Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Zoya Carter

Today I have Zoya Carter to show you, this is from their Pixie Dust range and I bought this along with Waverly with some of my Christmas money a while back.

I was hesitant to post this polish, because even though it looks gorgeous in the photos, I had a lot of kerfuffle to get it to this state. I applied it with base coat, without base coat. Thin coats and thick coats. Waiting ages for the first coat to dry before I applied the second coat. I shook it up and gave it time to settle before I applied it. I got through a quarter of the bottle, in one day and each time I applied it, it was drying to a matte, glitter jelly finish, no grit or texture in sight. 

The last time I applied it, I applied it over base coat, two thin coats and it still lacked in texture... until an hour later! An hour later, it suddenly started to become textured, like it was slowly curing or something. The texture wasn't very textured but it was finally there and it enabled me to get these photos and it is gorgeous but after my lovely experience with Waverly I expected more from my second Zoya Pixie Dust.

Carter is a royal purple with magenta glitter that sparkles beautifully. Aside from the kerfuffle, it actually applied really nicely and and had a great formula. Clean up was ok and removal was a definite workout, as all textured polishes are.

I paid £13 for Carter, which is a little bit pricey for a polish that got wasted so much, but I do love it when it gets to it's final form, it's absolutely stunning. You can buy it here if you're after it and I haven't heard of anyone else ever having and issue like this so I expect it is a one off.

Sorry today's post was pretty much me bitching but look at the pretty pictures, oooooh, aaaaaaaaah!

Hope this week is treating you well so far!


Monday, 27 February 2017

Espionage Cosmetics Chainmail

Another awesome pair of espionage Cosmetics nail wraps today! These beauts are the Chainmail wraps and I think I have cracked it with these ones. The application went pretty much without a hitch this time and I think I've sussed it with the topcoat sitch. I wasn't happy with how long the Adamantium wraps lasted and this was using the Barry M Plumpy topcoat, I wanted the solid finish of Seche but without the shrinkage, so this time I used one coat of Barry M Plumpy and waited until it was almost dry but not quite, then I added a coat of Seche. I applied them last night and this morning I have woken up to unshrunk (yay) and smooth nails. All these photos were taken this morning to prove it but I forgot that they don't prove it unless I was holding today's newspaper or something, so you'll just have to take my word for it. Plus, I obviously wasn't going to miss out on a chance to become a Knight, so holding a sword takes precedence over holding a newspaper!

As usual, you get 14 wraps, 7 for each hand, in varying sizes, and in this case, 6 of each hand were chainmail and 1 was the dragon scale wrap which was in the middle of the sizing scale. This basically means that you can choose whichever nail you want to have as the accent, as long as you are good at trimming, I am not, so I went for the thumb! Each of the chainmail wraps has a spattering of silver glitter on them to make it so the light hits it and catches your eye sort of like real chainmail would. I haven't taken these off yet and I'm really hoping I won't have to over the next few days but we'll see if my trick did the... erm... well... trick. Ahem!

Now get over there and grab some of these wraps so you can be a Knight too, we can be Knights of the Nail Table! No, not convincing, well, you can use code NMA15KAPOW for 15% off orders of $25 or more. If you're looking for even more awesome, then you can use my code BBKAPOWNX for $3 off any new Boom!Box or NEXUS subscription!


Friday, 24 February 2017

LevelUP Lacquer Audio Medic

So I don't know what happened here, the photos of this mani were collectively terrible and this was the best I could salvage, annoyingly you can't see this beautiful glitter polish in all it's glory but you still get the jist and that's what's important.

This is LevelUP Lacquer Audio Media, another from the Overwatch collection and inspired by Lucio! It's a lime green crelly, packed with green, yellow, blue and white glitters in different sizes. It applies great and the glitter placed nice and evenly. This is two coats with one coat of Seche!

I freehanded (badly) the logo on Lucio's shirt using NYC Lexington Yellow, then I freehanded one of Lucio's more prominent quotes 'Drop the Beat' using Barry M Cotton.

I have one more that I bought from the Overwatch collection to show you which will be coming up soon, so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, Ash (LevelUP Lacquer) has just released new polishes in the Overwatch collection so pop over to say goodbye to your pennies, they are gorgeous!

Where you can find Level Up Lacquer: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Wikkid Polish GITD Neons Greeeen and Piiink

Yes! Wikkid Polish is releasing these glow in the dark polishes in March and they are amazing. Not only are they glow in the dark but they are also neon and UV reactive!!! This is a pretty photo heavy post, so apologies in advance but on the bright side, more photos means less rambling from me.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Loot Pets: Origin

Like the Loot Crate core, Loot Pets had a theme of Origins in January and if the core crate was anything to go by then the pets crate was going to be awesome too. Let's jump in and have a look at the goodies that Kylo got!

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Loot Wear: Loot for Her January 2017

I am not sure if the Loot Wear had the same theme as Loot Crate, so this may or may not be Origins but regardless of that, the item this month is fantastic!

Friday, 17 February 2017

Wikkid Polish Gold Dust

I did this swatch just before my nails broke, I miss my long nails already! Anyway, this polish is absolutely beautiful, this is Gold Dust from Wikkid Polish and it is super fine, gold holo topper and is fantastic if you want to add a subtle bling to your nails.

It is beautiful in and out of the bottle and can be used in so many ways. I think this would be a great addition to galaxy mani's!

I used it as a one coat topper over Barry M Blue Grape! The formula is fantastic as always with Wikkid Polish, it applied smoothly with great, even glitter placement and dried quickly to a semi matte finish. 

Pop over to the Wikkid Polish store to check out some amazing polishes on sale at some amazing prices and look out on here for some upcoming polishes from Wikkid Polish!

Where to find Wikkid Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook

Have an awesome weekend!


Guest Post On Polished By Leanne!!!

Hey all, I have a guest post over on Polished By Leanne, pop over to check it out!


Thursday, 16 February 2017

LevelUP Lacquer 'Nerf This'

Gah! My LevelUP Lacquer haul has been sitting on my desk staring at me for ages! But now I am finally getting round to them and my gawd, they're beautiful! It's not often I am able to buy from LevelUp Lacquer but I wanted some of the Overwatch collection for a while and this beauty is Nerd This!

This polish was inspired by D.Va from Overwatch and is a clear base glitter polish, which can be opaque in about 3 coats. It has pink, white and blue matte glitters and iridescent glitters. I chose to use it as a topper over Barry M Sugar Plum. Pardon the colours in the photos, for some reason my camera really didn't like the pink.

It has a great formula and the glitter placement is perfect. It dries quickly and flat with a semi matte finish. I topped with one coat of Seche. The bunny head is freehand and the 'Nerf This' on my thumb is stamped with letters from a few different stamping plates.

I am looking forward to trying out the other polishes from my haul and did you know that Ash (LevelUP Lacquer) is releasing some new polishes into the Overwatch collection? There are some fantastic swatches on Instagram so pop over and check them out and be prepared to drool.

Where you can find Level Up Lacquer: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook


Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Loot Crate: Origins

This month's Loot Crate theme was Origins, taking a look back at some iconic beginnings! I really liked this crate, there are some super items in here but lets take a look and you can tell me what you think of it!

Monday, 13 February 2017

Zoya Waverly

I recently found out that Zoya polishes were for sale in the UK from Super Nail & Beauty and I had to get some of them! I've been lusting after Zoya for years but it was just too expensive until now, so I bought 2 polishes with some of my Christmas money. the first up is the beautiful Waverly, a pixie dust, and you know that I love me some texture. 

Waverly is a gorgeous navy blue with light blue glitters and gives an absolutely stunning finish. The first coat is patchy but it build up nicely with the second coat. It does apply absolutely beautifully and the polish is not too thick like other textured polishes! The texture is a sandy, fine grit texture and is just a pleasure to wear. With doubt it is a pain in the ass to remove, as all textured and glitter polishes are but it's worth it, definitely worth it!

You can't buy it separately on Super Nail anymore unfortunately but you can buy it as part of the 'Icy Kiss Lips and Tips' bundle for £26, or if you only want it on it's own, Nail Polish Direct have it for £11.70!

I'm off to put this on all my nails because I'm in love with it! Hope Monday has been kind to you!


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Wikkid Polish DeFlakingLicious

I've got another beauty of a flakie from Wikkid Polish to show you today! This bottle of gorgeousness is DeFlakingLicious and it shifts from pink to orange to gold and has a few flashes of blue in there in certain light.

As usual, I applied one coat of DeFlakingLicious over Barry M Black Forest and topped with one coat of Seche. The formula is fantastic with a great dispersal of flakies and you could build this up on it's own, easily in two coats. It dries flat and smooth, and to a semi matte finish but the topcoat gives it a great shine and really brings the flakies to life.

Here is a bottle shot which shows the shift a little bit better than what i could capture on my nails.

DeFlakingLicious is currently sold out but Sarah's (Wikkid Polish) other flakies are gorgeous and you should definitely own, one, or some, or maybe all, you can find them here and some of them are on sale!!!

Where to find Wikkid Polish: Shop | Instagram | Facebook


Monday, 6 February 2017

Geek Fuel January 2017

Geek Fuel got the cover of their magazine this month right! Although in fairness, they got the whole box right this month, I love everything and as usual, I am super jealous that none of it is mine.

Friday, 3 February 2017

Gamer Fandom Nails 2.0

I use Timehop on my phone and I check it every day, which means loads of my nails pop up and it makes me want to wear them again but also try them on my now long nails, just to see how it turns out. A recent mani pop up was my gamer fandom nails from November 2014 using some of my designs from the Bundle Monster CYO 2014 plate set.

I used a base of Barry m Cotton, I stamped using plates BM-601 and BM-602, Moyou Black Knight and my clear stamper. The red for the hearts and the D20 is Wikkid Polish Tikka Masala and the green for the Gameboy screen is Barry M Arabian. Something which I didn't do on the original was maattify, so I added a coat of Barry M Matte Topcoat.

Even though I managed to fit all of the Gameboy on and all of the fandom stamp, I still actually prefer them on my shorter nails, it just worked somehow. What I do like is the matte look, so when my nails are short (which they inevitably will be) I might do this look again.

Which do you prefer, short or long? 


Thursday, 2 February 2017

Nerd Nails Acrylic Stamping Plates

Today I would like to introduce you to a relatively new company, that I came across on Instagram: Nerd Nails. I actually came across them when they were in their testing phase, before they had opened their Esty shop doors and as soon as they did I had to buy a plate.

Nerd Nails specialise in acrylic stamping plates and they are all very nerdy designs so how could I, well, how could anyone resist? I was Susanne's first customer and because of this she very kindly sent me 2 other stamping plates to try out, I couldn't believe it when I opened the package, such a sweet gesture.

Now, I haven't done any mani's with these yet but I plan on it very soon, hopefully once I am completely over this lurg but I wanted to show you how awesome these plates are straight away.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Espionage Cosmetics Adamantium Wraps

Lets start February off with a bang, or a snikt! if you will. These Adamantium wraps from Espionage Cosmetics were the first of their wraps to ever go on my wishlist and if I remember rightly, it was the first time I had ever heard of EC so you have no idea how stoked I am to finally have these on my nails.

These have been my favourite of the wraps so far, not just because of the design but because the material was slightly different, I think, I have been super poorly so I could have imagined it or maybe it never really happened, oh my god, where am I? Am I even me? What even is this? arrrrggggghhh! No, wait, freak out over, it's fine, it's cool, it did happen and they are different! Slightly, maybe!

They are kind of a jelly type sticker with lots of little glitters on/in them. Even thought I had to be very careful not to stretch them, because it was easy to do so, I actually found them much easier to work with and apply smoothly than the others. I definitely think I am starting to get the hang of this nail wrap thing though, I might even be getting good at it!

They are so sparkly and look at that gradient on the 'claws'! They are actual perfection!

It looks like Deadpool liked them too, although I think maybe he has got a bit confused and doesn't want to admit it. Also, do you think he knows he's reading a blank piece of paper? 

The Adamantium wraps are sold out now and unfortunately for all of us, they are discontinued too. But, they are loads more amazing wraps to choose from so use my code NMA15KAPOW to get 15% off if you order $25 worth of goodies! Don't forget that you can also get $3 off a new Nexus or BOOM!Box sub if you use code BBKAPOWNX, so come on, what you waiting for? Nerd up those fingers!