Saturday, 29 April 2017


Yes! International Tabletop Day! An official, but totally not needed, reason to tabletop! I have been saving these Espionage Cosmetics DICE wraps specifically for today because, well, will you bloody look at them! Aren't they just perfect? Here's hoping they stave off the Wheaton curse! 

I'm sticking with the whole 'topcoat optional' thing and not using any, although I may add a matte topcoat at some point because I think these would look awesome mattified. I applied these over two coats of OPI Nail Envy and had no problem whatsoever in getting them on and getting them to stay on. I put them on last night and have had no shrinkage or wrinkling overnight.

OK, go gather your Meeples and your dice bag and lets play some motherfrackin' board games! What is your game of choice? Do you prefer dice game to board games or are you a card game lover? Even if you just love a good game of Monopoly, you should definitely get in on the action today.

Have an awesome day!

Monday, 24 April 2017

Back to shorties! Espionage Cosmetics to the rescue!

Arrrgggghhhh, my index nail broke right the way down, so I had to (my brain can't deal with one short and 9 long) cut them all down to around the same length. It's weird how much you have to re-adapt doing thing when you nails go from long to short, especially using your phone. I have had very little motivation to do my nails lately and in desperate times, I turn to my Espionage Cosmetics stash and this time, it was the 8-Bit Hearts wraps that called to me. 

Now, I feel like this is going to make me look like a dumbass but I have been looking at the instructions for these wraps at least twice a month for nearly a year and I have never, NEVER, noticed that the topcoat phase was optional!!! I thought topcoat was a integral part of the process and as such had gone through a whole heap of annoyances with the topcoat phase. But this time I left topcoat out. I applied OPI Nail Envy, Barry M Cotton because the wraps were transparent and I thought they would look great over a white base, then I added the wraps, made sure everything was stuck down properly and went about my business. They lasted me 5 days! 5 days sans topcoat before I started to get tip wear, and they looked great the entire time. I was very impressed with these wraps before but I feel like this has really enhanced my perception of them.

These ones glow in the dark too. It was a little harder to capture because the hearts are pretty tiny really but I managed to snag this one photo that I thought was pretty awesome.

I am going to be wearing another set of Espionage Cosmetics wraps soon because International Tabletop Day is coming up this week and I have the perfect set put aside. Hopefully I'll have some motivation soon and I can get on with other nails. I have thought of a few designs I might do so I just need a kick up the ass to actually do them!

If you're feeling the urge, and we all know you are, you can use my code NMA15KAPOW to get 15% off an order over $25 (as long as you haven't used the code before). These 8-Bit Hearts wraps are currently out of stock but there are so many fab wraps in stock right now so go get to getting. 

Or, if you fancy getting goodies on a monthly basis, sign up to NEXUS or BOOM!Box and use my code BBKAPOWNX to get $3 off a new subscription (can only be used once per customer).

Have an awesome week you beauteous weirdos!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Polished By Leanne Hang Loose and Ocean Breeze

Yes, get excited! Polished By Leanne has a new collection coming out and it's channelling 

the summer. There are four polishes in the collection, I have two to show you now and you can check out the stunning swatches of the other two polishes over on the Lady and the Stamp Instagram, Debbie has already posted them and they are lush!

Lets check out Hang Loose and Ocean Breeze.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Pop Art Nails

What nails would be better for celebrating your 31st birthday than pop art nails? As soon as I saw the BPL-62 stamping plate come up on Born Pretty Store I had to buy it and I already had a mani in my head pretty much straight away. As you can see, all of the nails have been done using reverse stamping and I used Moyou Black Knight, NYC Lexington Yellow, Ciate Red Hot Chilli, a Moyou blue stamping polish I can't find the name of, Barry M Cotton, Barry M Rose Hip and Barry M Mango.

Here is a better look at my thumb nail, I've decided she is a demon because of her eyes. I tried adding a bit of white to them but it looked weird so I made them black again. this nail is probably my second favourite just after the red head!

And look! It's a very rare appearance from Cindy! I had to show you what I had done on Cindy to because I thought it was very cute. On this hand I used Moyou Black Knight, the unnamed Moyou blue, an unnamed Moyou purple, Barry M Rose Hip, Ciate Red Hot Chilli, NYC Lexington and Danglefoot Nail Polish Steal a Kiss.

I absolutely love this plate and definitely recommend it if you like pop art or comic book style things. I love this mani so much and I even did the same mani on my friend to but she had two hands the same design, not the Cindy design!

Now I'm off to eat all the carbs and do absolutely nothing for a while. Enjoy Easter weekend and even if you don't celebrate it, enjoy all the chocolate you can.

Stay Awesome!

Monday, 10 April 2017

Born Pretty Clear Jelly Monocle Stamper

We are pretty much in the era of perfect stampers now I think. Most stampers that come out have a similar style or head that enables us to pick up the entire image with no imperfections, position the image just right with no visual distortion through the stamper, and a big percentage of them now come with a cap so that you can store it away without damaging the head or so that you can protect the decals you made until you come to using them.

The only thing that seems to be happening now, that I didn't expect, is that the stampers are getting smaller. This stamper is the Born Pretty Store clear, jelly, monocle stamper. It's 2cm in height, and 3.5cm in diameter, and it comes with a lid and 2 flexible scrapers.

The head is a firm, jelly head, it is not sticky and as you can see, it picks up fairly well! (Image from BPL-62, nail art coming soon.)

The main problem I encountered with this stamper was the fish bowl effect when trying to stamp onto my nail, as it gets closer to the nail, the view distorts and makes it harder to place. This is something that I thought had been eliminated in newer stampers. When you go to the product page for this item, you will see that there is a red, metallic stamper available as well, that stamper has a removable base, which would definitely make it easier and would likely remove the chance of the fish bowl effect, so I do wonder why that isn't a feature on this one.

Clockwise from this one: BPS Clear Jelly Monocle, Creative Shop Galaxy Stamper, Creative Shop Stamper original (I think), BPS Starry Sky Stamper and the Clear Stamper from the Danglefoot Nail Polish UK Indie Box.

As I said, it picks up fairly well and for the price it's definitely a fantastic clear stamper to start with but as you can see above, most of the other stampers I have are marginally, if not far superior to this one. Yes, ok, if we are arguing the fact, 3 of these stampers are not clear stampers and most of them are much more expensive but it's a good gauge on the quality of the stamp.

If you fancy this stamper, you can find it here on sale for £2.10/$2.99 for the clear and silver varieties but if you fancy that removable base red one, you'll need to add another £0.70/$1.00 onto the price. Don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items, just pop it in at checkout.


Saturday, 8 April 2017

Born Pretty Store BPX-L021 Kaleidoscope Stamping Plate

This is the Kaleidoscope BPX-L021 stamping plate from Born Pretty Store and as you can see, it has quite a few images on it. Thirteen in fact and each one is large enough to cover most nails.

At first, I just wanted to do a tester of the plate, and see how the images stamped and what they looked like on the nails. My nails are quite long and as you can see, only part of the image covered it which means if you have longer nails, you're sorted. The image is etched perfectly, with no imperfections and just deep enough to get the perfect stamp. The black I stamped with is Barry M Black Forest, which is not a stamping polish and the silver is Colors By Llarowe Sparkling Diamonds, which is a stamping polish. Both stamped perfectly.

The other thing you can do with this plate is to make stamped decal nail art. The biggest image picks up really well, covers nearly the whole stamper and looks fantastic when coloured in. I used A-England Ascalon, Holy Grail, Order of the Garter and Gloriana for this, then I coated it in Polished By Leanne Lurking Nightcrawler, waited for it to dry and flipped it over.

I then cut it up into equal pieces and applied to the nails, then topcoated with one coat of Seche. I didn't really like this mani to begin with but the more I look at photos of it, the more I like it. It's quite different from something I would normally wear and Nightcrawler is the perfect base. That one off centre decal on my index nail is driving me insane though, aaaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh!

You can find this plate here for £1.68/$2.39 and don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off any non sale items!


Thursday, 6 April 2017

Born Pretty Stamping Plate Organiser

OK, as we're all nail addicts here, we can honestly admit that when it comes to stamping plates we have a serious problem, it's ok, this is a safe, non-judgey place, you can be honest, you have hundreds don't you? Yep, me too! We're in constant need of storage for them and then what about the plates that are weirdly shaped? You know, the square ones that you can just about squeeze into your round plate holder but it damages the pocket and the octagonal ones that pretty much don't fit anywhere. Well check out this stamping plate holder from Born Pretty Store

There are 16 small pockets, which you can of course do back to back plates in so you can fit 32 round, square or octagonal plates in, and there are 8 long pockets for larger plates like BPS large plates or Moyou plates, which again you can double up to fit 16 of those.

The pockets are slightly larger than normal and so the square plates fit in comfortably without causing any damage.

As do the octagonal plates. Plus, the case zips and is slightly padded so it can be the home for your more expensive rectangular plates or it's a great holiday/getaway accessory if you plan on getting your nail art on whilst soaking up the sun! And it looks like a cute purse too!

Plus, it's an absolute steal at the moment at £5.61/$7.99, and if you're shopping for other things don't forget to use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items!


Monday, 3 April 2017

Born Pretty Store Holo Nail Polish H008

The sun has started coming out more and more lately and that means the holo also starts coming out too, I mean, you can't have a sunny day without holo somewhere. Annoyingly though, the moment anyone takes out a camera to photo a holo polish, the sun disappears, so these photos were taken under my daylight lamp.

This is H008, a beautiful green with a strong linear holo and one of a range of 10 holo polishes from Born Pretty Store.

This has a flat, wide brush which makes application a breeze and gets right up to the cuticle with ease. The formula is great and it is easily a one coater, however I have used 2 thin coats topped with a coat of Seche to really bring out the holo. It dries fast and to a semi matte finish, clean up is easy, as is removal. 

This would make a gorgeous base for some mermaid nail art, don't you think?

You can find this polish here for £7.02/$9.99 and you can check out all of the Born Pretty Store holo range here. Don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items, just pop the code in at checkout.

What polish do you always reach for when it is sunny?

Hop you had an awesome start to the week!