Sunday, 18 October 2015

Born Pretty Store 4cm Squishy Stamper + Doctor Who Nails

It is all about the battle of the stampers now isn't it? Most of us nail fanatics have spent years trying to find the perfect stampers to achieve that perfect stamped nail art, luckily for us, everyone seems to be on a mission to improve their stampers and make them the best they can. I first experienced the new stamper style with the Creative Shop Stamper and now Born Pretty Store have their very own versions.

I chose the red version although I am fairly certain that both colours are exactly the same anyway. The stamper head is 4 cm in diameter and comes with a hollow metal holder/handle that measures about 4.5 cm in length. The stamper is very squishy but not sticky like others on the market although I'm not sure if this is just me but it feels a little bit oily. 

I didn't have to prime it at all on my first use, it lifted the full image without any flaws. To put the image onto my nails for this mani I used the roll method, now I am not sure if it was the stamper, me or a combination of both but the lines of the image came out kind of wobbly, wibbly wobbly you might say.

As you might have realised, I am comparing it to the Creative Shop Stamper a little because it makes sense to base my review on the only similar stamper I have. The handles are pretty much the same width, with the Born Pretty one being slightly longer.

The stamper heads are the same size too, in this photo you can sort of see the difference in the heads, the Creative Shop Stamper head has a matte type finish because of the sticky aspect to it whereas the Born Pretty Store stamper is quite shiny. There is a bit of a defect on mine, a black dot with a small chip missing from it, it hasn't affected the actually stamping though, you can see from the above photos that the stamped image is over the defect and is intact.

You also get a Born Pretty scraper which is very similar to the Creative Shop scraper too. Although smaller, it is transparent with the Born Pretty text in black and is very flexible. I don't use these scrapers because I find them way too bendy and I stick to using old gift cards and things which are a much thicker plastic and easier to get a good scrape.

When I first used the Creative Shop stamper, I double stamped using Moyou Geek Collection plate 05 and the Galifreyan stamp was one of the ones I used. Of course, at the time, not being a fan of Doctor Who myself I had no idea what this pattern was, I referred to is as steampunky cogs. Now I know what it is, and the fact that it is a perfect image for testing a stamper out, I decided to do Doctor Who nail art for the potential Whovians that read my blog. I freehanded the DW symbol using Barry M white nail art pen and the base polish is the beautiful A-England Order of the Garter.

I hope I have done The Doctor justice.

The stamper is great quality and a fantastic price, you can buy it here for £3.91/$5.99. Don't forget that Born Pretty are also celebrating their 5th anniversary and for the next few days stamping plates are on sale, some as low as 65p/99c, you can check out that sale here. Although my discount code does not work for discounted items, you can still use code CBAQ10 for 10% off non discounted items.

Did you manage to get a hold of any of the penny items? I'm off to scour the stamping plate section now to see what plates I can grab for cheap.


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