Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Danglefoot Nail Polish Night Unfurls It's Splendour and Pixelated Wishes

I bought these gorgeous polishes a while back with some Christmas money, both had been on my wishlist for ages and I was so chuffed to finally get them.

Night Unfurls It's Splendour is a gorgeous a medium to dark grey jelly packed full of blue and silver glitters. I adore grey polishes and Hayley (of Danglefoot Nail Polish) told me once told me that it reminded her of British weather which made it even more perfect.

You can kind of see here that the blue glitters sometimes give off greenish colours but the polish really does look like rain in a storm.

My photography skills are seriously diminished atm so everything is blurry or just plain crap, I am also getting the urge for a new camera and I definitely need a decent tripod but here is my attempt at a bottle macro for this gorgeous polish.

Next up is Pixelated Wishes.

This polish was just so unique when I saw it, it is a dark purple jelly packed with emerald green glitters and a holo shimmer. I failed completely at capturing how gorgeous this polish really is.

You can kind of see the green glitters peeking out in this shot.

But you can really see them in this bottle macro. It really is gorgeous and I recommend it if you like darker colour but with something unique or a splash of colour.

Both polishes applied nicely and were perfect in 2 coats. Clean up was easy as pie and there was no staining from either. All photos show with 1 coat of Seche.

I will have quite a few Danglefoot Nail Polishes to swatch over the next few weeks so stay tuned. You can find Danglefoot Nail Polishes on Etsy here.


Monday, 28 March 2016

Game On Nails

I'm back bitches! And I of course mean bitches in the most endearing way possible. I just wanted to say a massive thank you to all the lovelies that kept my spirits up when I was feeling low, you are all awesome!

I managed to do my nails, yay. I never realised how incredibly tiring this task is. This pretty simple mani caused a whole heap of ick, but honestly it was worth it and I think it turned out pretty cute. Nails and gaming are 2 of my very favourite things and I also managed to play a bit of Diablo 3 the other night so I'm getting there.

For the mani I used Barry M Cotton for the base, Barry M Chai for the full nail stamps, Konad Black for the Playstation style controller and Game On, and Born Pretty Store Green stamping polish for the power button on the pinkie.

For all the stamped images I used the UberChic Geek Love 01 stamping plate which I got from SheSellsSeashells and my Born Pretty clear stamper (godsend). You can tell on the game on writing that I got a twitch right when I was placing it, argh, so annoying. Then I topped it all off with a coat of Seche and a coat of OPI matte topcoat.

I had to have props for the photos obviously! Can't let mini controllers and consoles to go to waste.

I based this on this actual wallpaper which is awesome and I would definitely have if I had a games room. The middle finger is so blatantly a Playstation controller and the green power button on my pinkie is a nod to Xbox. 

I have so much that I want to catch up on and I am going to try my best to do it over the next few weeks.


Thursday, 24 March 2016

Guest Post from PolishedByLeanne- Galaxy Nails

Tonight I have another guest post for you, this time from another of my favourite people on the internet and a very good friend, Leanne from PolishedByLeanne. You might recognise her name as one of the indie polish brands that was featured on the blog quite a lot last year. Although Leanne gave up her polish making days, she now has her own beauty blog that features lots of things from polish swatches to moisturisers and puffy eye soothers.

Leanne has never done galaxy nail art and I love galaxy nails so much, so, for this guest post, I challenged her to do galaxy nails for the first time ever. She used some pretty polishes and they turned out fab so I hope to see more nail art from Leanne in the future.

Where to find PolishedByLeanne: Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hey everyone! I am super honoured to guest blog for the lovely, talented Chrissie! She recently set me a challenge of Galaxy nails, something I have never tried before as my nailart skills are quite .... amateur! Haha! But it has been so fun playing around, and I think I've done ok? 

First of all, here is a list of products used to create this look:
• Models Own - hypergel - Inky Blue
• China Glaze - White on White
• Nails Inc - SouthWalk
• Mrs.Cross nail shop - Blue Nog
• Nails Inc - Electric Lane 
• Seche Vite - topcoat
• Nail envy - basecoat
• Sponge
• Toothpick
• Tweezers
• UberChic mat

I first watched a tutorial on YouTube for guidance -

Then proceeded to use my nail envy base coat, then applied two coats of the Inky Blue by Models Own. Next, I cut three corners off a sponge and dabbed carefully some White on White where I wanted my 'Galaxy' to be. I used my tweezers to hold the sponge for easier application.
Next I selected my lighter blue, SouthWalk, and dabbed this on around the White. As advised in the tutorial - less is more! Once I was happy, I chose my very light blue, Blue Nog and used the same process.

It all sounds so simple, and the tutorial made it look so easy, but my gosh my hand was shaking haha!
Next I applied one very thin coat of Electric Lane for the twinkly stars, then used my toothpick to dot on some white dots for brighter stars.

Once these steps were finished, I sealed it all in with my Seche Vite topcoat.

What do you guys think? Not bad for a first try? 
Thank you Chrissie so much for the opportunity to guest on your blog, and for giving me something new to try. 

Lots of love, Leanne Xx

Monday, 21 March 2016

Guest Post From Marginailia- Elder Scrolls Nails

I am still fervently recuperating from my relapse and it has been taking a lot longer than I had hoped/wanted it to but I have had the course of high dose steroids and I think the relapse has finished but it may take some time to recover or the damage that has been done won't go away, in which case, yay?

Anywhooo! I always feel guilty when my blog is left with nothing happening on it so I had the bright idea of asking if anyone would like to do a nerdy guest post and the lovely Michelle from Marginailia said yes! I love Michelle's nail art and her nail shape is on point so I was super excited, I mean look at these: Love is a 2 player game nails!

Where to find Marginailia: Blog | Instagram | Youtube

Now read on for some awesomeness!

Sometimes there's no greater joy than being a fan of something. Something really, really great (I mean, of course you think it's great - you're a fan! But you get the idea). So when asked what I fangirl over, I didn't need long to come up with The Elder Scrolls.

I first discovered the fantasy computer games of TES, and all their dark, twisted, and fabulous lore at the tender age of 9. I tried my cousin's copy of Battlespire, which ran on Windows 95. I was terrible at it. Just rubbish. The mechanics completely escaped me, but the impression was lasting - I always wanted to play fantasy games after that. Skip ahead a few years and The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was winning awards all over the place. When I finally bought it, I remember lustily flipping through the manual at the mall food court (hey guys, remember printed manuals in physical game boxes, and buying games at the mall?). I came home, rolled a Dunmer, and never looked back.

I joke that "I grew up in Tamriel." It's not far off.

So today I tried my hand at an Elder Scrolls tribute mani! There are loads of TES games out there, including a successful MMORPG. These nails celebrate what's dear to my heart: Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

I did these designs using acrylic paint, and accented it with a charcoal grey foil metallic polish to make it look like old glinting metal. It helps to paint over a black base with fast drying topcoat over it. If you're topcoated, it'll be easy to rub off the acrylic paint if you make a mistake.

To start off, we have the moon-and-star symbol of the Nerevarine (a prophesied saviour of sorts, whose shoes the player fills) from Morrowind. My middle finger features the symbol for a Oblivion, a maddening hellscape that is the title feature of the fourth game. Finally, the iconic Imperial dragon is on my ring finger, representing Skyrim. This is the fifth instalment and it probably the most well-known of the TES games. It's five years old now, but still holds up well.

For the other nails, I created simple water-spotted designs. It fits the aesthetic and doesn't detract from the decorated nails.

Keychain not nerdy enough? How 'bout I pose with my keychain AND my map of Vvardenfell?

Okay, I'm having too much fun with these. Whether you're an Elder Scrolls fan or not, I hope you enjoyed this mani. Big thanks to Chrissie for her invitation to guest post!


Sunday, 6 March 2016

I'm Not OK...

...But that's ok!

Over the last few weeks I have been battling through one of the most difficult times I have ever encountered in my life. About 5 weeks ago I started a new Multiple Sclerosis relapse, which, although difficult at the time, was nowhere near as bad as it was going to get both mentally and physically. As the days of February went on, things slowly and gradually started to hurt more and work less and as we approached easily one of the most stressful things I have ever had to deal with, my PIP Tribunal (the stress of which I honestly believe triggered the severity of this relapse) my legs worked less and less and mentally, it was all getting to me a hell of a lot more than I was letting on.

On the 22nd February we left by taxi to get to the train station, the walk to the platform was agonising, my crutches made everything worse pain wise but saved me, just barely from falling when I lost balance. Then came the climb onto the train, it didn't go well, I fell on, hurting my ankle, my knee and my forearm, not to mention bruising me ego beyond repair, the tears started flowing and now I was even more worried about how the day was going to go, how could I concentrate on their questions and my answers when I was in so much pain and such a panic? It got even worse when we got off the train and started the walk round the corner to the Law Courts, the 9 minute walk took us 45 minutes and about halfway there I started passing out and I cried basically the entire walk, at this point I was so angry that I was being forced into this painful and distressing situation to prove that I was really disabled. I'd spent the last 4 years trying to prove to doctors that something was wrong with me and now that I had the medical proof I was having to prove it to the welfare system too. We just made it to the court on time and I struggled through it all but we did it, we won and a wave of relief flowed through me and even though the journey home was just as horrifying and painful, the relief of it being over made it easier to deal with.

At this point, I was stupid enough to believe that the stress was gone (it wasn't) and that the relapse would taper off (it didn't). 2 days later, I woke up and my legs wouldn't work at all, I couldn't lift my legs slightly or even wiggle my toes, my arms and hands just barely worked and when it came to my right arm it really was just barely, I couldn't feel anything from the chest down, not even pressure and I was so wobbly, off balance and uncoordinated, even when lying down. My depression and anxiety quickly spiralled. I couldn't do anything at all, I couldn't hold my phone or use the mouse or keyboard on the computer, I just lay there staring at the ceiling. I didn't know what to do, I was sure I wasn't supposed to go to the hospital and I wasn't sure if this warranted steroids. 

Until a few days ago, when my depression went lower than I have ever felt it before and this girl, who generally has a fear of dying and gets Death Anxiety, was screaming out, begging for it all to end! In that moment I honestly wanted to die, I felt that I wasn't strong enough to fight through this, to live with this inability to move or do anything for myself, I felt like a useless example of a human being and a burden to my partner and son and at this point in thought I genuinely scared myself, which is good because I honestly think I scared myself straight (ish) I called me GP and my neuro nurse and advised them that I wanted Steroids (my first time) and here I am on my third day typing this post, it's hurting and it's difficult and I don't know if the steroids are or will make a difference to any of it because my legs still aren't working and I am still super wobbly but I'll get through it. No one walked out and left me even though I honestly thought they would. Jim has been my absolute rock through this, he really stepped up and I really don't know where I would be if I didn't have him right now! Hopefully once I have some aids around the home I should have a little more independence and I might even be sporting a wheelchair soon, fingers crossed my PIP is actually sorted in the near future so I can sort out these things and hopefully in the next few weeks we'll see if reducing the inflammation with the steroids changes anything or if this is permanent damage. I'm in fighter mode now and I am refusing to let this disease beat me, I'm 30 in a month and I still haven't left enough of my weird mark on this world so I can't give up yet!

This is just an update on where I am, why no nails or blog posts at all or even any social media activity and a thank you to those people who noticed I was missing and checked in with me, it meant so much to me!


"Courage and strength is not the absence of fear - it's refusing to assume the role of a victim" - Anne Wafula Strike