Stargate Nails: False Gods

I started re-watching Stargate SG-1 a little while ago, it was something that I was a tad obsessed with when it was first on and I remember having arguments with my friend in school about who was hotter, Jack O'Neill or Daniel Jackson (O'Neill all the way!) and re-watching it has done nothing but re-ignite my obsession for it.

When I recently tried out my A-England Holy Grail polish, it reminded me of the regality and opulence presented by the Goa'uld system lords, who, if you have watched the movie or shows you know, present themselves as Gods and Goddesses, hence 'False Gods'

I also recently purchased Messy Mansion MM32 stamping plate, which is Egyptian themed and has loads of Hieroglyphs and symbols on it, so I thought this whole mani was just a perfect fit.

I wanted it to be a simple and subtle nod to Stargate and so I went back to the origin story from the Stargate Movie: The gate itself was uncovered in Giza, Egypt in 1928 with ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs on the cover stones. This is represented by the stamped hieroglyphs on my thumb, middle finger and pinkie. 

Daniel Jackson translates the Hieroglyphs to reveal that the Stargate is in fact a device used to travel to distant worlds and that the non-hieroglyphic symbols found with the gate are constellations used as coordinates or 'addresses'. Each gate 'address' requires (at least) seven glyphs- six marking the three dimensional area of space as a target and the seventh glyph as the point of origin. 

The symbol on my ring finger is Earth's point of origin glyph, I freehanded this because it is unlikely that a Stargate stamping plate exists but if one does lemme have it, or if someone could make one that would be freaking awesome. Also, I think it's about time we had some SG-1 Funko Pop! figures, I would definitely buy all of those.

The bad guy/ God in the movie is Ra, although in the movie we are not aware that Ra is a Goa'uld, this is only revealed in the TV show Stargate SG-1. He is represented by the stamped Eye of Ra on my index finger.

Stargate was massive for me because it is the movie and tv show that pretty much cemented my love for sci-fi before I even really knew what sci-fi was. I suddenly just thought if I had done Apophis' serpant on my index finger then I could have called my post 'Shol'va Kree!' now I'm disappointed in me. Bad Chrissie, sorry Chrissie!

If Netflix didn't have the entire season on there then I would probably never have the chance to watch it through all the way again, for that reason, Netflix, I love you. I have also managed to get Jim watching it and even though he refuses to fully admit it, he loves it too.

What is you favourite tv show from your childhood/teenage years and would you be tempted to watch through it again?


Monday, 23 March 2015

Unicorns and Swirls

Frak! Frak! I took the photos, I didn't check the photos though because I am such a noob and they were all friggin' terrible, absolute crap, because of course they were! This photo was the only salvageable photo and even then it's not great, but it'll do just to show you the vision I had for my Unicorns and swirls.

I've only ever done a water marble once before, it was way back in January 2013 for the 'Polish Days Something New' post and I have avoided them since, it just seems like too much hard work but I had something beautiful and majestic planned and only a water marble could truly achieve what I had in mind.

I wanted a pretty, pastel but vibrant design, and Barry M Gelly's Prickly Pear and Greenberry and then I threw in Barry M Silk Pearl to balance it a little. I put GOSH Holographic Hero on my nails for the base colour to give a bit of sparkle. It took me 2 days of trying to get a pattern that was even remotely acceptable to me.

I used Twinkled T Cyclone Vinyls for the swirls and She Sells Seashells Unicorn Vinyls for the Unicorn and the polish used was OPI It's Frosty Outside for the textured/raised look.

This was a quick photo just after clean up on the water marble, it was actually really pretty and the photo doesn't do it justice.

I'm so gutted that the photos were all borked, it was so pretty and deserved the epic macro's I thought I had taken. Those cyclone vinyls from Twinkled T are awesome, I'm planning on buying some more, I only had a few because I bought a multi vinyl sheet when they had a sale on sheets that had mistakes.

Have you ever had a moment like this with your photos? I'm definitely going to be checking photos before I remove the mani now and forever more.


Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Swatch: A-England Holy Grail

Argh, why did I wait so long to try this. Mr +10 bought A-England Holy Grail for me as part of my Christmas present, at the time it was only £4 and I knew that it was the perfect opportunity for me to get my first ever A-England polish. 

I have no idea how to describe this colour/shade of gold except for gorgeous, but on the A-England website it describes this polish as; 

'a baroque and antiqued golden hue, infused with bronze, gold, copper and gentle touches of green shimmer'

and that whole description just seems perfect.

The formula was fantastic, and applied like a dream, although it is slightly more sheer than I thought it would be and took 3 coats in total to get this opaque look. I did not use a topcoat as the polish dried to a beautiful smooth and shiny finish, plus it is self levelling which is awesome!

The polish does have a subtle shimmer to it and I suspect that in direct sunlight that shimmer is really going to sparkle and shine and look pretty.

I wasn't sure what nail art I could do with this polish and if I would even want to cover it up but I have recently purchase a Messy Mansion stamping plate that has hieroglyphs on it and I really like that idea.

I love this polish so much and have already bought this month's 'Gem of the Month' Gloriana for £6.


Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Quick and Nerdy Klingon with Moyou and Creative Stamper

I recently bought these Moyou London Geek Plate Collection plates 05 and 07, I couldn't resist them any longer, they are so awesome and beautiful and amazing and *droool*. The plates have some duplicate images but in different sizes, but I don't care because it has Klingon, Elvish, Donkey Kong, Sherlock, Gaming, aaahhh I have died!

I needed a quick mani and just grabbed at what was on my desk which resulted in this....

.....a quick and nerdy Klingon mani. I used Barry M Gelly Cotton as a base, MeMeMe Cosmetics Elegance for the first stamp of the steampunky cogs and then Konad Black for the Klingon.

All the stamping was done using my new Creative Stamper, I bought 2, well, I bought one and it was so awesome and then I heard that we might not be able to get some for a few months and so I quickly bought a second one, just in case. I would never normally condone the use of this word, ever but I'm pretty sure Creative Stamper is 'bae'! Urgh I feel dirty now, but it's true. If you are looking for an amazing stamper, then this is it. It is taking a bit of practice to get used to rolling instead of pushing but I'm getting there and even when I mess up the stamping is still pretty damn close to perfect.

I got a few spots missing on the Klingon lettering but this is me still getting used to the method. 
I did accidentally stamp the Klingon upside down on my index finger but I was in a rush so gimme a break.

You can buy the Creative Stamper from Rainbow Connection. It says pre-orders but it did when I bought my second one so you may still be in time to get yours. It is £8 for the stamper set which is the silver handle, the squidgy head and a scraper. It is £6 for just the squidgy head. They also sell a little case for it for £4 and I might have to buy me one or two of those, I am so paranoid about it getting ruined.

I would link to the Moyou plates but a few months ago I received multiple emails asking me to remove all my links to their website because my links were affecting their Google page rank, so I'm not going to link to them, In all honesty, it did feel like a little bit of attack on me as a small time blogger but I've let it go and these plates are too awesome to hold a grudge.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Freckles Polish: The Coven Collection

Today I am going to show you the Freckles Polish Coven Collection (minus Robichoux's Academy that wasn't in stock when I bought them but is now!). This is an all Holo collection and you all know how I feel about the Freckles Polish holo's. 

I bought these a while ago, when the collection was first released but I've had the photos sat on my desktop for ages, I forgot about them, I'll admit it, I'm terrible like that. 

These polishes, which are based on American Horror Story: Coven are drool worthy and I love them all.

All photos show 2 coats with no topcoat!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Inspired by Loot Crate- Superfight nails

In the February Loot Crate we received a pack of Skybound Games Superfight card game and the moment I looked at the cards, I knew these would be the subject of my 'Inspired by Loot Crate' nails.

I love the purple and blue colours on the Scenario and Location cards and the symbols on all the cards are super cute. There are 4 different card types in our deck, from index to pinkie we have Location/Scenario/Character/Ability and because our pack was a Loot Crate exclusive, it had the Loot Crate symbol on the front, hence my thumb

I never truly realised before, how hard it is to do a perfect circle and try and get each circle on every nail roughly the same size.

Originally, I was going to write SUPERFIGHT on my thumb above the Loot Crate symbol but I tried over and over again and each time it just looked a mess, I am so terrible at writing freehand that tiny, so instead, I did the Skybound Games logo.

Don't forget to go ahead and sign up to Loot Crate to get the awesomeness every month, click here to do it now.

What is your favourite game type and game? Would you wear it on your nails?


Thursday, 5 March 2015

Loot Crate: Play Feb 2015

February's Lot Crate theme was Play, celebrating all games, card games, board games, dice games, and of course, video games, we all love some kind of game. Games are great for keep our brains young and for bonding with other people, so why wouldn't games of all kinds deserve a celebration?

The cover art of the magazine is awesome as always and I am still waiting for the day when Loot Crate decide they are going to have the art as pull out poster or just an a5 insert but with no writing on it. I want this to happen Loot Crate, please make this a thing.

I'm not going to moan about how late the Loot Crate was this month, or that I was spoilered on 2 items, I have accepted that this is the way it is to be now! So here are the items in this month's crate.

DIY Munny Figure (Kid Figure):

So you may not think that you're an artist, but this black Munny Vinyl Figure from our friends at Kidrobot may just prove you wrong. Design and decorate your own one-of-a-kind Munny with the wipe-off markers included. With your imagination, the possibilities are endless!

This is a pretty funky idea, I have seen loads of custom Munnys already and my frak are there some talented people out there. I have had loads of ideas of what I want to do but I'm not sure which one I want and I want to be sure before I make it permanent. I was going to do a Shredder (TMNT) one but I don't have enough polymer clay left to do all the bits so I gave up on that. I might do an Agent Carter or Robin one. Arrrggghhh so many ideas in my tiny head!?$!! 

Ready Player One- Ernest Cline (Random House):

Here at Loot Crate, we love a good story. So when we came across this thrilling, sci-fi adventure set in the not too distant future, we had to share it with you. Hailed by critics as being 'Willy Wonka meets The Matrix', and soon-to-be a major motion picture, this addictive read takes you to a dark society whose unlikely heroes race to uncover the secrets and power of a virtual utopia shaped by pop-culture geekery from decades past.

This book is right up my street, and I have heard really good things about it so I am really looking forward to reading this, now where is my damn bookmark?

EXCLUSIVE Looter Edition SUPERFIGHT Card Game (Skybound games):

SUPERFIGHT is the fast-paced card game that pits super heroes and super villains, those with super powers and super problems, against each other with hilarious results. Our Looter edition has exclusive cards and scenarios that you won't find anywhere else. Great for Parties.

This is a 100- card exclusive version of SUPERFIGHT. I have never heard of the game before and when I saw it on someone else's post, I thought it looked like a Cards Against Humanity game, and it is kind of similar to that. It's a game that pretty much personifies 'So and so would definitely beat so and so in a fight' the age old battle of strength and wit.

I have played one game of it so far just to see how it played, luckily it comes with instruction otherwise I would probably just make up the rules, in fact, I still might. 

EXCLUSIVE Rock-Paper-Scissors Dice Game (Loot Crate Labs):

It's believed that this popular game originated over 2,000 years ago in China. Typically played with hand gestures, now Loot Crate brings you it's very own version that combines the classic gameplay of chance with the random unpredictability of dice! Opponents each select a coloured die and roll against each other. The dice sides are decorated with video game-inspired hand signs that represent 'rock', 'paper', and 'scissors'. Best out of three, ok?! Includes a velveteen dice bag so you won't lose them.

I honestly didn't know these were Rock-Paper-Scissors dice until I read the little description in the magazine. It's quite a novel idea and will come in handy for keeping the 8 year old entertained when travelling and for deciding whose turn it is to make the brews.

Hexbug- Scarab:

Freak your friends and pets with this high-speed, oversized mechanical bug that scutters across floors and even flips itself over from it's back.

Now this is awesome! It proper freaks Pixel out, he is such a scaredy cat though, so it's not difficult. Oh and I just realised that it glows in the dark! I think we got one of the best ones from the selection (there were 4 different kinds) although I did see a video of the Larva one last night and I kind of wish we had got that one, it looks awesome and creepy and icky all at the same time. 

Waka- Waka Poster- Manny Peters:

Artist Manny Peters' Atari Cartridge blueprint design is a nod to one of the most popular arcade and console games of all time! Printed on high quality paper stock, it's suitable for framing. Measures 9" x 13". 

I love this poster, the only problem was that when we opened it up, it already looked like someone had tried to flatten it and there are loads of creases in the poster and cracks in the colour, those white lines and marks along the bottom and in the middle at the top :( No-one will notice right? I'm just being a perfectionist aren't I?

EXCLUSIVE Firefly Online Premium Ship Unlock Code- Quantum Mechanix:

Get ready to play the Firefly Online game and pilot your very own premium ship just like the one in our recent fan video 'The Verse'. Redeeming the code on the card gives you access to buy and commandeer Loot Crate's 'Overland' transport (plus bragging rights too!). Only available to Loot Crate subscribers.

So, I've been a bad nerd and I have only just climbed aboard the Firefly train (or transport ship), I binge watched Firefly, Serenity and The Verse only a short time ago but that doesn't mean that I haven't fallen for Firefly just as hard as others. I thought this was for a weapon but the design on the front is not part of the digital goody, there were 4 different images available. I am really looking forward to Firefly online and have already registered my ship so I can be a leaf on the wind, just like Wash, oh Wash noooooo, I love you Wash .・゜゜・(/。\)・゜゜・.How could you Joss? 

Oh you're still here *regains composure* Shall I continue?

The badge is a version of the cover, with monopoly play pieces, a monopoly style board, the Rock-Paper-Scissors dice and the black and white cards from the SUPERFIGHT deck.

That's not all though, oh no!

The Loot Crate itself folds out to reveal a game board for the Crate Packing Simulator Board Game.

And in the back of the magazine there are 2 pages of pop out for the  game counters and characters for Crate Packing Simulator and the game uses the Rock-Paper-Scissors dice.

I really like this month's crate. It had a good variation of product type based around the theme and each item was enjoyable in it's own way. It's still a shame about the damage on the poster but I am hoping that when we get it into a frame that it won't be that noticeable. 

I know most of you have probably signed up to Loot Crate by now, because, well, how can you resist so much awesome? But for those of you that haven't yet signed up and you know who you are, yes you, sign up now by clicking here, you know you want to, you can't resist it, you must click it, click it NOOOOWWW!


Monday, 2 March 2015

Nerd Block Feb 2015: Exclusives!

The theme for this month's Nerd Block is Exclusives! and the contents this month are pretty good.

Titans Vinyl Figures Breaking Bad Series- Saul Goodman

There were 3 different suit options available, Jesse, Walter and Saul. We got Saul Goodman. Luckily there are no references to drugs or anything along those lines on the box or anything so Ki can put this on his shelf along with his other figures.

He comes with a little mug and wears a bluetooth headset.

Nerd Play Cosplay Trading Cards

Next up are these Nerd Play Cosplay Trading Cards. We received 2 packets and we took these out of the box, because, well, you know, BOOBS! 

I however, love looking at all the awesome details so I opened them up.

These are all the cards from the 2 packs. I'm a little disappointed in the variety, we got 4 Ashley Hay cards, 2 of which were the same and 4 Chaka Cumberbatch, 2 of which were also the same, 2 Leeanna Vamp, 2 Monika Lee, 2 Meagan Marie, 2 YuffieBunny, a Yaya Han, a WindOfTheStars and a Jayden Okageo.

Desktop Distractions Drumkit Notepad Set

This Drum Set notepad and Drumsticks pencil set it pretty quirky and it has made a fun addition to Kian's desk.

The pages are plain and the book has 2 holes so that you can stand the pencils up when you are not using them. The pencils seem like good quality pencils but the adhesive on the notepad seems a little bit rubbish and feels almost like the pages are going to fall straight off the moment you open the pad.

Cliccors- Shirtpunch and Nerd Block variants

I didn't manage to get a picture of these Cliccors out of the packet before they got lost in toy oblivion

They remind me of the little thing you get in quit smoking packs that is meant to keep your hands busy. They are joined rather than open ended and from the very brief look I had of them, you can click/bend them backwards, forewards and side to side to make 3d shapes.

Marvel Star Wars 001 Variant Cover

Marvel Star Wars 001 variant cover is awesome, and I would be a little more impressed with it had we not received one in Loot Crate last month but variants are great to have and Ki is just starting his comic book collection so this is a great addition to that.

Flashicle T-shirt

The t-shirt is this fab Flashicle t-shirt. We will never get bored of superhero/food parody shirts.

Overall, this month's box wasn't bad, it was a nice variety of items and having a box full of exclusive is always a good idea. We have signed up to Arcade Block this month with the intention of cancelling the classic block subscription that was until they announced that there would be a Baby Dancing Groot in next months classic block and there is no way in hell I am missing out on that. So stay tuned for an Arcade Block and then a decision on which one we keep.