Saturday, 30 April 2016

Nerd Block/ Geek & Sundry Tabletop Block

When Nerd Block announced that they were doing a one off, limited block in collaboration with Geek&Sundry I almost squeed with pleasure ;) I was in there straight away, no fluffing, I was so excited for this and was willing to pay the higher price than regular blocks because I love Felicia Day and Geek&Sundry and I had really high expectations. 

Annoyingly, after I paid, not a single member of staff at Nerd Block could or was willing to let me know around about what date the block would ship. They just kept telling me that I would get an email when it had shipped, which is awesome but not what I asked. I just wanted to know if they would ship the block giving enough time for it to arrive with me in the UK before Tabletop Day, but no, they had no answers, which was quite disappointing.

The block arrived today, on Tabletop Day, at 1:30pm and when I say arrived, I mean we got a card from the postman saying they couldn't deliver it because there was a Customs charge to pay of £13.42. WHAT??!?!! Dammit, I completely forgot about the Customs on this. That brought the total I had paid for this block to £53.41. So Jim rushed to pick it up before the depot shut at 2 and I sat here hoping that the items in the block were worth the money I had paid. Lets see what you think...

Felicia Day "Embrace Your Weird" Pencils

I adore Felicia, I really do and I celebrate my weird all the time, it is something I am instilling in Kian but pencils? Really? Surely these will just be extra filler items.

Geek&Sundry Bumper Sticker

Another filler item, I like stickers, I don't have a car but I have other things I can stick it to.

Wil Wheaton's D6

This is a novelty, collectible item as it has 1 on every side, a reference to Wil's inability to get good rolls. 

Geek&Sundry Character Tokens

I actually really like these. It's a good quality little pouch with the Geek&Sundry branding, the coins have a little bit of weight behind them. My only criticism would be that they should have made each token a different colour.

Tabletop Day Geek&Sundry Playing Cards

Regular playing cards. 

No Survivors Flip Notepad

This one I like too. A nice quality notepad for keeping track of stats and score. 

Dungeons and Dragons Shadows of the Vampire Comic (Variant Cover)

You know I like comics with variant covers.

MTG Legacy Collection Figure: Chandra Nalaar

This is kind of cool and even though it is Magic the Gathering, it doesn't really relate to the box theme. I would have happily taken one or two MTG booster packs over this. Not to mention that not everyone is a Magic player and something playable would have been better than this figure for most people.

International Table Top Day 2016 T-Shirt

I'm a t-shirt girl, I like t-shirts and this one is ok but they could have been a bit more imaginative with this. I would have loved a Critical Role tee. It looks like a Unisex tee to me although I can't remember what the sizes were and of course, I can't check on my Nerd Block account. But it fits, so you know.

Altogether there were 9 items in this block, at least 5 of the them felt, to me, like something you would get in a free goodie bag if you were to go to an event or something, they definitely feel like swag items, 1 of them (the MTG figure) was a bad choice for the block. I really would have liked there to be something playable, apart from the playing cards. I normally don't like to post bad reviews of stuff on the blog but I had to post this. I was really disappointed, it was badly curated and I get better value in monthly subs that cost half of what I paid for this and that I don't have to pay Customs charges on because the price is not over the threshold. I honestly expected better from the Geek&Sundry name. I'm now stressing about the fact that it cost so much in the end and wasn't worth it. What do you think about the overall block?


Friday, 29 April 2016

Captain America: Civil War Nails

I had told myself that I wouldn't attempt any nail art until I had gotten through the pile of polishes on my desk, but it's Civil War, you can't not get involved in Civil War. It's everywhere. Team Iron Man, Team Cap, everyone is picking sides, some are refusing to pick a side an are basically Team Iron Cap, haha I'm so good.

What side am I on? Team Iron Man, of course! If you don't know anything about Civil War history, there is an awesome 'Everything you need to know about Civil War' video here on Nerdist.

As is the way with everything, even though I am Team Stark, my Captain America nail turned out awesome, I am super proud of it, it looks way better irl though, but I love that it looks like a decal on part or it. 

I did the Avengers A on my thumb because, well, you know, they are Avengers and Cap is the First Avenger so it works, in my head, it is also a reference to the 'So was I...' line in the trailer that hit me right in the feels. 

I used hēhē SuperHero 001 and 002 for this nail art, for the base colours I used the smoosh method with Ciate Red Hot Chilli and a blue Moyou stamping polish, the glitters are Barry M Gold Glitter and Barry M Silver Lights.

As with everything, it is highly unlikely that I will get to watch this movie in the Cinema but I am really looking forward to it. Are you going to see it? Are you Team Iron Man or Team Cap?


Thursday, 28 April 2016

Lady Queen BC10 Stamping Plate

Today I've got this plate from Lady Queen to show you. It's a very pretty lace themed plate with 14 full size images and 7 small/tip images.

I always struggle to come up with pretty ideas for lace image and most of the time it doesn't do the plate justice, so this time I went with some GLITTAH! Yes, I've said that this week already, but who cares? Lets glitter everything and make the world sparkly.

So I used KBShimmer fallen Angle as the base for my thumb and three fingers and Barry M Silver Lights on my pinkie, then I stamped using Moyou White Knight which is definitely my new favourite white stamping polish.

The designs are etched well and the pick up on the plate was awesome, you can see above that there are some pretty tiny lines in the design I picked and it picked them up no problem .

I really love having glitter peeking through.

You can find this plate here for £3.42/$5.32 and don't forget to always use my code LGGT15 for 15% off your order.


Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Lady Queen JQ-L17 Stamping Plate

I've got this funky plate from Lady Queen to show you today. It has 14 full sized images and 7 smaller 'tip' images. The plate is good quality and all the images are etches nicely with good pick up. We've seen some of the images before but there are some great images on there that you likely won't have on any of your other plates.

I had a plan in my head for how this mani would turn out, it didn't turn out like that, mainly because my green stamping polish is not so great at being green over darker colours, but I went with it all the same.

The base is Barry M Glitter Gelly Sparkling Ruby, gawd I hope they bring out more colours in this range and I hope to one day, photograph this polish in all it's glory, it really is a gorgeous polish. I stamped using Moyou Meadow Green and KBShimmer PT Young Thing and I now kind of wish I had stamped all the nails using PT Young Thing. Isn't it annoying when you want to like the finished product but you feel like you really just ended up with some pretty blah nail art.

If you would like this plate, you can find it here for £3.42/$5.32 and don't forget to use my code LGGT15 for 15% off your order.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Lady Queen Sailor Moon Stamping Plate

Today I have been playing around with this stamping plate from Lady Queen. This plate features images from Sailor Moon and is pretty freakin' awesome. I had an idea of what I originally wanted to do using this plate but it failed immensely and so many times that I just gave up on that idea and went for some sparkly. If in doubt, just add GLITTAH! 

For the base colour, which is a gorgeous pink, I used Barry M Dragon Fruit, the gorgeous glitter is Barry M Fairy Lights which I definitely don't use often enough and I stamped with Moyou White Knight and topped with 1 coat of Seche Vite.

I really love this photo, I love how the glitter looks like it is peeking out from the images at the bottom of the nail art.

You can find this plate here for £1.92/$2.99 and you can use my code LGGT15 for 15% off your order.


*This is not an official hehe stamping plate. You can find official ones on

Saturday, 23 April 2016

Born Pretty Store Feather Water Decals

Look how pretty these feather decals are. I love the colours. These water decals are from Born Pretty Store and you get about 50 decals (multiple of each design) that come on one sheet. 

The decals are individually cut making it easy to separate and place. The decal came off the backing easily after about 10-15 seconds in the water, it was easy to apply to the nail and stayed in place when I wanted it to. They make for some really pretty spring/summer nail art. I didn't like this whole mani at first mainly because it didn't turn out who I envisioned it, but it really grew on me and now I love it. I still wish my blobs of colour has been better but it's so pretty I don't care anymore.

I applied one coat of Seche on top and once dried, you could not see the edges of the decal and there was no curling or wrinkling. The decal held is bold colour and looked lovely and crisp on the nail.

These are available in 4 different colour varieties and you can find them here for £2.91/$4.14 and you can use my code CBAQ10 to get 10% off all non sale items.

For the rest of the mani I used Barry M Cotton for the base, OPI Tints Be Magentale with Me, Don't Violet Me Down, I Can Teal You Like Me for the colour blobs and a few little dry brushes of Danglefoot Nail Polish Geek out on each nail. For the stamp I used Bundle Monster BM-606 and Moyou Black Knight. All topped off with 1 coat of Seche.

What awesome things have you been doing so far this weekend?


Friday, 22 April 2016

Born Pretty Store Konad Flash Black Stamping Polish

My stamping polish collection is still pretty small and even though I have some good normal polishes that stamp well over light colours, I am always on the lookout for good, solid stamping polishes that work well over both light and dark polishes.

Born Pretty Store's range of Konad stamping polishes seem to do just that and today I have tried the Flash Black stamping polish. Base polish is the gorgeous Freckles Polish Blue Lagoon.

In the bottle, it looks like a sparkly midnight blue but when stamped it looks a super dark blue or even black. It stamped well and the stamped images were crisp and clear, it cleaned up well even with it being a darker shade .

You could probably even get away with wearing this as a normal polish. I was a little disappointed though because I was hoping the pretty sparkly dark blue that you can see here would show up when it was stamped nail art but alas, it did not.

Overall, it's a good solid stamping polish and you can find it here for £8.47/$12.06 and don't forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items, including this one.

What sort of shenanigans are you planning on getting up to this weekend? have you got your nails done ready? Whatever you're doing, have a good one.


Thursday, 21 April 2016

Born Pretty Store Peel Off Thermal Grey to White

I've been really interested in the thermal polishes lately and Born Pretty Store seem to have an ample range of them, today I am trying out their grey to white thermal, which is also a peel off polish, so it's a twofer.

The cold state for this polish is a slate grey that looks almost like a matte, leathery finish in this photo.

The warm state, (which I had trouble getting naturally because of my recently acquired chronically cold hands and feet, so I had the help of  warm water for this shot) is an ever so slightly greyish white that is surprisingly shiny considering how the grey/cold state looks. You can see on my thumb especially that the transition creates a cool cloudy effect.

I added a stamp to it using Barry M Chai which is roughly the same colour as the grey, not as good as some of the other nail art using thermals out there but I gave it a good go and I really like the fact that most of the time the stamp isn't visible then it can suddenly appear.

The polish has a pretty good formula which applied nicely, it does smell like PVA Glue but I am guessing that is the peel off part of it. It dried quickly and you could quite easily get away with 1 coat in a rush but in the warm state, the white looks a little patchy so I recommend 2 coats. Clean up was a doddle because any bits on the skin or cuticles just peel right off without any hassle. I wore it without any topcoat, I know, rookie mistake, overnight it got loads of tip wear and a few chips so it would work best with a topcoat if you want it to last longer. When it came to peeling it off, it did come off without causing any damage to my nail surface but it came off in lots of chunks rather than one nice peel.

If you would like to try this polish, you can find it here for £6.27/$8.92 and if you'd like to try a thermal but grey isn't your colour then check out the other ones, there are plenty to choose from here.

Don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off any non sale items.