Friday, 6 May 2016

Loot Pets: Quest

Like any sane and nerdy pet owner, my pet will also be nerdy whether they like it or not and now that I have a dog, I get to proudly force nerdy stuff onto here, luckily she's weird so she can handle it. That's obviously why we signed up to Loot Pets and has nothing to do with the fact that I am obsesses with getting things in the post, nerdy things, Loot Crate things, gaaaahhhh, all the things.

This is out first Loot Pets crate, with Loot pets, it seems like they follow the theme of the Hoomans Core Crate and so this month's theme was Quest. When we opened the crate, we were greeted by this awesome Scratch and Sniff bacon paper, although imho, it just smelt like salty meat not specifically bacon. 

Adventure Time Makin' Bacon Pancakes! T-Shirt (The Coop)

'Fetch the syrup and the princess! These mathematical human and dog tees totally match so everyone knows you're best buds who go on awesome adventures (and eat breakfast) together'

Ok, so you get a dog tee and a human tee in your chosen sizes and although I don't think this has always been the case, the design differs from that of the Core Crate, so that's pretty good. The human t-shirts are Unisex and although the tee fits ok, I hope in the future that you can choose between Ladies and Men's tees. I chose the dog tee based on the size that Kylo is here in the UK, she's a medium dog, or at least that's what they say and this is our first time getting clothes for her so it was a bit of trial and error on the first one.

The medium is not far off fitting her though, the length is about right and overall all circumference? isn't too bad but as you can see in the above photo, it is a bit tight around the upper front legs and pulls a fair amount in her armpits/legpits/pits so for her own comfort, for the next crate, we have upped her to a large.

Considering that this is her first t-shirt, she did really well with putting it on and although I thought maybe she would feel weird having it on at first, she was actually just chill, which proved me wrong. And look how nicely she posed for the photo, she's getting there, we'll make an Instagram dog out of you soon lady!

EXCLUSIVE 20-Sided Dice Shield Charm (Loot Pets Labs)

'Make every quest a walk in the park with this exclusive collar charm, guaranteed to help your furry friend roll(over) a +10 Charisma!'

I loved the pin badge of this in the Core Crate and this is a pretty awesome item. It's great quality and sturdy and being that metal/enamel stuffs, the design won't rub off, even if the colour does. Plus, it means we can hear her coming now. From what I can tell from looking at previous Loot Pets, is that it looks like you get a collar tag every month, which is cool, Kylo will have a different collar charm for every outing soon.

Just for size reference, here is a photo of Kylo being gorgeous while wearing the charm.

Battlepug Volume 1 (Dark Horse Comics)

'This thrilling webcomic about a fearless barbarian on a quest with his oversized pug steed won an Eisner Award (like the Oscars for comics!) and is now yours to own. And yes, it's totally appropriate for doggy bedtime stories.'

I'm super ashamed to say... that Kylo... can't read! Please don't look at me with that judgey face, she's a special kinda breed and well, well, oh yeah, she's a dog!

I'm not normally one to bitch about new reading material but I personally don't feel like this should be in Loot Pets. I get that it's about a dog but it's not for my dog! I would have quite happily taken anything else over this as long as it was an actual item for Kylo to use, eat or wear.

Bacon Plush Toy (Jakks Pacific)

'Sure, you can't make bacon pancakes with this mouthwatering plush, but it's sturdy enough to get through any adventure! Plus it crinkles (just like sizzling bacon) and squeaks (unlike any kind of bacon)!'

I didn't have high hopes of this toy staying alive any more than an hour but it has proved me wrong.

We gave it to Kylo yesterday 2 days ago at the time of this post and it is still going strong. The toy is plush and inside it has that crinkle material, you know, the one that sounds like crisp packets, it also has a squeaker but the squeaker moves around, so even if the dog is smart enough to find the squeaker and spend the next 6 hours trying to squeak it, they can't, so jokes on them!

The above photo was taken after Kylo had been playing with it for an hour and she is playing with it now next to me, she loves it, she carries it around everywhere, she noms on it, she tries to find the squeaker, she flings it up in the air so she can catch it and she gives it to us to throw so she can chase it, she genuinely adores it and even with all that, there is no damage, which I am super surprised about because Kylo is such a toy killer. God job Loot Crate!

EXCLUSIVE Questrips Beefy Treats (Loot Pet Labs)

'Who needs gold? Your dog will absolutely treasure these epically edible bars of natural beefy goodness- the perfect treat for any trek into the unknown'

First things first, these treats are completely natural and have only a few ingredients which is good, secondly, they smell like absolute ass but mainly, Kylo really liked it. We've only given her one so far but she drooled everywhere and ate every crumb. They come in a sealed bad which is also re-sealable and they have the ingredients printed on the back,

This was a good quality crate but also very successful, apart from the comic. I think we'll look awesome together in our matching Makin' Bacon t-shirts and a plague on the houses of those that judge us, they're just jealous of our awesome! You can sign up by going here and selecting Loot Pets from the 'Pick a Crate' dropdown.


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