Friday, 29 July 2016

Danglefoot Nail Polish Lady Rainicorn and Crazy ice King

Ok, I'm going to level with you here, these are some of the worst swatch photos I have ever done! Looking at yesterday's photos, I was 100% convinced that I had finally nailed it with the new camera, but nope, turns out I just got lucky. I'm also not feeling great today, got some pretty bad pain creeping on me, so that may have contributed to it but I didn't want to give up on my streak of blog posts because any time I do, I tend to lose it completely for a while and it takes a lot of motivation to get back into it.

Believe me though, these polishes are abso-freakin-lutely gorgeous and justice, without a doubt, has not been done here. These polishes are from the Danglefoot Nail Polish Adventure Time collection and boy did this collection sell out quick time, these were the 2 that I really wanted and even though I had to get a full size in one and a mini in the other, I'm really glad I managed to snag these only a few minutes before they were gone completely.

Lady Rainicorn

Lady Rainicorn is a clear base packed full of itty bitty matte glitters in blue, yellow and pink. It's a densely packed glitter meaning that you it gives complete coverage in two coats. It dries quickly and to a textured finish and took two thin coats of Seche to make it nice and smooth and you better believe that it was a toughie to remove but definitely worth it. 

It reminds me of something, I'm pretty sure some sweets from way back when, I can't remember their name or anything but I'm sure that they were little tiny coloured sweets that came in a clear plastic packet and they looked just like this. Although, now that I have been trying to think of it and googling 'tiny coloured sweets' for a few hours, I'm even less convinced that it's sweets that it reminds me of but it does remind me of something, if you know what it is, please put me out of my misery!

Crazy Ice King

Crazy Ice King is a deep blue jelly with THE most beautiful flakies I have ever seen. In two coats it was perfectly opaque and although a little bumpy because of the flakies, it soon evened out nicely with one coat of Seche, which also brought out the sparkle a little bit more.

This one only needed a little bit of elbow grease to remove it but I do suspect there is a possibility of staining because the beautiful colour is so strong. You could also get away with one coat of this over a dark blue polish like Barry M Blackberry or Black Grape.

These are lush polishes and Hayley has some exciting polishes planned for when her store re-opens so keep an eye out on the Danglefoot Instagram profile to be in the know, they could sell out really fast.

Where to find Danglefoot Nail Polish: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 


Thursday, 28 July 2016

Barry M Molten Metal Bronze Bae and Gold Digger

When these Molten Metal polishes first came out, I though that they looked very similar to the foil effects polishes that came out a few years back, so I wanted to try them but at the same time, i just thought it might be something we have seen a hundred times before. I went for the gold and bronze ones because they didn't look too similar to other polishes in my stash and I have been after a good coppery/bronzey polish for a while now.

The best thing about these polishes is that this range has the flat, rounded brush that Barry m has started bringing in to all of their polishes and if you haven't tried it yet, then you need to get out and buy one of the polishes with it stat, it doesn't matter which polish because you will fall in love with the brush anyway.

Bronze Bae

Bronze Bae is a gorgeous bronzed, coppery tone with a really pretty shimmer.

Gold Digger

Gold Digger is a light and delicate gold tone with some more lovely shimmer.

They are both fairly sheer in the bottle but were both fully opaque in 2 coats. They dried fast and to a smooth finish. Clean up and removal was easy and there were no signs of stainage.

While these look similar in the bottle to the foil effects polishes, once on the nail they are nothing like them. The shimmer really adds to the depth of these and it has made me want the other 2 from the range now. I skipped on the silver because I just have so many silvers that are all the same but I want it the most now.

These are available for £3.99 each and come in 4 shades Bronze Bae, Gold Digger, Silver Lining and Copper Mine.


Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Radioactive Unicorn Poof!, I'm Gone!

Oh, how I wish I had gotten to full on grips with my camera before I got to this polish. This is 'Poof! I'm Gone!' from Radioactive Unicorn and my gawd is it amazing but I failed to capture just how amazing it really is. I have been admiring Radioactive Unicorn on Instagram for a while now and I finally managed to get this one polish from them but every single polish they sell is beautiful and sparkly, vegan friendly and 5 free! Their mission statement is amazing too:

'Radioactive Unicorn is not designed for the normal nail polish users, this shit right here if for the strange, the whimsical, the misunderstood, the black sheep, the tattooed babe, the retro doll, the goth, the witch, the freaks and the people who downright love being themselves. this is for you,... this is for US.

this is a movement, this is a statement, this is a feeling, this is for the love of being different.'

The polish is made up of mostly blue glitters with some purple glitters thrown in and gives an awesome effect, which again, I failed to capture but believe me, it's there. Seriously, pop over to their Instagram account and check out some of their pourn videos.

I applied one coat normally and then sponged on the second coat, it dried quickly to a gritty texture. It is topcoat thirsty, it took 2 coats of Seche to get it lovely and smooth but the Seche really brings out the sparkles. 

Am I gushing about this polish? I feel like I'm gushing! It deserves gushing though, I hope to own more in the future. This one is sold out but they have loads of other lovelies available, all are just as sparkly and are £6.95 each. Go check them out now.


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Ghostbusters Limited Edition Loot Crate

I will always love Ghostbusters. It's one of my all time favourites and I still want to be a Ghostbuster to this day, so you know full well when Loot Crate announced a Ghostbusters crate that I had to buy it! I just had to! There was no doubt about it, it had to be mine! Oh, and there's no controversy here, I haven't seen the new movie but I do intend to watch it and I intend to enjoy it. A Ghostbuster is a Ghostbuster and if the OG team are cool with it, then so am I.

Moving on to the awesomeness that is this crate! The limited edition crates are more expensive, yes but they are worth it. I set aside the money for customs charges just in case, because it was over the £15 threshold but, just like the Aliens LE Crate, this one was delivered by Hermes, so no customs charges, yaaaaay!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Colors By Llarowe Be Bold In Blue (MS Charity Polish)

This absolute stunner is Colors By Llarowe 'Be Bold In Blue'. I have been dying to get round to this polish because I bought it from Rainbow Connection at the end of April and it is one of their charity polishes. This one supports Multiple Sclerosis and you know I had to get this! It's pretty special! Oh, and bonus, it's still available, with £8 of the proceeds of each sale going to the MS Trust to help provide specialist services for those who have MS in the UK.

Be Bold in Blue is a beautiful blue holo and has a fantastic formula. It applied fantastically and looked great in just 2 coats, then I added a coat of Seche. 

It was super easy to clean up and easy to remove and bonus, no staining. I adore this polish and it is fantastic that so much of each sale goes to the MS Trust. MS Trust hold a big place for me because without their free information, I could have spiralled when I was first diagnosed, and today could have been very different for me and those around me. If you fancy a new, beautiful polish, please consider buying Be Bold in Blue from Rainbow Connection. Your purchase could help someone just like me receive the information that could help them at the beginning of their MS journey!
So if you fancy a new blue polish and can afford £9.50, then please buy this beaut here.

Don't forget to check out the full charity polish section on Rainbow Connection, there are some gorgeous polishes there with proceeds going to some great causes.


Friday, 22 July 2016

Zen Luxuries Coconut and Apple Crunch Bath Bombs

I've been avoiding the blog this week, mostly because it's hot as balls here right now and I have no motivation but also because I'm still in crisis over the whole 'meds or no meds' thing and also because when I went to my local GP Surgery to get my bloods taken, turns out I came home with a little surprise and woke up with someone else's lurg in me and to be honest, because I have been trying so hard to get my desk pile done, the blog has been feeling like a little bit of a chore lately, I even considered shutting it down, then I stopped being silly and remembered what it had helped me through in 4 years and then I remembered that on July 16th, it had actually been 4 years since my first hello and then I realised that I had once again missed my blogiversary and it made me a little sad. I needed a little pick me up.

So, what better to post about today than bath bombs? These two lovelies are from a relatively new indie in my local area called Zen Luxuries. They are based in Wiltshire and it is run by an awesome guy that I not only went to college with, but we also ended up at the same place of employment a few years later. It don't have make you old trying to think about how long you have known someone, 14 years! 14 Years! That is how long we have known each other. Rest assured though, I bought these products with actual monies and all of the opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions. They don't currently have a web store, but you can email them at to see if they can deliver to you at the moment, do keep an eye on them as their web store will be happening in the near future.

Off topic slightly, I have been trying to get used to using my DSLR, which is amazing but sooooo confusing compared to my old bridge camera, there are so many buttons and settings and some of them I know about but then lots of them are new to me, so photos might be a little weird for a while until I can get used to it. Anyone got any tips? I know about ISO, luckily that was on my old camera but after that I'm pretty much stumped on everything else. I do love the miniature effect on it, got some great photos of a pigeon walking around the empty lot out back with that one, not that I spend my time weirdly watching pigeons or anything, I mean, I have a lot of time on my hands and I try to fill it with whatever I can but you know..........

Ok, Ok, I think that's enough of my babbling for today, lets get back to these lovelies.

First up is the Coconut Bath Bomb! In it's packaging, the fragrance on this one was nice but very strong, I did worry that it might be a little overpowering, but once in the water, it settled to a soft, almost sweet, coconutty scent.

It was a sinker but a fast fizzer and built up a white foam on the surface of the water. I live in a really hard water area and you can definitely tell in the bath but when using this bath bomb, it is the closest to soft water that I have felt in a very long time. My skin and hair felt really soft and hydrated afterwards. 

It could do with a little sparkle though, dontchathink? I know glitter in bath bombs isn't to everyone's taste and I know that I say a this for nearly every bath bomb that I try that doesn't have it but just a really pretty, subtle shimmer in this one would be good. Sorry about the weird photo angle, cameras, eh? *tut*

The second one is the Apple Crunch bath bomb and this was the one I was looking forward to the most, so I bought two of these because I love apple scents. In the packaging, the fragrance on this one had a great throw, I could smell it from across the room but it wasn't overly strong, it was a refreshing scent with a little bit of sweetness. In the water it was a lovely crisp scent which maintained that sweetness through my entire bath and because of this, I think it would make a great morning pick-me-up bath.

This one was a surface dweller and a fast fizzer which turned the bath water a beautiful apple green.

Both of these contain almond oil which is fast becoming a favourite of mine in bath products because it leaves my skin feeling fantastic. their prices are competitive and even better, in August, they are releasing a Pokeball bath bomb, which I am on like Pokemon! Geddit? Geddit? Should I just leave? Ok! I might just finish this post first and then I will go and think about what I have done. ┐(‘~`;)┌

Where can you find Zen Luxuries?  Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Mention that I sent you if you go on to buy anything from them, make me look good internet friends (◠‿◠)

Have an awesome weekend you beautiful peoples!


Monday, 18 July 2016

Barry M Coconut Infusion Sunkissed, Flamingo and Laguna

These 3 Barry M Coconut Infusion polishes were part of my birthday presents back in April, I'm getting through them, slowly but surely.

In case you haven't heard of the Coconut Infusion range, here is what it says on the Barry M website:

'Barry M Coconut Infusion is an entirely new and innovative Nail Paint formulation. Its unique, caring blend of Coconut Water and Coconut Oil gently hydrates and nourishes nails while delivering a beautifully smooth, gel-like glossy manicure. Enriched with anti-oxidizing properties, the strengthening benefits of patented Hexanal and Vitamins B & C, nails will be repaired and replenished, resulting in a brighter, healthier looking, long lasting finish. Its exclusive High Reflective Resin System offers lustrous shine, fluid coverage and amazing depth of colour.'

I can't really comment on the enriching properties of these because I didn't really notice any difference but they do all have great colour with fab shine and they all have the newer flat and curved Barry M brush which I love, it's awesome for get right near the cuticle and covering the nail in fewer strokes.


Sunkissed is a tan nude, it is a 2 coater and dried very quickly. I also used 1 coat of Seche.

This is a lovely nude polish but I feel like it might be a little too dark for my skin tone, it would be better suited to those with olive skin or those who are tanned.


Flamingo is a gorgeous coral peach. It's perfect in 2 coats and dried very quickly. I also added 1 coat of Seche.

I adore this colour and it's perfect for the summer.


Last but definitely not least is Laguna, a cornflower blue. This is 2 coats, which dried fast and I also added a coat of Seche.

This blue is an absolute beaut and would have normally been my favourite, had it not been for Flamingo.

All of the polish have a fantastic, creamy formula and apply beautifully, becoming opaque in 2 thin coats. They all dry quickly and to a lovely shiny finish but I do like to add a coat of Seche just for wear purposes. They advise to wear an basecoat with these which I thought was weird because surely the coconutty formula needs to touch the actual nail to do good, but I wore a base of OPI Nail Envy and as I said, I didn't notice any difference but that definitely doesn't mean there wasn't any.

These are £4.99 each and there are 6 other shades on top of these 3 to choose from.


Sunday, 17 July 2016

Loot Pets: Dogtopia

Another month of Loot Pets for Kylo and another that she loves! Instead of being directly matchy with the Loot Crate core Dystopia theme, Loot Pets has it's own similar theme, this month taking us to Dogtopia, a Utopian canine society!

It seems to be pretty standard each month, that you get a collar charm, a toy, a snack pack and the matching tees, so let's have a look at what came in this month's goodie box. Oh, and it's wrapped in some very pretty paper again.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Loot Gaming: Arena

The June theme for Loot Gaming was Arena celebrating champions and warriors battling to become the best in the arena! Most fuelled by the release of Overwatch, which looks amazing (you know I have major love for Blizzard) but I haven't played it yet. Jim got it on PC but I think if I do get it, I will be better suited to having it on PS4, the biggest downside for me is the toxic environment in these games, it annoys me because it's inevitable and it ruins awesome games for loads of people. Having watched Jim play, I am fully aware how toxic it can be on this game but I also get really annoyed by people ignoring or avoiding objectives. You know what, I might avoid it for a little while longer and just get Lego The Force Awakens and Uncharted completed, oh and I bought Elder Scrolls Online PS4, I already have it on PC but I like the thought of chilling out with it in bed. 

Anyhoooo, let's move away from my babbling and move onto the awesome goodies from this month's crate!

Monday, 11 July 2016

Serum No 5 Indi-Glo

Still in the April part of the pile at the moment, but that brings us to this beautiful blue. I bought this from Rainbow Connection and I had seen people using this polishes and they all looked amazing but to be honest, I thought a lot of it was going to be down to clever photography, I had absolutely no idea they were as awesome as this one is.

Indi-Glo is a gorgeous royal blue and I completely forgot to check plus I'm too lazy to go do it now but I am pretty sure this would be a dupe for Barry M Blue Grape, which is my favourite blue ever!

This applies beautifully and dries quickly to a slightly sandy texture which is likely because of the glow pigment/granule thingies. This is 2 coats with one coat of Seche. Clean up is easy and so is removal but I do recommend using a good base coat because this is potentially a stainer.

Just look at that colour! Will you just look at it, look at it deep, find comfort in it, love it, need it, be it, BE THE COLOUR!!! It's proper lush though, innit? Then add in the fact that it does this in the dark...

...and my love for it grows even more! It does have to be charged up by a bright light like any other glow in the dark items but I honestly thought it would just immediately stop glowing. It didn't! I charged it up for this photo using my nifty UV torch and then I wore the polish for 2 days and 2 nights and it was still glowing pretty well on the 2nd night. I am super impressed with this polish and I NEED MOAR hahahaha, it could become a problem. 

I can only find that Rainbow Connection sell these in the UK and all their remaining ones are currently in the discontinued section, they are on sale which is good but then it looks like they won't be selling them anymore *sad face* I just grabbed Coral-ectric and Kiwi Glow Now. I've got an idea for some nail art I want to do with these, so hopefully I can put that together soon. What would you do with them?


Sunday, 10 July 2016

Geek Fuel: June 2016

This is the first Geek Fuel I have featured on the blog, although we have had a few months already. A few months back, we had decided we were going to change Ki's sub because we were not entirely satisfied by the Infinity Crates contents but then Kian got in trouble and we cancelled his sub as punishment, so he went a little while without them. Secretly though, we had already signed up to Geek Fuel as his new sub and saved 2 months worth for his birthday as a way of saying 'here's your new sub, now behave or you'll lose it again' Anyway, the boxes were pretty good and we decided to keep this sub going. 

That's enough about old ones. lets have a look at what was in the June Geek Fuel. As far as I have worked out, there isn't a specific theme each month and I am starting with the smaller items and working my way up.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

LVLUP Loot For Her: Dystopia

Loot for her theme in June, in line with the core theme, was Dystopia. Earlier in the month, on their Twitter account, LVLUP revealed that there would be a Ghostbusters item and a Firefly item in the LVLUP's, I tweet back to find out if one of those was going to be the Loot For Her and they said that it was going to be Firefly.  (^▽^) Consider me satisfied! We got two items in this one, so lets have a look at them.

EXCLUSIVE Attack on Titan Adjustable Choker Necklace

'As a member of the Survey Corps, you are the hope of mankind! Display your pride with this adjustable choker featuring the Scout Regiment insignia: The Wings of Freedom.'

I'll tell you a secret, I'm not a member of the Survey Corps! I could just never get into Attack on Titan. It's a cute little necklace though and had it been for something else, like Firefly, then it would definitely be something I would use.

EXCLUSIVE Firefly Kaylee Hanging Travel Case

'The perfect accessory for any Captain Tightpants, this engineer-friendly case is ready to travel anywhere in the 'verse.'

I love this, not only is it cute and Firefly but it;s useful! I don't travel anywhere but there are uses for it at home.

It has a little metal hook at the top...

...and 6 different sized pockets. Now, there were a few things that I noticed when I first opened the case, that I was a little miffed about.

There was staining on the inside from the metal buttons and some of the stitching was coming undone. Luckily, because of how cute it is and that the staining at least wouldn't be visible when in use, I managed to let it go. 

I'm quite excited for this month's Loot for Her which has the theme Futuristic but we also had to put in a shirt size, so that should be interesting. Oh, and did you see that they are going to be doing a limited edition Loot4Fangirls crate? And it's going to have an exclusive Her Universe Dress and it's going to be awesome and I'm not sure if I will be able to afford it but my god do I need to get it. The Aliens crate was pretty awesome and the Ghostbusters one is on it's way so hopefully that will be awesome too, so it stands to reason that the Loot4Fangirls crate will be awesome too. Yeah I need it, I'm going to get it! Thanks brain! You're welcome Chrissie!

There is still time to sign up to any of the July crates and if you sign up here you can get $5 off your first month.

Hope you're doing fun things!


Friday, 8 July 2016

Spring Fling UK Indie Box

I love indie polishes, they do things that the big companies tend not to do, for instance, holo! When did you ever see a perfect holo from Barry M? In the UK, we have good selection of indie brands and when I heard that some of my favourite brands were going to be doing a polish box collaboration, I genuinely squeed!

Now, this box was released in April and that's when I bought it so unfortunately these polishes aren't available anymore. The newest box has also just released and when I last looked they had 2 left, the new collab is Danglefoot Nail Polish, Luna loves Lacquer and Freckles Polish. Pop over to the Freckles Polish Instagram page and ask Julieann if there are any left.

Right, lets get back to these beautiful polishes. There are 3 polishes one from each 'Ard As Nails, Danglefoot Nail Polish and Luna Loves Lacquer.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Loot Crate: Dystopia

This month's theme is Dystopia and it's a look at some of our favourite less than ideal pop culture societies. It arrived a little earlier than usual this month, I hadn't even received a tracking email when it turned up and I have to be honest, this isn't my favourite crate but that doesn't mean that the items are sub par, it just means that they don't really fit in my fandoms but I can still appreciate them as a great product. 

Let's have a look then...

Monday, 4 July 2016

The Captain America Revelation Mani

I've just realised as I've been writing this that today is Independence Day in the U.S so I guess these are kind of appropriate.

So you've likely heard about the fact that Captain America is supposedly a sleeper agent for Hydra, whether or not you believe it is another matter. Since that revelation, I've had an idea for this mani but when it came to doing it, it completely changed and now it's nothing like what I originally wanted to do but I really like how it did turn out. It's sort of mismatched but I think it looks cool.

I started with a base of Barry M Cotton, then on my thumb, index and pinkie I stamped on a design from hehe Superhero Plate 005 in blue and red Moyou stamping polishes.  

On my middle finger I stamped the S.H.I.E.L.D logo from the same plate in Barry M Blue Grape.

And on my thumb, over the stripes, I made a decal of half S.H.I.E.L.D and half Hydra using Moyou Black Knight with hehe Superhero plates 001 and 005.

For my ring finger, I used a decal from a sheet of water decals I bought from Lady Queen.

Now, because my stamp positioning is crap, you may have noticed some extra little bits showing in between the lines of the S.H.I.E.L.D image on my middle nail and you may have already worked out what it is, but this is because I tried to be a clever dick and added the Hydra symbol stamped in a UV reactive polish, inspired by the awesome, glow in the dark S.H.I.E.L.D/Hydra tee from Her Universe. In real life, it looked awesome, but as you can see, on camera, it was less of a success and just looked like a sploodge with curls. Still cool though.

Hope all you lovelies across the pond have a fab and safe Independence Day and to everyone everywhere else, have a fab and safe day/night.