Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Picture Polish Unicorn

Picture Polish Unicorn is the collaboration shade with Brit Nails and it has been on my wish list ever since I saw it on Allie's (Brit Nails) beautiful nails. It is also my first ever Picture Polish shade and is such a beauty to have in my collection. 

It is a turquoise base with a little pink shimmer and has pink and silver glitters in different sizes. This is 2 coats, it dries quickly and to a slightly sandy texture so I added a coat of Seche.

Glitter placement is not a problem, as long as you give the bottle a little shake before hand you'll get a good spread of both glitters. Removal isn't too bad, the glitters give you a bit of jip but I didn't get any staining and the actual polish came off easy. It really is a beauty and I'm so glad I have it in my stash now, I bought it from Harlow & Co for $16 (about £11 ish).

I added a little unicorn on my accent nail using Bundle Monster BM-615 and double stamped using Moyou Black Knight and White Knight, because it had to be done and it looks so simple and cute.

I've done well for buying absolutely stunning polishes lately, keep an eye out for more.


Sunday, 29 May 2016

Loot Crate LVLUP Loot For Her: Power

I HAVE THE POWER!!!! Ok, so there isn't actually any He-Man items in this months LVLUP but the theme is 'Power' and I just really wanted to say that. I might not have the power, but I do have the awesomeness! I haven't had many LVLUP's but this one is definitely my favourite so far. Let me show you why...

Friday, 27 May 2016

Danglefoot Nail Polish Grab bag

I have never bought a grab bag of polishes before as far as I can remember (and let's face it, I forget what happened yesterday so that might not be the case, don't quote me on it) and when I had the opportunity to buy one from Hayley at Danglefoot Nail Polish, I snapped it up. Hayley asked me what type of polishes I would like, my only specification was that I would like Glass of Fizz (the pink one) and then to surprise me with the rest. These were the beauties that arrived, the choices she made were spot on. Let's have a closer look.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

World MS Day 2016 Nails

Today is World MS Day and this year the theme is Independence. Multiple Sclerosis is a condition of the central nervous system in which the body attacks the protective coating around the nerves. It can affect the brain and/or the spinal cord, which can mean a wide range of unpredictable symptoms. Although it can occur at any age, it is most commonly diagnosed in the 20's and 30's meaning that people can lose their independence at a very young age.

This year, it will mark 5 years since I first noticed I was getting ill, although it now turns out that I had signs of it that went ignored at least 2 years before, and it was only last year that I was diagnosed. Up until 3 months ago, I had a steady progression of symptoms and pain and then BAM! a really scary relapse, my first scary one and it completely floored me, literally! My depression hit an all time low, I was scared and I could not physically move on my own, but it flipped a switch in me and since then I have been trying to stay positive and work to physically gain strength back in my arms and my legs and adopt a healthier *walks away from the bacon* lifetsyle. 

There are 2.3 million people worldwide that have MS and every single one of us has a different story. There is no cure, yet, but hopefully, days like today can raise awareness and change that! 

There are lots of places you can donate if you would like to, some of them are the World MS Day website, the MS Society or you can donate through the MS Trust

We are stronger than MS!


Monday, 23 May 2016

Colors By Llarowe Holo Stamping Polishes

You have no idea how much it pained me to keep writing colours the American way, it just feels so unnatural and dirty, much like a betrayal, I joke of course but it is hard to write a word over and over when you know it should have an extra letter in it.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

#SpoonieNails for ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia awareness

Today is Me/CFS and Fibromyalgia awareness day and I was invited to take part in a mani link up, you can see the Facebook page here, and while I haven't done any MS nails yet, this is pretty close to home too. As many of you will know, I have MS and I suffer from MS related fatigue, although not quite the same as ME, it is still pretty debilitating. I was also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia which attributes to a great deal of my pain and regardless of what some people still claim, Fibromyalgia is a very real condition but not much is known about it. See, I get all the fun ones! It's hard for me at times to distinguish if the pain I am feeling is Fibro or MS and sometimes I question if I really have Fibro because the 2 can overlap so much but it's there and so many people out there are told by their doctors that it is all in their head or that there is nothing wrong with them because the tests don't show anything. 

Annoyingly, I am currently suffering from a bout of fatigue and so this mani is not some of my best work, it's a little too subtle for my liking but you can't go wrong with a bit of holo and stamping.

The holo is Born Pretty Store Holo #8 and I used Barry M Plum and Barry M Cotton to create a gradient effect on my butterflies from Bundle Monster BM-307. On my thumb and ring finger I doubled stamped a half and half butterfly using Barry M Plum and Barry M Blue Grape and then on my index finger I stamped on a ribbon from Bundle Monster BM-321.

The colours for awareness are blue and purple and butterflies are a common theme for them both.

You can check out the other ladies taking part below, as long as I have linked it properly, and there is still a huge chunk of today left so feel free to take part too. The hashtag we are using is #spoonienails 

I hope to be back posting regularly again next week to try and finally get rid of this pile on my desk.


Friday, 6 May 2016

Loot Pets: Quest

Like any sane and nerdy pet owner, my pet will also be nerdy whether they like it or not and now that I have a dog, I get to proudly force nerdy stuff onto here, luckily she's weird so she can handle it. That's obviously why we signed up to Loot Pets and has nothing to do with the fact that I am obsesses with getting things in the post, nerdy things, Loot Crate things, gaaaahhhh, all the things.

This is out first Loot Pets crate, with Loot pets, it seems like they follow the theme of the Hoomans Core Crate and so this month's theme was Quest. When we opened the crate, we were greeted by this awesome Scratch and Sniff bacon paper, although imho, it just smelt like salty meat not specifically bacon. 

Adventure Time Makin' Bacon Pancakes! T-Shirt (The Coop)

'Fetch the syrup and the princess! These mathematical human and dog tees totally match so everyone knows you're best buds who go on awesome adventures (and eat breakfast) together'

Ok, so you get a dog tee and a human tee in your chosen sizes and although I don't think this has always been the case, the design differs from that of the Core Crate, so that's pretty good. The human t-shirts are Unisex and although the tee fits ok, I hope in the future that you can choose between Ladies and Men's tees. I chose the dog tee based on the size that Kylo is here in the UK, she's a medium dog, or at least that's what they say and this is our first time getting clothes for her so it was a bit of trial and error on the first one.

The medium is not far off fitting her though, the length is about right and overall all circumference? isn't too bad but as you can see in the above photo, it is a bit tight around the upper front legs and pulls a fair amount in her armpits/legpits/pits so for her own comfort, for the next crate, we have upped her to a large.

Considering that this is her first t-shirt, she did really well with putting it on and although I thought maybe she would feel weird having it on at first, she was actually just chill, which proved me wrong. And look how nicely she posed for the photo, she's getting there, we'll make an Instagram dog out of you soon lady!

EXCLUSIVE 20-Sided Dice Shield Charm (Loot Pets Labs)

'Make every quest a walk in the park with this exclusive collar charm, guaranteed to help your furry friend roll(over) a +10 Charisma!'

I loved the pin badge of this in the Core Crate and this is a pretty awesome item. It's great quality and sturdy and being that metal/enamel stuffs, the design won't rub off, even if the colour does. Plus, it means we can hear her coming now. From what I can tell from looking at previous Loot Pets, is that it looks like you get a collar tag every month, which is cool, Kylo will have a different collar charm for every outing soon.

Just for size reference, here is a photo of Kylo being gorgeous while wearing the charm.

Battlepug Volume 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

'This thrilling webcomic about a fearless barbarian on a quest with his oversized pug steed won an Eisner Award (like the Oscars for comics!) and is now yours to own. And yes, it's totally appropriate for doggy bedtime stories.'

I'm super ashamed to say... that Kylo... can't read! Please don't look at me with that judgey face, she's a special kinda breed and well, well, oh yeah, she's a dog!

I'm not normally one to bitch about new reading material but I personally don't feel like this should be in Loot Pets. I get that it's about a dog but it's not for my dog! I would have quite happily taken anything else over this as long as it was an actual item for Kylo to use, eat or wear.

Bacon Plush Toy (Jakks Pacific)

'Sure, you can't make bacon pancakes with this mouthwatering plush, but it's sturdy enough to get through any adventure! Plus it crinkles (just like sizzling bacon) and squeaks (unlike any kind of bacon)!'

I didn't have high hopes of this toy staying alive any more than an hour but it has proved me wrong.

We gave it to Kylo yesterday 2 days ago at the time of this post and it is still going strong. The toy is plush and inside it has that crinkle material, you know, the one that sounds like crisp packets, it also has a squeaker but the squeaker moves around, so even if the dog is smart enough to find the squeaker and spend the next 6 hours trying to squeak it, they can't, so jokes on them!

The above photo was taken after Kylo had been playing with it for an hour and she is playing with it now next to me, she loves it, she carries it around everywhere, she noms on it, she tries to find the squeaker, she flings it up in the air so she can catch it and she gives it to us to throw so she can chase it, she genuinely adores it and even with all that, there is no damage, which I am super surprised about because Kylo is such a toy killer. God job Loot Crate!

EXCLUSIVE Questrips Beefy Treats (Loot Pet Labs)

'Who needs gold? Your dog will absolutely treasure these epically edible bars of natural beefy goodness- the perfect treat for any trek into the unknown'

First things first, these treats are completely natural and have only a few ingredients which is good, secondly, they smell like absolute ass but mainly, Kylo really liked it. We've only given her one so far but she drooled everywhere and ate every crumb. They come in a sealed bad which is also re-sealable and they have the ingredients printed on the back,

This was a good quality crate but also very successful, apart from the comic. I think we'll look awesome together in our matching Makin' Bacon t-shirts and a plague on the houses of those that judge us, they're just jealous of our awesome! You can sign up by going here and selecting Loot Pets from the 'Pick a Crate' dropdown.


Thursday, 5 May 2016

Loot Gaming: Metro

When we heard that Loot Crate was going to be doing a Loot Gaming crate we cancelled Arcade Block and signed up to this. OK, Jim made that decision, if it had been left up to me then we would have been paying for Arcade Block and Loot Gaming, although Nerd Block annoyed me with the Tabletop Block so I'm kind of glad they aren't getting any of my money at the moment. 

We were too slow on getting on board for crate #1 but I signed up to the waiting list and the moment I got the email for sign up I was on it like Sonic. And this, my dears, is our first Loot Gaming crate!

The theme for this month was Metro! Inspired by the 20th anniversary of Resident Evil and celebrating franchises with hazardous urban areas.

Sticking with the new style of pin badges that can now be found in the Core Crate, we get this cool, Bioshock-ish silver coloured pin with the theme and date on the front and Loot Gaming on the back. 

The Division 16GB USB (Ubisoft)

'No need to call a helicopter for this loot extraction! The removable ammo clip reveals the Tom Clancy's The Division USB Drive'

I'm going to admit something here, I never read the mag/info booklet until I'm putting up these posts and I 100% honestly thought this was just a cool little replica gun in a tin. I legit had no idea it was a USB pen and I still thought it was cool, then I saw it had a removable ammo clip USB and I was like 'whaaaaat? That's awesome' so, yeah... o_0 

EXCLUSIVE Mirror's Edge Watch (Accutime Watch Corp)

'Whether you're scaling rooftops or delivering mail, you'll always know what time it is with this exclusive Mirror's Edge Catalyst watch, featuring Faith's iconic tattoo.'

We had one of these watches before from an Arcade Block and we gave it to the boy, he had ripped it apart in about a day, he does that, he destroys things, so as annoying as it is, he is a good tester of build quality. These rubbery watches aren't that expensive, without branding you can pick them up for about £2.99 a piece but they're are still pretty cool and with the silicone material they make a good sports/exercise watch. Plus it looks cool the way the time comes up after you press the button.

On a side note: I am always dubious of companies with Corp at the end of their name, they're blatantly evil aren't they? 

EXCLUSIVE Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S Beanie (DT Global Inc)

'Celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Resident Evil and protect your brain in style with this exclusive beanie.'

I like this hat but it's friggin' tiny! Now, I have no idea if the UK have considerably larger skulls than those in the US but Jim couldn't fit it on his head (his is massive though) and I could barely squeeze it on to mine. What is this? A beanie for ants? haha Seriously though, it's really small! Anyone else had this problem with this beanie or any other beanie from sub boxes from the US for that matter?

EXCLUSIVE Fallout Metal Print (Fanwraps)

'The perfect decoration for an post-nuclear apocalypse settlement, this exclusive art print features Sole Survivor and Dogmeat exploring the remains of Downtown Boston'

Another great item, the artwork is gorgeous and will fit nicely with another metal Fallout print we have. The 6x9 print is from actual Fallout 4 concept art, the colours are really bold and it's good quality. 

EXCLUSIVE Bioshock Shirt (The Coop/Loot Crate)

'Would you kindly wear this awesome Bioshock 2 shirt? This exclusive design by The Coop showcases the underwater city of Rapture and hints at dark denizens'

Loot Crate's tee quality has always been spot on and this one is no different, sadly, this one is not for me, it's for Jim but it's fab. 

I think Loot Crate did good on this one and I think we made the right decision to switch again. Loot Crate have actually never let us down so I know we can always expect good quality crates from them. I can't wait to see how they up their game, next month already has some good things confirmed. What did you think of this month's Loot Gaming? You can sign up by going here and selecting Loot Gaming from the 'Pick a Crate' dropdown.


Wednesday, 4 May 2016

R2Blue2 Nails

I couldn't not do any nail art for May the 4th! I have done a Star Wars mani every May the 4th since I started my blog so there was no way I wasn't going to whip something up. I went a little different with this one and used the smoosh method (yes I am slightly obsessed with the smoosh method now) I used Barry M Cotton, Barry M Black and Barry M Blue Grape then I added some little silver bits using Barry M Silver Foil and a thin dotting tool.

I stamped using the awesome MyOnlineShop MJXLII and the clear stamper from Born Pretty Store.

I double stamped Star Wars with black then yellow to try and get it to look like the proper text, close enough right? The clear stamper really helps with that sort of thing but twitches do not.

I really like how it turned out, I was a bit dubious at first because my original attempt at the R2Blue2 mani failed. I originally tried to use the Sharpie method, yeah, that sucked ass, so I started over again with this one and it worked great. R2D2, you will always be my number one droid!


Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Loot Crate LVLUP: Quest

I was going to write that I was pretty excited for this LVLUP but I write that all the time, I'm always excited for Loot Crate items, what can I say? Loot Crate gives me a happy, which is why I have signed up to LVLUP again, yes I have been a little bit spendy lately but I did all the adulting stuff first so it's fine.

This is LVLUP Accessories again because I need all the nerd accessories and the theme was the same as the Core Loot Crate (that's what it is called now) Quest! 

Now I did get a little annoyed with Loot Crate earlier in the month, not that I told them but they sent out an email way before the dispatch date saying 'YOU ARE GETTING STAR TREK LEGGINGS' What? Awesome! But also, why the hell are you spoilering it? It's supposed to be a mystery thing isn't it? I would have gotten annoyed if they had said 'you are getting a Star Trek item' or even 'you are getting some awesome nerdy leggings but we aren't telling which ones' then I would have been cool with that but Loot Crate, OI, NOOOOO! Don't spoiler things. I feel  like I am being overly picky lately. Am I being overly picky? 

Anyway, the leaflet/pamphlet/booklet (I have no idea what to call it) folds out into an awesome old school looking treasure map thingy and I love it. It's pretty big and folds out to about 240cm x 240cm. But that isn't what you want to see, is it? Be honest! You're here for the nerdy, Star Trekkie, leggingy goodness aren't you? Admit it! Well, here they are!

Not what you were expecting? Well, it's the best I could do. The lighting sucks but you can see the colours and details. Ok, so what this experience has taught me is that I have no idea how to photograph clothing, oh and I suck at it. What you need to know is that these leggings are awesome. They feel like pretty good quality and are quite thick but slinky material (slinky is the right word, I'm sure of it) These are galaxy leggings but made even better!

The one downside is that I choose my sizing based on the measurements on my Loot Crate account and I was fairly certain I had the right size but they are slightly too big and a fair bit too long, but that's ok because I am trying to lose weight at the moment and I am hoping in the end to lose a fair amount so any awesome leggings I have will have to be shrunkened (that's a word, shut up) anyway, so it's fine. I love these too much to give a crap about that.

With the whole value for money thing, this month's LVLUP is looking pretty good. I paid roughly about £12, I have looked at a few places that I have bought leggings from and that I desire leggings from: TruffleShuffle the leggings range from £20-£30, SoftKittyClothing the leggings range from £14-£25 and on Poprageous the leggings work out at about £54. It's a pretty good bet that some awesome Star Trek Galaxy leggings would have a good price on them and just remember, the £12 I paid for them includes the shipping cost, prices for the other leggings don't.

This was a good month for LVLUP Accessories but when it comes to spoilering, Loot Crate, cut that shit out! You need to sign up so you don't miss out on awesome loot, you know it's the truth, go sign up, click here, go on, do it, you know you want to!