Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Easy Ghostbusters Backpack DIY

When the new Ghostbusters movie came out, I was hoping there would be a massive influx of Ghostbusters merch, but my hopes were quickly dashed and there were no cool backpacks or leggings in sight. I can't do anything about the leggings but I have done something to create the Ghostbusters backpack I wanted. 

I've been searching for a GB backpack for a while now and the only ones that ever come up in my searches are the Proton Pack one which is a little bit too expensive for me and the crappy black bags with a printed logo on them, they just aren't for me.

So I bought this backpack in dark beige (this is now sold out but you can find the same bag here named as khaki) and then I bought iron on patches of all the names and the no ghosts logo from this seller

I knew exactly what I wanted the bag to look like, I wanted Venkman on the front with the no ghosts logo (Venkman is bae!), I'd been planning it and placing the patches in my head ever since I found the bag on eBay. I was originally going to put the rest of the team on the straps but I changed my mind because the patches would probably get ruined and I'd have to have 2 on a strap and 1 on the other which would annoy me, so I ended up putting them on the back of the bag.

The patches ironed on well and they have a fantastic adhesive on them. I left it for a few days before I used it after putting the patches on, just to make sure they had stuck down and the adhesive had dried and I have had no issues with them, no lifting corners or anything.

The bag is great too and it has lots of pockets to put important ghost busting stuff in but the main thing is that it looks the part. It's not the exact colour of the Ghostbusters jumpsuits but it's close enough and it kind of looks like something a Ghostbuster might carry around when they don't have their Proton Pack on the go.

For the finishing look I added the adorable Slimer Pocket Pop by Funko that Jim got me last year.

This wasn't a hard craft and it basically came to the price that I would normally be willing to pay for a good backpack, so it wasn't a cheap craft either but it's exactly what I was looking for an it might give an idea to any of you looking for something similar. What merch are you still waiting for that never materialised?

Stay nerdy!

Monday, 30 January 2017

Born pretty Store Starry Sky Stickers

Urgh, last week everyone around me got sick with some kind of virus thing and it was horrible, I had to adult like crazy which was super tired, then on Thursday I started feeling lurgy and for the last few days I have been suffering. I took a few rest days and even though I am still sick as a dog, I wanted to get blog stuff done, so I have done loads of photo editing and will hopefully put more posts up this week.

Today I have got these pretty stickers from Born Pretty Store to show you. I added them on top of my gel mani using the beautiful chrome powder, also from Born Pretty.

On this sticker sheet, you get a good selection of different designs including planets, moons in colour and gold, stars, geometric shapes and constellations, and you also get some chain stickers along the top of the sheet, these are long enough to go across 3 or 4 nails.

The stickers are a sort of gummy style, they apply to the nail easily and stay put, but, they are easy to lift off and reposition. They will give you 3d looking nail art, even with a few coats of topcoat, unless you use them under gel topcoat.

When removing, the came off just like normal nail polish in a few rubs with regular nail polish remover.

You can find these stickers here for £0.91/$1.29 and don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non-sale items.

Hope you had an awesome Monday so far!


Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Born Pretty Store Chrome Chameleon Powder

Chrome powders have been everyone lately and I'm not surprised, they are bloody beautiful. Since I have gel topcoat now, I thought I'd give them a go. I do have silver and gold on it's way but I received this beauty for review from Born Pretty Store.

You get a 1g pot of powder, which will honestly go a long way, you only need a dab of it to cover the whole nail and it comes with the little applicator but you can do with your finger too. 

A video posted by Chrissie (@plus10kapow) on
I did this crappy but effective little Instagram video to just show the application of the powder and how it works, although I m sure you have all seen it working by now in much better videos!

I found it super hard to capture the shift but it really does shift beautifully between purple and blue and the chrome effect is definitely there and could make for some beautiful nail art. I am tempted to try the raindrops effect.

 To apply I used Barry M Black Forest and topped it with a gel topcoat, then I cured that using my nifty UV torch (I have a lamp coming soon). Then I rubbed on the powder and dusted off the excess and topped it off with another gel topcoat.

I found it really easy to use and yes, there were a few patches in my application but for my first time, I'm really happy with it. Before applying the topcoat, the powder is really easy to rub away so if you mess up your application you can easily start again. 

There are quite a few steps in this mani so it's a good job that gel polish lasts so long. I did try it with Seche, I was hoping so hard that it would work, but it just didn't have the chrome effect.

You can get this powder here it's #7 and bonus, it's on sale at the moment from £5.61/$7.99 down to £1.40/$1.99, grab it while it's such a bargain.

Don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items too!


Monday, 23 January 2017

Loot Gaming: Space

Gah! So late posting this, the January boxes have already started arriving but I have been so lazy when it comes to the blog so far this year, I need a kick up the butt I think haha. 

The December theme for Loot Gaming was Space! I love Space and it's pretty hard to get it wrong, there's so much that you can pull from. As you can see in the main photo above, the poster/info sheet was all ripped when it arrived, annoying because it's one of my favourite ones so far.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Spider-Gwen Nails

A slightly later post than usual today but I finally did my 'Inspired by Loot Crate' nails! Well, technically they are inspired by Loot Wear and the awesome Spider-Gwen purse from the December Loot for Her.

This photo doesn't look as nice as the one with the purse in it but it gives you a better idea of what it actually looks like.

The white is Barry M Cotton, the black is Barry M Black, the pink is Models Own Chrome Cerise and the turquoise is Barry M Guava. There's not much to say about it really, it is all freehand and it turned out pretty much exactly how I wanted it.

There's still time to sign up to this month and get some awesome loot, pop over here to get in on the awesome. 


Monday, 16 January 2017

Born Pretty Chameleon Holo BPC002 and One Coat Black

Look! I've got another beautiful polish on the blog today, in fact I have two polishes to show. Both of them are from Born Pretty Store, sold together and they work together to make one gorgeous mani.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Wikkid Polish Mother Flaker

Today I have swatches of another beautiful flakie from Wikkid Polish, this time it's Mother Flaker, a beautiful blue/purple/red/gold shifty flakie.

This is one coat of Mother Flaker over Barry M Black and topped with one coat of Seche. The formula is perfect and dries smooth to a semi matte finish. 

It was tough capturing the shift on the nail but I did manage to capture a little bit in the bottle.

And this is it in direct sunlight, you can see the shift a little bit differently than in the bottle. Clean was easy, as was removal.

I have a few more polishes from Wikkid Polish coming up in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for these beauties.

This polish is currently on sale for £5 so get in and grab it quick because the flakies are very popular.

Where to find Wikkid Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook


Friday, 13 January 2017

Geek Fuel December 2016

December was another good month for Geek Fuel, they are definitely getting better and better. Here's hoping they start doing loose theme's each month. Let's go straight in and have a look at everything from this one.

Thursday, 12 January 2017

Loot Pets: Revolution

I am having one of those weeks where I prepare stuff with the intention of completing things, for instance, photos for quite a few blog posts, which I had taken, edited and uploaded to the blog ready to go and then time seems to disappear and nothing actually gets completed. I intended to post everyday this week but here we are already on Thursday and I have done bugger all. But I have actually set aside time to do something today and that time ha snot disappeared.

So today is the December Loot Pets, which, in my opinion, is one of the best we have received, there is one item I would have changed if given the choice but you'll see, so lets have a look.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Loot Wear: Revolution Loot for Her

If you couldn't tell already, the December Loot Wear was awesome. We got a Spider-Gwen Purse!!!

'Marvel started a revolution when they brought Gwen Stacy back from the beyond during the Spider-Verse and this wallet, modeled after her costume, will help keep your change.'

It's a standard, long, zip purse with a centre change pocket with space for notes on either side of it and enough card compartments to fit all my crap.

The purse feels sturdy enough, although it does feel a little bit foamy. The black and white are both matte and the pink is a semi-matte metallic pink.

The only downside is that mine turned up with a pretty deep dent in it, I've rubbed it and pushed from the inside and by the time I took these photos it had raised up a bit but it's still there and I'm pretty sure it's permanent. It obviously got squished in the post but it doesn't take away from the awesome of the purse so I'm cool with it.

If this has made you want to sign up for Loot for Her or any other Loot Crate product, pop here http://looted.by/eQNpu and you can get $5 off the first month of your chosen sub!

What do you think of this month's Loot for Her? I think this might have to be my inspiration for my 'inspired by Loot Crate' nails.


Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Loot Crate: Revolution

All the crates arrived super late this month because of Christmas, in fact, Loot Gaming is still yet to arrive but hopefully it'll be here soon. The December Loot Crate theme was Revolution, which I honestly think is pretty apt, look at the way the world is lately and it's not hard to find people who are ready to revolt. But Loot Crates aren't meant to be depressing so lets concentrate on the popular culture that this is actually representing and see what goodies we got.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Princess Leia Nails

I thought I'd start the year off with something nerdy and a little bit special. This is my way of remembering Carrie Fisher. She was an amazingly talented and open person, who helped and inspired millions of people. I first, as most of us did, got to know Carrie as Princess Leia in Star Wars and for many of us, her strong willed character was one of our first idols and still is one of our main idols today. 

Of course, she went on to be a talented writer and actress and a fantastic advocate for mental health which she battled with openly and honestly and often humourously herself. This removed the stigma for many of us and helped us feel less alone in the world, to know that someone that we looked up to was going through the same struggles we were.

You know by now that I love Star Wars and so I had to go with Princess Leia for this mani. The sparkly black base is Danglefoot Nail Polish The Dark Side (great for Star Wars mani's). 
On my thumb I stamped the Star Wars logo using MyOnlineShop MJ-XLII and Born Pretty Store gold stamping polish, then I (terribly) freehanded some Tie Fighters using a detail brush and Barry M Silver Foil. 

For my galaxy Rebel Alliance I again stamped from MJ-XLII using Moyou Black Knight and using my detail brush with Danglefoot Nail Polish Geek Out and Glass of Fizz I made a galaxy, then I dotted on some stars using Barry M Cotton.

Finally, for my Leia nail the base is Barry M Cotton. I sponged some random, no name Moyou polishes and topped them with Wikkid Nail Polish Stardust (still to be swatched). I freehanded the Leia hair (which is why it is sqewiff) onto the nail using a brush and Barry M Black Forest and topped everything with a coat of Seche.

I am so happy with how these turned out, it was pretty much how I envisioned it and I've been wearing them for days!

RIP Carrie Fisher, you will be missed and celebrated greatly! May the Force be with you forever!