Saturday, 2 January 2016

Loot Crate: Galaxy

The December Loot Crate theme was Galaxy and you know I got excited about that theme, anything from, in and around space and I'm in, I'm sci-fi yo! With the added excited of their being Star Wars items in there, it made the extra long wait over the Christmas period almost unbearable, but it arrived on 31st December and was well worth the wait.

Galaxy Pin Badge (Loot Crate Labs)

'We decided to commemorate Galaxy with this special metallic gold button. Next month, we raise the bar even higher. The countdown to the launch has begun.'

Damn right they're raising the bar! From now on, the collectible pin badges will be enamel, I'm fairly certain it's not natural to be this excited about pin badges but I can't wait to see them! The only slight bug is that I have 23 of the buttons now! I only wish I had got 24 even, so if anyone has the pin badge for January 2014 just lying around, help a poor girl out, it must be even, IT MUST BE! 

EXCLUSIVE Han Solo Vinyl Bobble-Head (Funko)

'We want to send off the year with loot of galactic proportions, so this was an easy choice. Knowing Looters deserved an exclusive collectible, we chose a beloved Star Wars icon and cloaked him in warm snow gear suitable for a long, cold night on Hoth. You won't find this Funko in any other crate nor galaxy for that matter!'

HOLY FRAK! I. LOVE. HIM! It's a Funko, It's Han Solo and it's an exclusive, what is not to love?

EXCLUSIVE Ugly Holiday Sweater Tee (Loot Crate Labs)

'2015 was a banner year for intergalactic exploration & discovery as NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew within 8000 miles of Pluto. And with December's rash of Holiday parties filling up our calendar's, we figured a new seasonal tee was on everyone's wish list. So, wasting no time, we called our buddy, artist Drew Wise, and he designed our whimsical 8-bit mashup of historical space vehicles. Roll out the red carpet, 'cuz we're thinking it might land you on a best dressed list or two'

Gah! It's a bit of a pain that this arrived after Christmas and there is the whole debate of whether you can wear a Christmas tee all year round. I would, I probably will tbh. It's way too awesome to be hidden away all year round. I dunno, we'll see, I have a lot of t-shirts so we'll just have to wait and see. Speaking of Intergalactic exploration, have you seen that NASA have revealed their plans for a space craft to take people to Mars? So cool!

EXCLUSIVE Galaxy Quest Authentic Prop Replica Patch (Quantum Mechanix)

'What do you call a Star Trek movie that's not a Star Trek movie? Why Galaxy Quest of course! Ranked as one of the best Star Trek movies in (or in this case, out of) the franchise, we celebrate its fandom with an authentic prop replica patch like this one featured on the film's command uniforms. And as 2015 draws to a close, we eagerly look forward to the rumoured debut of the film's spin-off in the year ahead. Looters rejoice!'

If you haven't watched Galaxy Quest then go watch it now and while you watch it, I'll try and find the perfect tee/jacket to put this patch on!

EXCLUSIVE Star Wars BB-8 Crew Socks (Hyp Hosiery)

'We've stuffed our December crate with care, and by care, we mean an awesome pair of warm new socks. A breakout fan favourite months before Episode VII even screened, we chose BB-8 to be our droid of the year by having him grace this colourful pair of unisex socks.'

These socks are so funky, I haven't worn them yet, so I can't comment on how warm they are but I really love these. 

EXCLUSIVE Halo 5 Ammo Tin Box (A Crowded Coop)

'A tin by any other name would not be as cool as this one. Decorative as well as functional, its look is inspired by the UNSC ammo crate tins used by Spartan soldiers in the Halo gaming franchise. Perfect for storing your gear or grub, it features a hinged top and military style clasp'

This tin is awesome and it's quite a size, all of this month's loot except the tee was in this tin. It would make a fantastic lunch box and you could easily fit a 500ml bottle stood up in here with the rest of your lunch. The entire tin is really good quality but the design is spot on with a good sturdy handle and clasp.

Halo 5: Guardians REQ Pack (343 Industries)

'Halo 5's new REQ System allows you to earn or buy REQ packs, which contain virtual trading cards that grant you cool stuff, like cosmetic armour changes, weapons and even vehicles. What's in our REQ packs? You won't know until you open it! Surprise!

Jim used this, of course, he got some boosts and a random weapon REQ. I can't say much else about this. Getting in game stuff is always good though.

I was really, really happy with the December crate, the definitely finished off the year in style. Most of this month's items were exclusives and so getting the value is tough but as you very well know, in my opinion, the Funko and tee alone are worth the price we pay. 

As you may have gather from my ramblings at the beginning of this post, the January Loot Crate will be my 24th and will mark 2 full years as a subscriber and I am super excited about the new things Loot Crate are doing this year, they have already announced that each Loot Crate will now contain a t-shirt and the badges will now be enamel, both of which make my inner nerd squee and my outer nerd drool in anticipation and to start of the year, the theme is INVASION, which will have a Fifth Element item and that makes me happy, happy, happy. 

What did you think of the December crate? If you haven't already signed up but you really want to, then click here, you have until 19th to do it so you don't miss out. Don't forget to keep an eye out for my post on the December LVLUP Accessories items.


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