Saturday, 30 May 2015

PolishedByLeanne 'Under the Sea' Swatch and Review

It's day 4 of the PolishedByLeanne polishes, the last day :( but I saved my favourite of the 4 polishes for last.

'Under the Sea' is a blue and green glitter polish in a clear base. 

The glitters are all the same size and are all small hex glitters and they have an awesome holographic colour shift loads of different colours.

Ignoring the fact that I have stainy nails and that I should have worn undies, you can see that Under the Sea is a fantastic buildable polish. The numbers above my fingers indicate how many coats I used on that finger, 

I topped each nail with one coat of Seche, the more glitter you have on the nail, the more topcoat thirsty the glitters become. If using it sparsely, à la my index finger, it dries pretty much smooth and flat.

The polish dried pretty quickly, even on coat number 4. As you would expect for this type of glittery polish, clean up and removal was a nightmare, one of those times when you wish you had worn a peel off base coat.

As if you couldn't see this coming, as soon as I put it on, Under the Sea immediately screamed MERMAIDS!! It had that awesome effect and looked very much like the pictures I have seen of the Black Milk Mermaid leggings, you know those ones that you long for desperately but have to admire from a distance, I have a cheap pair but no where near the same quality and they don't have the dotted pattern that I'm pretty sure the Black Milk leggings have.

That is why I love this mani, the mermaid scales look dotty and so pretty in this close up. I used KBShimmer Stark raven Mad for the base and She Sells Seashells mermaid vinyls for this mani. The only problem I encountered with this is that because Under the Sea is so topcoat thirsty, it did get a bit thick when I was trying to get it all smooth.

One of the things I have forgotten to mention in all my other posts, is that PolishedByLeanne nail polishes are all 5 free and Vegan Friendly and of course, not tested on animals. I will be editing my previous posts to add that information.

Under the Sea is available on the PolishedByLeanne Etsy store as part of a 4 bottle limited edition collection for £10. Be sure to check out the other polishes on her store, there are a couple more mermaid-y ones and a new glittery collection that was released today.

So which of the PolishedByLeanne polishes was your favourite Liquid Gold, Cherry Kisses, Shooting Star or Under The Sea? 

Hope you're all having an awesome weekend. I'm going to go and do mermaid-y things now.


Under the sea was sent to me for swatching purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinion.

Friday, 29 May 2015

PolishedByLeanne 'Shooting Star' Swatch and Review

It's day 3 of  PolishedByLeane polishes and I have 'Shooting Star' to show you today, only one more to go after today!

Shooting Star is a clear based glitter topper with 3 sizes of silver holographic glitters, micro hex, mini hex and large round.

1 coat of Shooting Star with 1 coat of Seche- Direct Sunlight
I put this over Barry M Silk Orchid rather than show it over a naked nail because you can see the glitter better over a dark polish and that gives you a better idea of the glitter coverage.

The polish applied really well, the photos all show just one coat of Shooting star, like most polishes that have the larger glitter, I did have major problems getting any of it onto the brush and had to fish around a fair amount to get a piece and place it on the nail afterwards. 

In the shade
Dry time was pretty quick for a topper, although I did catch a bit with my nail after a few minutes and it was still a bit squishy around where I had placed the larger glitters. It dried smooth over everything except the larger glitters but I did top it with one coat of Seche and this was enough to smooth everything out.

It has been raining on and off all day but the sun came out long enough for me to get the holo showing through in my photos. I've never posted a blurry holo photo before but I couldn't resist this one, look at those colours.

Of course I had to add a bit of nail art to it and I wanted something that you could see the glitters through, so I went with stamping. I stamped using Barry M Silver Foil and Bundle Monster BM-602 stamping plate. I used the full image on my thumb, middle and ring fingers and then I used just one callout from the design on both the index and pinkie.

Here is a double macro of Shooting Star with and without nail art.

Clean up was a bit of a pain due to those pesky micro glitters that seem to get everywhere, pretty standard for a glitter polish and removal was surprisingly easy, again just those stubborn micro glitters that need just a tiny bit of elbow grease to remove.

Shooting Star is available on the PolishedByLeanne Etsy store at £5 for a 10ml bottle.

Edit: I forgot to mention that all PolishedByLeanne polishes are 5 free and Vegan friendly.

Which has been your favourite polish so far? What are you wearing on your nails for the weekend?


Shooting Star was sent to me for swatching purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

PolishedByLeanne 'Cherry Kisses' swatch and review

This is the second polish that I am showing you from PolishedByLeanne, a fantastic UK indie polish maker.

Cherry Kisses is a soft pinky polish with a subtle shimmer and luckily when I was swatching this, the sun came out to play.

As you can see from the macro, the shimmer looks golden and iridescent and in the bottle and sun, shows up quite nicely against the pink. 

2 coats No topcoat
It was a little bit runny and I found that I had to have barely any on the brush and apply thin coats or it would get everywhere. Once I had mastered the right amount on the brush, it applied nice and smoothly and although s bit streaky on the first coat, it evened out with the second coat.

Dry time is pretty quick and I would say it was touch dry on the first coat in around a minute.

The finsih without a topcoat is lovely, it's a semi matte, leathery look to it and would be perfect for a superhero costume type mani, much like my Batgirl nails. It is a little difficult to see the shimmer in it's natural state in my photo.

2 coats of Cherry Kisses with 1 coat of Seche Vite
Add a coat of Seche though and not only does the shimmer come out but it takes on a new look of a beautiful, juicy pink creme.

It was calling out for some awesome nail art, so I tried out my TwinkledT square swirl vinyls with KBShimmer Stark Raven Mad and MY GOD! IT'S GORGEOUS!!! The sun loved me today, look at that sparkle. This is quite possibly my favourite non-nerdy nail look ever/so far.

I really like this polish and you know my history with pink polishes isn't all that favourable, it applies nicely, dries quickly which is super important, has an interesting finish and has sparkle. It is easy to remove but it is a stainy one so definitely use a basecoat if you get this polish.

Cherry Kisses is available as part of a Limited edition 4 piece collection on the PolishedByLeanne Etsy store for £10.

Edit: I forgot to mention that all PolishedByLeanne polishes are 5 free and Vegan friendly.

Have you checked out the PolishedByLeanne store or Instagram page
What is your favourite indie polish brand?


Cherry Kisses was sent to me for review and swatching purposes, All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinion.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Polished by Leanne 'Liquid Gold' Swatch and Review

 Over the next few days I am going to show you 4 polishes from Polished by Leanne

I found Leanne through Instagram, she only recently started in the Indie polish world and has kindly sent me some polishes to try out and swatch. I'm always super excited to try out indie's, they seem to have more artistic freedom with polishes.

First up of these pretties is Liquid Gold, a gold polish with a hint of gold glitter. Photos show 2 coats.

Without topcoat

It applies smoothly, dries quickly and finishes semi matte like a gold foil/chrome polish. This would be a great one for those who like textured and unique polishes, because of the glitter, you get almost a textured, bubbly look. 

It reminds me of the bubbles in champagne or of actual molten gold with flakes of gold or bits that are still melting.
With one coat of Seche

Even with a coat of Seche and when it feels completely smooth, the glitter still gives this polish a textured look.

I had to google this just to double check I wasn't going crazy but I always remember honey being referred to as liquid gold when I was a child, and so I stamped this honeycomb pattern over the polish, it seemed like the perfect fit. I didn't add a topcoat because I really liked the matte stamp against the foil like polish.

It was a little stubborn to remove, both because of the gold foil like polish and the glitters which did hang around a bit.

This polish is available in the PolishedByLeanne store on Etsy and is £5 for a 10ml bottle (+£2.50 for postage).

Edit: I forgot to mention that all PolishedByLeanne polishes are 5 free and Vegan friendly.

Check out Leanne on Facebook and Instagram for more swatches of other polishes don't forget to check back tomorrow for another swatch.


This polish was sent to me for review and swatch purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

Monday, 25 May 2015

Boba Fett nails for Geek Pride Day/Star Wars Anniversary!

I have had these nails planned for today for months, you see today is Geek Pride Day but also Star Wars anniversary day and Towel day and Glorious 25 May, and so I wanted to do some more Star Wars nails because I always love the way they turn out. 

I wanted to stay away from the usual Star Wars mani's that everyone does, and then I saw this wallet on, this wallet was perfect and I knew I wanted my nails to be inspired by this, stitching and all.

I did get a little frustrated with the whole thing because I kept messing it up and having to start over again and it just wouldn't go right. I was using vinyls and striping tape to try and get straight lines but they just kept going wrong so I ended up free handing all of it. 

I still love it though and I love how my Mandalorian symbol turned out, I wish I hadn't done the red line across the nail on that finger but that is the only thing I would change. Even the little bit of black that smeared on the top corner of my thumb just adds that little bit extra to the whole thing.

How are you going to be geeking out today? A Star Wars marathon? A Terry Pratchett marathon or have you been carrying a towel around with you? Have you done any nails inspired by today?


Friday, 22 May 2015

Born Pretty 3D Triangle Studs

I've been feeling pretty lackadaisical for the last few days, this post should have gone up on Wednesday but I just couldn't bring myself to summon the energy to sort the photos and write the post, I know, I know, it doesn't take that much energy to type but I think I have used up all my spoons for this week. I refuse to allow myself to slide into another blog slump though and so here is the post on some Born Pretty Store triangle nail studs.

These triangular studs have kind of a ribbon, criss cross imprinted pattern across them and each stud is about 3/4mm in length.

I had a slightly different mani planned for these studs, only very slightly, but when I went to apply the studs I realised that they weren't going to sit flat across my nails, this might not be a problem for peoples with flat nails but for those of use with fairly curved nails, it can be somewhat of a niggly little issue. You can see on one of the studs on my thumb how the end is raised up, they sit just fine when pointing down/up the nail à la my ring and pinkie.

There are studs out there for all kinds of nail art, but gold studs of any shape or size still look best over a dark base in a kind of subtle rock chick style and that is kind of what I was trying to go for here. The base polish is OPI 4 In The Morning and the cross images are stamped from Born Pretty Store BP-L012 stamping plate using Models Own Rose Chrome.

I did apply Seche Vite to each nail and then I added OPI Matte Top Coat to the index and middle finger, it gave a great contrast and made the mani a little bit edgy but I couldn't for the life of me pick that up in the photos, so just imagine that it was awesome.

You can find these studs here for £1.21 ($1.85) for 50 studs. Don't forget as always to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off your basket amount.

Have you had a good week so far? What nails are you doing for the bank holiday/normal weekend?


The studs in this post were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Petulant in Pink- Born Pretty BP-L012 Stamping Plate

If ever there is an 'ahhhh moment' in a nail bloggers world, it's got to be the moment you peel the blue protective covering off a new stamping plate, amirite? It's definitely one of those super satisfying things in life but I honestly couldn't tell you why, you would just have to experience it for yourself.

New plates are great, not just because of that, but also because you get to come up with a design or even better, one or more pop into your head the instant you see it. When this Born Pretty Store large stamping plate arrived, I kind of knew what I want to do but wasn't sure on the colours and then, luckily, I grabbed Barry M Sugar Plum Gelly. The white is Barry M Cotton Gelly.

There are 20 images on the plate and most of them are full nails designs, I wouldn't count the 'hugs and kisses' or the heart monitor type squiggle as a full design. 

The images are a good size as they have been on other Born Pretty large stamping plates and even with my nails being quite long atm, there was still some excess. The depth of the design is just right and after scraping, there was a good amount of polish left to pick up the image. 

I stamped the full nail design straight onto my index and middle finger and I used the reverse stamping method for the fingers with Whatever on them. 

Whatever has to be one of my most used words throughout my life, especially in my teen years and as a mum it has become one of my most heard words next to fine, so along with the punky style image and the pink, I thought the name Petulant in Pink was perfect for this post and nail art.

The plate like all the other Born Pretty plates has a plastic backing to stop the sharp edges doing any damage to your fingers and surfaces. They are easy to clean up, I just used a cotton pad with a little nail polish remover on it.

You can find this plate here for £1.30 ($1.99) which is a bargain for a large stamping plate and don't forget that you can use my discount code CBAQ10 for 10% off your basket amount.

I'm still holding out hope that while Born Pretty are in their plate making phase that they will make a comic book themed plate or a Stargate themed plate. A Stargate themed plate would be awesome, if anyone wants to make one or some I would definitely buy them. A sci-fi movie/tv show plate set would be the ultimate awesome. What would you like to see on a stamping plate?


The stamping plate in this post was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

Friday, 15 May 2015

Born Pretty Store Emily Sweet Pink Nail Polish

Today I want to show this Emily polish from Born Pretty Store in Sweet Pink. I'm going to be honest straight away, I only wanted to try this polish because the bottle is adorable. 

These polishes are available in 4 different bottle designs; Emily, Sweet, Grace and Anna. There are 12 colours and each bottle design has 4 of those. I chose Emily 09 because both the bottle and colour seemed more me. (although it says colour 09 on, the bottle and box seem to indicate the colour is called Sweet Pink) 

The first thing that is noticeable about the polish is the smell. It is really strong, maybe not Kleancolor strong but it's pretty strong, which I was surprised about because on the item page, it does clearly state 'no smell'. On the box it also says scented but I am not sure if it is, other than the initial polish chemical whiff.

I found that it was really easy to grip the novelty lid but the brush is a little short, it didn't affect application and I don't think it will have a problem reaching the bottom of the bottle because the bottle itself is a little square, stumpy one.

It applied quite nicely really, I think it is a jelly and it has subtle holo dust, which in normally lighting, looks like a silver shimmer.

Dry time is pretty average, it no 60 seconds but it only takes a few minutes at most. It dries to a smooth semi matte finish. 

You can find this nail polish here for £5.63 ($8.64) along with the other designs. I'm not sure about the price, it does seem a tad high for this type of novelty polish, it is quite a pretty polish though, it's just a shame about the smell but then it would be cute to have one of each design.

As always, don't forget to use my discount code CBAQ10 for 10% off your entire basket amount.

What are you wearing on your nails this weekend?


The nail polish in this post was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.