Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Loot Crate: Fantasy April 2015

Aaaaah this months Loot Crate theme was Fantasy, a theme which I feel, a lot of us nerds can relate to and another fantastic choice by Loot Crate, not to mention another well curated month. Yes, the box is still being delivered pretty late compared to this time last year but I've come to accept that receiving such a box of awesome is well worth the wait.

It's quite a long post today because I have done a 'worth the money' bit at the end and babbled for a bit too.

Monday, 27 April 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome Beautiful Mistake Water Marble

After my successful water marble with the Freckles Polish Birthday Collection, I decided to have a play around with some water marbling and the polishes that I had sitting on my desk. 

The only ones from the small selection that spread nicely were the Models Own Colour Chromes and as the title suggests, this water marble was one of those mistakes that ended up being awesome.

I had tried to go for a traditional water marble style pattern but I completely fluffed it up and got annoyed, I then started moving the tool all around the polishes in anger and then realised 'ooooooo that looks pretty' so I let it dry (is that the right word?) in the water and lifted it out and left it to dry properly before cutting it up and applying to the nail.

My first thought was that it looked like a Tiffany Lamp style pattern, yes I know now after double checking that it doesn't, Jim said that it reminded him of something Art Deco, either wait the colours looked awesome all swirly whirly.

A little bit gutted that there were quite a few bubbles underneath but luckily you can't really see them in real life.

I love this so much, I'm going to try a few more designs with the water marbling and the Colour Chromes hopefully.

What do you think of this look? Have you ever had a beautiful mistake in nail art?


Friday, 24 April 2015

Nerd Block Growing Up 80's April 2015

This months Nerd Block theme is/was Growing Up 80's. I was born in the 80's so a lot of the stuff from that era is relevant to me, and of course, being the awesome parent nerds that we are, most of this stuff has been passed on to Ki anyway.

I did mention back in the February Nerd Block post that we were thinking of cancelling the Classic Block because it just wasn't giving us the oooooo feeling that Loot Crate does and although I slacked a little bit on the cancelling, I have done so now, so this was our last Classic Block, we are still subscribed to Arcade Block and we are going to give Kian a choice between the new Comic Block, Infinity Crates or My Geek Box to sign up to for his new subscription so I will do monthly posts on whatever new subscription he chooses.

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Freckles Polish Birthday Collection Swatches

Have you ever tried a collection of nail polishes and you were just like:

That is exactly how I felt with this collection from Freckles Polish. I have quite a few Freckles Polishes now, most of them are holo's and not a single polish has been a let down, but these polishes really hit that spot, especially that nude.

I received the Birthday Collection as a birthday present (read: I bought it for me from him) and at the time Party Dress was out of stock. I don't know how I do it, but I always seem to miss out on one polish when I buy a collection.

This is a pretty photo heavy post and rather than right a massive description of every polish, because they are all perfect, I'll just show you the swatches with the name and a brief colour description.

Friday, 17 April 2015

A-England Ascalon Swatch

It was my birthday on Monday, I'm now 29 years young ha and only 361 days away from the big 3-0, shock horror, not that I am concerned with the whole getting older thing. Back to this birthday though, I received some awesome presents from the Mister and Little Man and some of them were amazing nail stuffs. First up from those pressies is this absolute beauty A-England Ascalon. The sun we have had over the last week has been perfect for holos and so all pictures have been taken in direct sunlight except the indoor one at the end.

Ascalon is currently the A-England Gem of the Month and is only £6 for the month of April so I obviously had to 'hint' to Jim for this polish and by hint I mean tell him I wanted it. 

Ascalon is medium grey with a gorgeous purple shift and a scattered holo that gives a rainbow of colours. I wish I had managed to get a bottle macro with a stronger holo showing through but you get the idea!

Ascalon applied beautifully, was opaque in 2 coats and dried smooth. I added one coat of Seche to really bring out the colour and give it that little bit of extra shine.

Indoors and out of the sunlight, the purple shift becomes much more pronounced, especially with the holo going into hiding.

Removal is pretty standard, it removes easily and takes a tiny bit more wellie to get all the holo glitters off. 

I am getting a proper taste for A-England polishes now and I can't wait to see what the next Gem of the Month is. I'm really gutted that I missed out on getting a couple in their recent sale and I am really hoping I can get Saint George soon, it looks incredibubble.

I also received the Freckles Polish Birthday Collection (minus 1, I always miss out on 1) and I am trying to get those swatched now-ish to get them all posted in one post soon-ish, they are lush too, I am in holo heaven right now, which is good because I have lost my mojo a bit for nail art, I have a few plans/mani's I want to do but I can't seem to nail down a design or put them in motion, hopefully I can get out of that funk soon. 


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Born Pretty Store Bird Full Nail Water Decals

Like the peacock nail wraps, these Born Pretty Store bird/dove/pigeon full nail water decals are pre-sized and pre-cut. The design is vibrant and made so each nail should line up with the next to make one large image across the nails.

The decals are great quality, they needed only a few seconds in water before they slid off the backing, they didn't curl or fold between coming off the backing and applying to my nails, they were easy to position and smooth out and even with my curved nails, I had minimal creasing.

I put them on over a base of Barry M Gelly Cotton and topped the decals with a coat of Seche Vite and even though the topcoat is fast drying, I didn't get any decal shrinkage or melting at all. The colours of the decals did not bleed or run and remained vibrant even after the topcoat was applied. 

Clean up was a breeze, just an angled brush, dipped in a bit of polish remover and it came off like magic. Removing it was also just as easy, they come off just like nail polish so no chunky bits getting anywhere annoying.

I'm actually more fond of the finished result than I thought I would be, I like decals, I think they are great for nail art when you are feeling lazy, I'm still not a fan of the pre-cut, pre-sized decals and I think having a design that needs to line up just makes them a little more difficult to use, but in the same range as these ones, there are some absolutely gorgeous designs that are just as vibrant and can be mixed up on your nails.

You can find these decals here for £1.00 ($1.47) and don't forget to use my discount code CBAQ10 for 10% off your entire basket amount.

Did you watch the Game of Thrones season 5 premiere? I wish they would release it all at once like on Netflix but then I think it would be all over too soon and that would make me sad.


The decals in this post were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

...With Fire and Blood! GoT Inspired Dragon Nails

Bum bum bada bum bum bada bum bum bada buuuuum buum bada buuuuum buum bada bumbum bada bumbum bada bumbum bada buuuuuum buuuum bada buuuuuum buuum bada bumbum bada bum bum....

That has been stuck in my head for pretty much the last 2 weeks and while ever so slightly annoying for my brain and the people around me, it signalled us getting closer and closer to the return of Game of Thrones Yaaaay! 

Season 5 starts tonight in America and tomorrow night over here in the UK so today is the perfect day for a dragon inspired mani. I'm really hoping we see a lot more from Daenerys and her beautiful, all grown up, dragons this season and hopefully we do see her really start to fulfil the famous quote 'I will take what is mine with fire and blood'.

A-England Gloriana is the perfect polish for a Game of Thrones/Dragon mani, it is a  gorgeous blood red foil polish with fiery golden glitters throughout and like in my first photo, when the sun hits it just right, it looks like fire embers rising up.

The dragon scales and dragon were stamped on using Messy Mansion plate MM21 and Konad Black stamping polish. 

I really love how this turned out and because I'm struggling to think of some nails to wear for my birthday tomorrow, I'm tempted to do this same mani but with a different base colour.

Are you looking forward to the return of Game of Thrones? 

What are you wearing on your nails this weekend?


Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Born Pretty Store BP-55 Stamping Plate

Born Pretty Store really are after our hearts with their own brand of stamping plates. Yes, I know I have said this before but look at how much of a bargain these plates are and then look at the quality of the plates. The images are crisp, the designs are fab and varied and the plates have a backing. I am yet to find a plate with any imperfections. In my opinion, the Born Pretty plates are really fighting for their place up next to all the larger more expensive brands in the stamping plate market. 

OK, my gushing is done. So as you can see, I have the Born Pretty BP-55 stamping plate today. First up a did a bright, reverse stamping design that was pretty on par with the perfect weather we have been having here in the UK over the last few days, don't worry, it won't last, the apocalypse is not approaching, we will likely return to the rain and gloom we normally have within a few days.

I used a base of Barry M Cotton, then made 3 stamp 'decals' which I filled in using Barry M BLE 2013 Yellow and Barry M Mattes Copacabana, Rhosilli, Malibu, and Cancun.

I applied one decal to the thumb and then cut the other 2 in half to fit the other 4 nails and topped it all off with a coat of Seche.

I think this design and the other one to the right of it on the plate are perfect for this kind of bright reverse stamping nail art and is a great way to add a bit of colour to what could be an otherwise flat mani.

I then thought that maybe I should do a normal stamp mani with this plate to show that they are indeed capable (as am I, sometimes!) of doing regular stamping. 

And so this mani happened. The base colour is the always gorgeous Freckles Polish The Seven Wonders and I stamped using Models Own Cerise. This stamp turned out looking super geometric and because it was late evening, I took this photo under the flash of the camera and so the holo was showing through the stamp, making this my favourite mani of April so far. It's simple but pretty.

You can find this plate here for £1.33 ($1.99) and of course, don't forget to use my discount code CBAQ10 for 10% off your entire basket amount!

Are you all having an awesome Easter Holiday/Half Term Break/April so far?


The stamping plate in this post was sent to me for review purposes, All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinion!

Friday, 3 April 2015

Born Pretty Store Peacock Full Nail Water Decals

When I first saw these Born Pretty Store Peacock decals in the packet I thought they were nail wraps because of the way they were shaped and positioned on the backing.

Turns out they are full nail water decals. 

I decided to do a basic mani using 2 of the peacock decals on my middle and ring fingers for the main focus of the mani. I used Barry M Gelly Blue Grape for the other nails and added 1 gold stud to the thumb and 2 to the index.

Going by the way the decals we 'pre-shaped' and cutting along those lines, I did find it difficult to get these decals to fit my nails, mainly in width. If I was to turn them on their side and get the width to fit, then the length would be a problem. Because of this I wouldn't recommend purchasing these to do a full mani of just these decals. For doing only one or 2 nails or doing bits of peacock feather on a nail these are perfect for your nail art.

The decals slid easily off the backing paper after being submerged for a few seconds, they clung well to the nail even when slightly damp still but were easy to move around and position accordingly.

Excess decal came away easily by using a brush dipped in nail polish remover and I didn't get any shrinkage by using Seche Vite. Once the Seche was dry, there were no major noticeable wrinkles in the decals and the colours remained vibrant.

You can buy these Peacock water decals here for £1.34 ($1.99) and don't forget to use my discount code CBAQ10 for 10% off your entire basket amount.


The Peacock decals in this post were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Born Pretty Store Ya Qin Ann Y006 Stamping Plate

I have never heard of the brand 'Ya Qin Ann' before and so it was a nice little surprise to receive this unusual stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. It is 6x6cm which is pretty much the same size or roundabouts of a regular round stamping plate. 

It has 6 full nail images (although the design size may be a bit too small for those with long nails) and 3 smaller images.It comes in a small square card cover with only the brand name on the front and a sticker showing the plate number.

It comes with the sticky blue cover on both the front and the back.
The plate does not have a cardboard backing on it and the edges do have a slight sharp edge to them so can be a pain when trying to pick it up or hold it.

The images on the plate are cute and look like little doodles, some of them were flowers and I thought it apt to do a spring themed mani with this plate. I used the reverse stamping method to do this nail art and add a bit of colour to the images.

There were no imperfection in the images and they picked up perfectly, even the very small dots and details giving perfectly crisp stamps.

I used a base of Barry M Gelly Sugar Apple, I used Konad White stamping polish then Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream, Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream, Barry M Lemon Ice Cream and Prickly Pear for the colours in the flowers.

For those of you worried about where to store these plates with their different shape, they fit perfectly into the small Born Pretty Store stamping plate holder available here for £3.56, you can see my review of this holder here.

You can buy this plate here for £2.68 ($3.99) and don't forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off your entire basket amount.


The Ya Qin Ann stamping plate in this post was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.