Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Danglefoot Nail polish Shake Your Tail Feather

Another gorgeous day, another gorgeous Danglefoot Nail Polish. Today I have Shake Your Tail Feather to show you and with the sun out, I have photos of it in most of it's sparkly glory. This polish was originally only available in a Paint the Rainbow box (I think, I'm pretty sure) and i was so gutted I had missed out on this because it looked beautiful in all the photos I saw of it. Luckily, Rainbow Connection UK now have it available as one of their charity polishes for £6.50 and proceeds go to RSPCA and Cancer Research!

The polish is a lush, sea blue with an incredible pink and turquoise holo and green flakies. You can't see the flakies in the bright sun, they look black but trust me when I say they look amazing in real life.

Bottle shot purely because you can see the amazing holo and shimmer.

And I tried to do a shade shot so you could see it in a different light but our house is basically a light box at the moment, which I'm not going to complain about but I just wish it wasn't so hot.

The polish is pretty much a Danglefoot standard, looks amazing, applies beautifully, perfect in two coats and dries fast, to a semi matte/gritty finish and I never want to take it off, wah!

You need this in your life, plus it benefits two fantastic causes. You can find this polish here but be sure to check out the other beauties available on Rainbow Connection UK.

Stay awesome!

Monday, 29 August 2016

Life's a Beach UK Indie Box

I'm about a month late with the Life's a Beach UK Indie box, which may seem like a long time but when you consider that I was 3 months late posting the Spring Fling box, I would say that I'm making pretty good progress.

The Summer box theme was, as you guessed, 'Life's a Beach' and came with 3 polishes (Luna Loves Lacquer, Freckles Polish and Danglefoot Nail Polish), a large, clear stamper/scraper set and a Born Pretty Store stamping Plate, all, bar the stamper, with beach themes.

Let's get on and check them out.

Luna Loves Lacquer- Sea Droplet

Sea Droplets is a beautiful blue/green shimmery, shifty polish with gold and green flakies. It's a very unique polish and reminds me of how they made the water look in old school horror movies.

It looks different in every light and looks completely different in photos than it does in real life.

Freckles Polish- Sea You at the Shore

Sea You at the Shore is a lush, denim blue with a scattered holo.

Weirdly, I don't own a holo in this shade and it is a welcome addition to my collection, can you see that turquoisey shimmer? It looks just like shimmery water.

Danglefoot Nail Polish- I'm Beach ready

I'm Beach Ready is a gorgeous, bright, coral toned pink with a scattered holo and magenta shimmer.

This one is definitely a one coater, it's so pigmented and the bonus is, no staining! 

All of the polishes applied beautifully and finished to a slightly gritty, semi matte finish because of the glitters, I used two thin coats of each and topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

This is the stamper and scraper set. The stamper is a larger version of the ever popular clear, jelly stampers that everyone, including myself loves. This one is even better that the one I own because there is no tunnel vision, which makes placing the stamp straight on the nail even easier. Plus, it comes with a lid to keep the stamper head in tip top condition.

The scraper is good too, it's quite a size so easy to hold, it is a little bit more flexible than I like but will be good for an emergency scraper though.

The stamping plate included is Born Pretty Store BP-L017 and is still available on bornprettystore.com, it's excellent quality and has some great, summery images on there. It has 10 full sized nail images and 12 smaller images on it, each etched nicely and it gives good stamp.

I had to do some nail art using all the components of the indie box too...

...and let me tell you now, I am obsessed with this gradient! On my thumb, index and pinkie I did a gradient using, from top to bottom, Sea You at the Shore, Sea Droplets and I'm Beach Ready. Then i stamped over that using Moyou Black Knight. For my middle and ring fingers, I used Sea You at the Shore as the base and I did cheat a bit by using KBShimmer PT Young Thing and a different BP stamping image but then I stamped over it using Moyou Black Knight and an image from BP-L017. That gradient though, it looks lush on the photo but irl it was amazing, so gutted it didn't photo well.

So, this was the Summer, Life's a Beach UK Indie Box, what did you think of it? I am already looking forward to the next box which is going to be DR Who themed, even though I am not a huge Doctor fan, I know the polishes will be gorgeous again, I can't wait! So far, they have been £25 including p&p and limited, so if you fancy keeping an eye out for the next one, follow Hayley of Danglefoot Nail Polish on her Instagram page.

Where to find everyone:

Luna Loves Lacquer: Shop | Instagram 
Freckles Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook |
Danglefoot Nail Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter  


Tuesday, 23 August 2016

KBShimmer Myth You Lots

Do you remember when I swatched KBShimmer Pigment of my Imagination back in June? That gorgeous polish with an incredible shift was perfect but I did recommend Myth You Lots as a similar polish but for holosexuals, well, this is it! 

Similar in shift to Pigment of my Imagination, Myth You lots is a multi chrome with a strong, linear holo.

When I say strong, I mean that the holo in this is absolutely phenomenal and it sent my camera into such a spin that it struggled to capture the multi chrome colour shifts underneath. Just look at it though. Sorry, watch your step, my sploosh is everywhere, by which I mean my drool, obviously hahaha.

I used one coat of Myth You Lots over black and topped with one coat of Seche. It applies beautifully and dries quickly to a sparkly, shiny finish. Clean up is pretty easy but the holo glitters do end up everywhere, not that I am complaining, HOLO ALL THE THINGS!!!

I would definitely recommend this polish if you're after an incredible holo but if you're after a fantastic multi chrome, then I would definitely go for Pigment of my Imagination just because the colour shift is a bit more obvious on the nail.

I bought this from Harlow&Co for $12.50cad (not including p+p) and it's still available for all us international peeps or, if you're in the U.S. it's still available direct from KBShimmer.

Now, try to compose yourself :D


Monday, 22 August 2016

Poison Apple Clothing

Different style of photo for the title today because I've used all my spoons and can't be bothered to move or do any blog stuff but I really wanted to tell you about another UK based company who sells awesome leggings. Poison Apple Clothing is run by one lovely lady called Lauren and they sell mostly nerdy leggings, dresses, skirts, jumpers and accessories. They have some plus sizes but if the website doesn't show any in your size, you can always ask Lauren and she is happy to check if your size would be available, same goes for if you are after something in particular that isn't on the website.

I first came across Poison Apple Clothing on Instagram and I saw the sports leggings pre-order which were available in my actual size. They were exactly what I was looking for and at only a tenner a pair, I bought 2, the Batman and normal Pac-Man one. They arrived quickly and they fit perfectly and I love them. They are so easy to wear and comfy and for exercise, they really help minimise thigh chafing during workouts, which is definitely the worst part about working out.

Lauren also sells normal leggings and so a few weeks after being in love with my sports leggings, I was after some Space Invaders ones so I popped a message across to her and she found these ones available from her supplier and the Tetris ones which I had to have, so I did. These ones are £13.50 and it took a couple of weeks from them to get from the supplier to Lauren but she sent them promptly and these ones were perfect too. Although Kylo has already plucked loads of fibres on the Tetris ones but hey ho. The Space Invaders ones are definitely my favourite, I love pairing them with my Jordan Dene 'Kylo Ren is a punk bitch' tank and my little BB-8 necklace.

Of, course, with more exercising happening, I needed more than 2 pairs of the sports leggings, so I bought another two when I could, which was pretty recently, I was after Ghostbusters and Deadpool but these are non-existent everywhere by the looks of things, (which I am gutted about, I am still trying to find Ghostbusters awesomeness at affordable prices) so Lauren found me some nerdy ones and I chose the pixelated Mario style world ones and the alternate Pac-Man ones, again it took a couple of weeks but again, they were perfect.

I fully intend to purchase from Poison Apple Clothing in the future and if you do, don't forget to mention that you read about them here.

Where to find Poison Apple Clothing: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Hope you've all had an awesome start to the week!


Friday, 19 August 2016

Neon Tiger with Born Pretty Store BP-X13 Stamping Plate

Back to neons again today for this awesome tiger mani. This is my first ever animal print mani, I have never done animal print before, ever and the only ways to make animal print better is neon and holo, which is why I used the Danglefoot Nail Polish Live Colourfully Neon Holo Flakies for this mani.

The stamps are from this Born Pretty Store BP-X13 stamping plate, which also has leopard print, what looks like giraffe print, what I think is zebra and a snake one, then it randomly has skull images on it too.

The plate is excellent quality and the design picked up and stamped very well and i might even try more animal print nail art in the future!

You can find this plate here for £1.40/$1.99 and don't forget to check out the other Born Pretty stamping plates because they have loads of new ones as cheap as 70p.

Don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

Have an awesome weekend you beautiful weirdos!


Thursday, 18 August 2016

'Think Hope! Stay Strong!' Mani Using BPS Water Decals

This mani is pretty apt today because I'm having a pretty bad pain day and I think staying strong and having hope can be the two things that can get a spoonie through bad days, that and lots of laughs at weird things, you know that's my jam, mmmm jam, I could go for some jam right about now, or even better, a pb&j sandwich. Brb, calling Jim to tell him to get me some peanut butter and strawberry jam, oh and some white bread.

Ok, so these water decals are from Born Pretty Store and you get this sheet with about 150 individually cut decals that you can mix and match. When I was deciding what to use these for, some of the words sang out to me and I knew I had to do some spoonie nail art and so 'Think Hope, Stay Strong' was born.

Technically it says 'Thini Hope' because I messed up on placing 'Think' twice and there were only two think's, so I had to just let it go.

The decals being individually cut can be both a blessing and a curse, because it means that you don't have to faff cutting as close as possible but it also means, that because most of the decals are tiny, they can be incredibly fiddly, resulting in them not being straight or having missing ends when you finally manage to get them on your nail. This can also be a bit of a pain because these decals basically moulded into the polish the moment it was placed, leaving no room for placement error, there is just no way to get these suckers back off the nail. This is what happened to the arrow on my middle nail, I originally wanted it to be straight down the middle but it went wonky on the placement, but the more I look at it, the more I think it works, for two reasons: 1) with a chronic illness, nothing can ever be straight forward again, EVER, and 2) that's pretty much how I walk with my lack of balance, bahahaha!

What you also can't see is the rest of what's on my thumb. In the middle is one of the geometric designs and on either side of it was the sun and moon decals, however, I reeeeeaaaaaallly messed up the moon and it is just pieces of decal, so I've hidden that away mostly.

If I didn't have such a fiddly time with them, these would be my perfect decals, individually cut, good quality, moulded into polish so edges disappeared and kept their colour all the way through the process. Anyone got any tips on how to make it not so fiddly for a person whose hands just derp all the time?

I added KBShimmer Prints Charming because it's a phenomenal polish and it looks fantastic mattified! White polish is Barry M Cotton, all topped with one coat of Seche Vite and one coat of Barry M Matte Top Coat.

You can find these decals here for £0.70/$0.99 which is so cheap!

Don't forget that when shopping on Born Pretty, you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items. 

Stay strong, you absolute beauties!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016


In my opinion, Loot Crate has been killing it with the limited edition crates, this is the third one that we have bought and I have loved all of them. This crate is called Loot4Fangirls, it was an SDCC and online exclusive, what I didn't realise from that was that SDCC would have it way before those who pre-ordered it online and so spoilers were rife which did annoy me a little, hopefully if they do a similar thing in the future, they plan it a little better to ensure spoilers are kept to a minimum. 

I really like the box design for this one, the outside was covered in the #loot4fangirls fangirl4ever tags (the above photo).

The item info sheet was basically one big sticker with these 4 stickers at the bottom. They are standard paper stickers so I have to be careful what I stick them on but they're awesome, I really love the name tag one.

EXCLUSIVE Borderlands Mad Moxxi Nailwraps (Espionage Cosmetics)

My relationship with nail wraps in the past has been pretty up and down, mostly down and so, while I have been admiring the Espionage Cosmetics nerdy wraps for what feels like forever, I have never bought any because I would probably mess them up and it would feel like a waste. I was super happy to see a set in the crate so that I can actually give them a go, I'm not going to jump in and use them straight away though, I'm going to save them for when I won't be able to do my nails for a week or so and that way I can actually give them a good go and hopefully not mess them up in the application process. They even glow in the dark <3

EXCLUSIVE The Walking Dead Michonne/ Carol Charm Wrap Bracelet (Love and Madness)

I like Walking Dead (although I haven't watched last season yet, so hush your gums) I like Love and Madness jewellery and this bracelet is pretty awesome. It feels well made and looks great.

EXCLUSIVE DC Bombshells Wonder Woman Mini-Figure (Cryptozoic Entertainment)

OMG! I love this figure so much. The DC Bombshells range is awesome anyway but this little mini is fab and the fact that it is Wonder Woman makes it even better. I'm currently using the tin as a stand for here. The paint job is what makes her a Loot Crate exclusive, she normally just has bright, matte paint but this one is metallic paint.

Bonus! EXCLUSIVE "Fangirls: A Coloring Book for Girls That Like Stuff" + Colouring Pencils (Katie Cook & Ashley Eckstein: Her Universe Press)

The adult colouring books have definitely taken off this year and this colouring book from Her Universe works for both kids and adult fangirls. The box of pencils are small and unbranded but can be good to get along with if you don't already some.

The book is packed with fantastic fangirl depictions, many of which I feel akin to, the 3 above are just 3 of my favourites, I love most of them though, but I just wanted you to get an idea of the cute artwork. There are also pages at the back with just the border so that if think there were any fangirls missing, then you can add them in.

EXCLUSIVE Women of Marvel Skater Dress (Her Universe)

This is just frackin' amazing! Loot Crate had originally announced that there would be a Her Universe wearable in the Loot4Fangirls crate so I knew something awesome was coming, then the dress was spoilered for me :( but it didn't stop it from being awesome. The quality is incredible and even though I'm not much of a dress girl, this dress feel super comfortable to wear, it's really soft. The fit is perfect! As is the length. I love it!

EXCLUSIVE Star Trek Uhura Clutch Bag (A Crowded Coop)

This is my favourite item of the whole crate. It's a faux leather clutch that is a good size and it has bars along the top seam to give it structure when the zip is open. This would make an awesome 'going out out' clutch or a fab make up bag, if you don't have a problem with it getting dusty and dirty on the inside. It looks great and the colours are lovely and bold.

The charm is absolutely beautiful with an Uhura charm, an Enterprise charm  and 3 tiny little Tribbles. Tell me you don't love this!

So that is the entirety of the Loot4Fangirls crate, what did you think of it?


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Born Pretty Store Chameleon Polish 224

It's times like this that I both love and hate chameleon polishes. They are beautiful and yet they refused to be captured shifting nicely in a photo. As I take the photos, I often hear, and don't judge me for this, David Attenborough narrating said photo taking in my head: 'And here we see the elusive blue/green chameleon doing it's best to avoid capture, lounging in the sun it is a beautiful jewel green with hints of blue and goldy pink and as we attempt to capture it's beauty...shit... it's bloody gone!'

Yeah, that's me in a nutshell there, taking photos of my nails while imagining weird shit, and I feel pretty good about that, it's how I stay young, hahaha!

This polish is from Born Pretty Store and here is a bottle shot to give you an actual idea of what the colour shift does look like irl, the bottle was a little easier to capture.

As "David" mentioned, it's a beautiful jewel/beetle green and it has a good sparkle in it. I applied once coat of this over Barry M Black and I definitely recommend using it over black as it is quite sheer on it's own, like most colour shifters, and would take a few coats to build up to this opaqueness. I think this would make some awesome beetle or reptile or dragon nail art and now I'm kicking myself as to why I didn't do one of those things with this.

It applies nicely, dries fast and is easy to clean up because it is sheer. Removal is a breeze as long as the black you use is easy to remove as well. Oh and it's a 10ml bottle which means if you are using just one coat of it, it will last quite a while.

You can find this polish here for £4.91/$6.99 which is currently on sale so grab a bargain.

Oh and don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off any non sale items.

How well do you get on with chameleon polishes?