Saturday, 1 July 2017

Polished By Leanne 'In The Nude' Collection

Get your pennies at the ready, Polished By Leanne has a new collection coming out. This collection is called In the Nude and is made up of 4 pretty nude shades, so lets have a look at them!
 Porcelain Doll

Porcelain Doll is a very light pink toned nude.

The formula is great, it applied beautifully, dried quickly and to a glossy finish. Photo shows 3 coats with one coat of Seche.

English Rose 

English Rose is a gorgeous peach toned nude.

It also had a great formula, applied beautifully and dried fast to a glossy finish. Photo shows 3 coats and one coat of Seche.


Sunkissed is a gorgeous bronze nude with a golden shimmer.

Sunkissed has a fantastic formula, it is a definite one coater and dries fast to a glossy finish. Photo shows one coat with one coat of Seche.


Cocoa is a beautiful orange tones brown nude, it looks a tad more orange in my photos than it really is.

It has a fab formula, drying quickly to a glossy finish. Photo shows 3 coats with one coat of Seche.

Porcelain Doll, English Rose and Cocoa needed the 3 coats to be fully opaque but they didn't build up thickly so 3 thin coats would not be an issue. Sunkissed is the star of this collection being a one coater and with that pretty shimmer but they are all gorgeous and very glossy.

The release date for this collection is TBD but it will be in the very near future but I can tell you that they will be £5 a bottle. Keep an eye on the Polished By Leanne Instagram for updates as to when this collection releases but you will definitely want these is you're a fan of nudes. And you could always use my code PLUS10KAPOW for 20% off (yes! 20!) just pop in at checkout but make sure it's in all capitals!

Where to find Polished By Leanne: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest



  1. Thank you so much Chrissie for a lovely review and beautiful swatches Xx

    1. Thank you lovely. You've made yet another gorgeous collection! :)x