Monday, 31 August 2015

BPS Review: Konad Yellow Stamping Polish

Did you know that Born Pretty Store sell Konad stamping polishes? No? Well, aren't you glad I told you. Most of you probably did know though, but today I am having a look at the Konad Yellow stamping polish from Born Pretty.

I use Konad Black and White stamping polishes and I love how great they work over both light and dark base colours, if anyone ever asks me for a recommendation I always recommend Konad.

But while Black and White stamping polishes always seem to be spot on, getting other colours to work seems to be the problem based on what I have seen and experienced, so I wanted to try a different, lighter colour and see how that faired in the stamping nail art game.

Ok, so over white/cream it works really well. It does look a little more mustardy yellow than it did in the bottle but the polish stamped strong and is opaque all over including in the finickity teeny tiny bits. Lets face it though, loads of regular polishes stamp really well over a white base coat but the real test is over black or darker colours.

And this one worked really well. Over the black it looks more like a green toned yellow but you can definitely tell what colour it is and it stands out well against the dark background. You can see that some bits do look a little patchy which most likely would have been less noticeable over white but all in all this polish is a winner.

For the stamped images I used Moyou Geek Plates 04 and 05.

If you would like to purchase the Konad Yellow stamping polish you can find it here for £4.95/$7.59 and if you would like to browse all the Konad stamping polishes then you can do that here and don't forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off when you shop at Born Pretty Store.

Have you got any favourite stamping polishes? 


Friday, 28 August 2015

Loot Crate Villains 2

This month's Loot Crate theme was their second ever sequel, Villains 2. The original Villains Crate from last year remain to this day one of the best, it was a great selection of items, not that tbh Loot Crate have ever really gone wrong with their curation. I am loving the lastest styles of the magazine covers but Loot Crate, please, please, please make these into mini posters available in the crates.

So lets have a look at this month's villainous haul.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

My-Dear Thermal Polish 007 from Born Pretty Store

I have never tried a thermal polish before, this is my first one and I lurve it. This is 007 from the My-Dear polish range at Born Pretty Store.

The formula for this is really nice and I was shocked at that because when this polish arrived, the lid wasn't tight and some polish had spilled out and hardened around the cap so I did worry that it might have affected the polish consistency but it was still beautiful and easy to apply, although it did take 3 coats to get rid of all patchiness.

It dried quickly and finished to a smooth and shiny finish. All photos show 3 coats with one coat of Seche Vite, which did not affect the thermal colour change.

In the bottle, in it's 'cold' state, it is a pretty, medium, lavender purple which has a nice blue tone to it. 

In it's 'hot' state, it becomes this gorgeous turquoise shade. 

There is water all over my nails for these 2 colour change photos because I used the dipping method to get these photos. Fun fact: it's a good idea to check the temperature of the warm/boiling freaking hot water before dipping your fingers in, this may prevent burnt fingers.

I really love the gradient effect it naturally had on my nails, turquoise where my nail was attached (body heat) and purple on the open end of my nails that are longer than my fingers. This is lazy nail art at it's absolute simplest and I love it.

Removal was easy and the polish came off the nail just like any other normal polish and although I saw no signs of stainage, I still recommend wearing a good base coat with this polish.

You can find the My-Dear Thermal Polish range here on Born Pretty Store for £3.91/$5.99. There are 8 colours currently available. 

Don't forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off your order amount.


Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Yu! Snacks from Poundland

I am, without a doubt, a massive fan of snacks, but with the fact that I am about to hit the big 30 in less than a year and with my health problems, I have been trying to switch up my snackage for healthier version and tbh, this hasn't always been successful or easy. These healthier versions of snack foods can be quite pricey in comparison and sometimes they reel you in with with awesomely cheap trial prices, get you hooked and then once the trial ends it's like 'HOW MUCH?'.

I spotted these Yu! snacks in Poundland about 2 weeks ago and I decided to give them a go for both me and Ki. Each bag contains 5 smaller bags. The banana and raspberry in this post are 20g bags and the granola is 22g.

The first ones I tried were the Banana pieces in yoghurt. OMG!  (´ཀ`)  (this is supposed to be my drooling emoji) they were lush. Ok, so they don't look like the most appetising thing in the world, but the texture is nice, the flavours are all perfect and the 20g packet size is really quite satisfying. I honestly felt food content.

So then I tried the Granola and Mango clusters in yoghurt and it was just another really satisfying snack moment. The packet contains nicely sized granola clusters with little tiny pieces of dried mango and the whole cluster is covered in yoghurt. It's a good crunchy bite. 

At this point, these were the only ones we had bought, at the time it was all the had on the shelves, so a few days later I went back to stock up on these ones and that is when I spotted the raspberry pieces in yoghurt.

These ones are the same as the banana ones but with raspberry pieces instead and these ones are definitely my favourite. They have a little bit of a stronger flavour, I suspect that is because of the raspberry pieces themselves but noms were many.

They are all made with real fruit and real yoghurt and contain no artificial colours which (I am no expert on reading or understanding nutritional info so I put up packet photos for you to see, click to make it larger) I'm pretty sure means they are quite healthy.

But the flavour and the healthy snack factor aren't the best part, Oh no! Now I know that Poundland have been getting more and more brands into their stores but I have never heard of Yu! before and so I had no idea they were a proper brand in the sense that they were in supermarkets and stuff. So I did a quick search around for similar products and price ranges and I found Yu! snacks on Tesco and Waitrose, they didn't have these exact flavours but they did have Strawberry pieces in yogurt for the same pack size at £2.20 (although Tesco have now changed to £1.50). 

That is a massive saving and the dates on them aren't bad so I might have a little stock up on them just in case Poundland stop doing them. Ki loves them too and it's a great healthy treat for him to have at lunchtimes or for a mid afternoon snack.

I am always looking out for great gaming snacks too and these were great in the portioning and the fact that you can just grab one quickly from the packet on load screens or when you are waiting to respawn although I did get a little bit of yoghurt residue on the analog so they aren't the perfect snack for gamers so we'll keep looking on that front.

What are your favourite gaming snacks or if you are a mum/dad would you use these as a snack for your babbers?


Monday, 24 August 2015

I am Aquaman, King of the seven seas!

I made my first ever purchase from Danglefoot Nail Polish a few weeks ago because I literally couldn't physically resist the gorgeous holo's that Hayley released for her Once Upon a Time collection. I only managed to grab the True of Heart (Orange) and Cast a Spell (Yellow) but boy are they gorgeous.

I haven't managed to swatch them yet because every time I go to do it, the sun disappears and I really want to capture that holo goodness in all its glory. They arrived at the same time as the HeHe stamping plate I bought with the mermaid design and once I saw that beautiful orange I wanted to do an Aquaman inspired mani, and here it is.

I used Danglefoot Nail Polish True of Heart for the orange and stamped over it using HeHe stamping plate 005 and Konad Black, Barry M Spring Green for the green and I also stamped it on top of itself using HeHe 005 to give a really subtle mermaid scale look to the green.

For the belt (which I really wish I had done a little smaller) I used Barry M Speedy On Your Marks and Barry M Black for the outline. 

It was easy to do this quickly and is a fun and quick nerdy mani. 
What superhero would you want on your nails? 
Oh, don't forget to enter my nails and nerdisms giveaway there are only 2 days left.


Friday, 21 August 2015

Batman 'The Dark Knight' Headphones

I am far from a qualified technology expert or reviewer but I wanted to share these awesome Batman Headphones with you.

I first saw these when we went on a family day out and popped into Smyths toy shop. I love me some Batman, anything Batman and I'm attracted to it like a pig to truffles and I loved the look of the pattern on the headband too. I wanted them so bad, but, I didn't want to get them and then find that they were really crappy sound quality. So I left the store and the further away form the store we got, the more I regretted not buying them.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Beach Nails Using Born Pretty Shell and Starfish Embellishments

These are some of the cutest embellishments I have seen from Born Pretty Store and I like that each one comes in both gold and silver colours.

This was the first mani I had in mind when I received them, I do love a good mermaid mani but I'm still playing around with colour combos. This one is Freckles Polish Shellsuit Superstar stamped with the mermaid scales from hehe stamping plate 005 and Konad white. 

I used the small silver shells for this and the white scales were a nice change because I have used black for the scales on all of my other mermaid mani's and it was pretty but it didn't wow me enough. 

So I started on my second mani idea. I have seen beach nail art everywhere this summer and they are all stunning so I wanted to try my own version especially since I had these pretty shells to add to it. 

It turned out AWESOME! I love this mani so much, I have been wearing it for nearly 5 days now and I don't want to take it off and to make it even better, it has held up really well, there is no tip wear at all.

I have lots of photos of it because gah!

The polish I used for the sand is Barry M Majesty and is one of their textured range. For the water I used OPI I Can Teal You Like Me from their sheer tints range. I built it up in different places to give a multi shade/depth look to it which also created some bubbles that added to the water effect. 

I then stamped using a wave image from Bundle Monster BM-509 and added another coat of OPI I Can Teal You Like Me.

On the sand/water middle nail, I only dabbed the OPI polish on over the sandy bit to give the illusion of a wave coming up onto the sand.

When I added the embellishments, I just pushed them into the wet textured polish, I pushed down quite firmly to ensure they were going to stay and luckily, because the polish is textured, it made any dents and fingerprints pretty much invisible.

The embellishments stayed on there really well. Ok, so I haven't actually done any hard labour, or the dishes or anything along those lines but I do move a lot in my sleep, especially my arms and hands and I have had several hot baths. 

When it came to removing them, I just used a small dotting tool, pushed it under an edge and popped it right off, With a little clean on the back, they can be used again.

If you would like some beachy fingertips then you can find these embellishment here for £2.53/$3.88. You get 80 pieces altogether which makes this a great price but you can get 10% off by using my code CBAQ10 at checkout.

I'm pretty happy that summer is going to be coming to an end but I'm weird so are you ready to let summer go yet?


Wednesday, 19 August 2015

3rd Blogiversary Nails and Nerdisms Giveaway

Hello my lovelies!
 As promised, today is the start of my 3rd Blogiversary giveaway. It's not huge but it is all stuff that I have bought myself for the giveaway and it is all stuff that I have/like/would use. I have quite a few bits of the jewellery and I love that it is nerdy and girly all at the same time and dainty enough to wear at work or similar situations when you need to have muted jewellery but still want to show your nerd pride. I have a set of the Freckles Polish customs too and you can see swatches of those here.

There is one prize pack and it includes, 
3 Freckles Polish customs
Born pretty Store BPL-025
Born Pretty Store BP-06
Born Pretty Store BP-49
HeHe 043 stamping plate
Gold toned Batman bracelet
Silver coloured Batman ring
Silver coloured Bat Symbol earrings
Gold toned Batman cowl earrings
Silver coloured Space Invader necklace
Gold toned Pacman earrings
Gold toned Pacman ring
Silver Spiderman Inspired web ring 

Important, please read!

This giveaway is open internationally, however, because of UK postal regulations, I am unable to post nail polish outside of the UK so if an international winner is chosen, they will be sent everything thing else in the giveaway except the nail polishes and a 2nd UK resident will be chosen to win the Freckles Polish customs.

The giveaway will run until end of Wednesday next week (26th August GMT) and a winner will be randomly chosen within a few days.

Good luck everybody :)x

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Freckles Polish Customs for my 3rd Blogiversary

July 16th marked the 3rd year of my little blog here. Although I have often struggled to keep up with my blog, it has done it's job at keeping me sane over the last few years. Don't worry, there are plenty more years of keeping me sane to come, but I wanted to do something to mark the occasion. 

So I contacted Julieann from Freckles Polish and I asked her if she could make 3 polishes for me, of course she could, she's a polish genius. I gave her my ideas and had all the names picked out already and Julieann went to work.

Within a couple of days they were ready and I was excited, she sent me a swatch picture of them and I got very very excited, they looked exactly like I imagined them.

All The Feels is the first up. I wanted a polish based on Batman because Batman is bae, always! 
All The Feels is a dark grey crelly with yellow and white multi sized matte glitters and large round holo glitters.

Photo shows 2 coats with no topcoat. 

This beauty is Nerdgasm

Nerdgasm is a white crelly with matte, multi sized hex glitters in yellow, red and blue.

I wanted this combination because the colours remind me of colours that prominent in comic books and because I love white crelly glitter polishes.

This is 2 coats with one coat of Seche.

The final polish of the 3 is +10 Kapow.

+10 Kapow is a glitter topper with matte black and white, multi sized, hex and square glitter and holo shimmer.

This is one coat of +10 Kapow over 2 coats of Ciate Sugar Plum, no topcoat.

+10 Kapow is definitely my favourite of the 3 and Julieann did an amazing job, I highly recommend her if you are looking for a specific type of polish that you can't find anywhere else, you can contact her on her Etsy page here. The customs are full sized 10ml bottles and cost £6.50 each.

I can't celebrate my blogiversary on my own though and so I bought 2 sets of these polishes, that means that I have a brand new spare set of these lovelies and I am going to be giving them away as part of my blogiversary giveaway coming up in a few days, you should keep an eye out for it!


Monday, 17 August 2015

Arcade Block July 2015

Still on a catching up binge here, and this is the very late Arcade Block for July. I can't remember what the theme was for this one and it doesn't seem to say anywhere, although I can't remember if Arcade Blocks even have a monthly theme.

So anywhoo, here is the stuffs we got:

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Infinity Crate: Time and Space

I'm going to jump straight into this post today because I am so behind with the nerdy boxes and the August boxes are going to be out soon. So without any further ado, here is the July Infinity Crate with the theme of Time and Space.

Friday, 14 August 2015

PolishedByLeanne Wedding Day Collection

Leanne of PolishedByLeanne is getting married in September (Yay, congrats) and she is releasing a beautiful collection of polishes inspired by her wedding colours. Leanne has been teasing the polishes for a few months now and I have been really excited to see them and she has kindly sent me 2 polishes to try out.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Goodbye Pixel, My Beautiful Little Weirdo

I had a very different post planned for today, I had sat down at the laptop to edit photos for my next nail post, when my heart was snapped in two.

Pixel, my gorgeous furbaby, passed away, he was not sick, he was not injured, there was, on the surface, absolutely nothing wrong with him, he was perfectly healthy, but today he suddenly flipped back, seized for less than a minute and then he was gone, taking a massive part of my heart with him. I will never know what took him from me, because we cannot afford the autopsy.

He has been cremated now, and even more depressingly, we could not afford anything but the bare minimum, so we do not have his ashes and I cringe every time I think about the fact that he was just cremated in a pile of other cats and dogs, it makes me feel like my love for him had been lessened to a monetary value and that I cheapened every moment we had together. 

Some people out there won't understand my pain today but many of you will have felt this devastation. They are not just animals, we take them into our lives, we love and care for them, they reciprocate that love, they become members of your family and therefore, a big part of your heart.

We brought Pixel into our lives in June 2009, he was awesome and scatty and just the perfect amount of weird for us. 3 months later, I fell really ill. Even though we didn't know it at the time it was the start of my spoonie struggle and it was also the start of Pixel's life as my shadow and best friend. 

Wherever he was, whatever he was doing, if I cried out in pain he would suddenly appear out of nowhere, he would sit next to me and start meowing loudly, we never quite worked out if he was trying to keep me awake, trying to comfort me or trying to call Jim in to sort me out. 

Since that day, he has been by my side every day, cuddling me, loving me, protecting me, sharing his special brand of crazy with me and I honestly don't know what I'm going to do without him. I keep thinking I can hear him rummaging around or see him in the corner of my eye doing something he shouldn't be doing and every time I look over to the spot where it happened, my heart breaks all over again. 

So after all that Pixel has given to me, I decided that I needed to tell the world how much I loved him and how much it hurts that he won't be there to curl up and watch tv with me tonight and that I will never hear him growl when someone knocks the door every again and that I can't go to him for rabbit kicks when I'm feeling sad anymore.

Goodbye my beautiful little weirdo, you were perfect in every way.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Loot Crate: Heroes 2!

The July Loot Crate theme was Heroes 2! Yes, 2! This is Loot Crate's first ever sequel and when I heard it was coming I nearly squeeeed everywhere. The Heroes Crate from last year is still hands down, one of the best crates ever, so how could anyone not be excited?

Well, Heroes 2 definitely did not disappoint, me anyway, lets see if you agree.