Friday, 25 August 2017

Klingon and flakies- The perfect mix!

So yeah, Klingon and flakies! Is there a better mani to enter the weekend with? I was sent these pretty flakies from BeautyBigBang and like I said the other day, I wanted to try powders and flakies on lighter colours and I saw this beautiful mani on Polish Etc and this was inspired by that so I used a base of Barry M Lychee. I love the lettering sitting on top of the flakies. Mine comes nowhere near the pretty of Amy's mani but I still love the look of it. Pop over to my Instagram Stories later to see a close up Boomerang of this!

You get a 0.2g pot of flakies but don't let that weight fool you, there are loads of flakies in there, and you get a sponge applicator. The sponge applicator seemed to be statically charged so the flakies were leaping out of the pot to get to it before I even got to the pot which resulted in flakies flying everywhere. I conquered the transfer method, even though the applicator remained full of static and once they were on the nail, they lay flat, with no curling or wrinkling. I smoothed them down with my finger just to be on the safe side. I topped with Seche and again no curling or wrinkling. The flakies shift from purple to pink, to golds, greens and yellows, they are very shifty and of course, look best in direct sunlight.

I used Moyou Geek 05 and Moyou Black Knight for the stamping!

You can find these flakies here for £2.32/$2.99 and these particular flakies are item number 9A. Don't forget that you can use my code PLUS10 for 10% off your order, just pop it in at checkout.

Have an awesome weekend lovelies, see you on the other side!


Thursday, 24 August 2017

Loot Pets: Animation

So this is another late box, this is the July crate and it is slightly better than previous months, but, and I don't want to sound whiny again, but it's still not great. I would honestly prefer to pay the $5 extra again if it meant we went back to the way it was. I miss the collar charms, the t-shirts, the useful items, I miss it so much. 

Anyway, lets have a look at what was in the July Animation Loot Pets.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Beauty Big Bang Skulls and Roses Water Decals

Anyone else having one of those weeks where everything is going wrong and you just want the week to end? It's got to be the eclipse, it blatantly messed things up a bit.

Anyway, at least I can have pretty nails while I push through the week. These pretty skull and roses water decals that I've got to show you today are from BeautyBigBang.

In the pack, you get 10 decals, enough for one mani. They are pre-sized and square, which you know I am not a fan of, but these are slightly bigger than the usual pre-sized decals so they kind of get away with it. I managed to get them to fit on my nails, just, and they are pretty long right now.

They slide right off the backing after only being in the water for a few seconds. They don't curl or fold and they stick to the nail fairly easy. Once Seche was applied, they didn't shrink but I did notice a few little holes in the decals which you can kind of see some on the ring finger nail, they look like little brown spots, but they are only noticeable if you are really looking for them, this is still really pretty nail art.

One thing that I did think was great about this set of decals is that the bottom set is actually reversed, I really like that and I hope to see that in more decal sets.

You can find these decals here for £1.24/$1.59 and don't forget that you can use my code PLUS10 for 10% off your order, just pop it in at checkout.


Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Geek Fuel July 2017

It was another pretty good month for Geek Fuel, Jim keeps trying to get me to cancel it but with how good they have been lately I am really hesitant and I would honestly keep the sub purely for the pins they do now, I mean, they are pretty awesome on their own anyway.

I know this is super late, especially since they have already shipped this month's but I am getting there, so lets have a look at this month!

Monday, 21 August 2017

Born Pretty Store Unicorn Powder

Born Pretty Store sent me this pretty unicorn powder to try out. It only really works to it's full effect over gel polishes/ topcoats,which we know from the other powders out there and normally I do it over a dark colour to see how it turns out but this time I decided to try it over Barry M Cotton.It's a fab result and it gives it a kind of pearlescent glow.

I did have a little bit of trouble getting this to work properly and this may be because of the type of gel topcoat I have, it's the one where you have to wipe the sticky layer away and because I'm not very well versed in gel nail polish, I'm not sure if it would maybe work better over a no wipe topcoat. But basically, I couldn't get it to stick properly and when I tried to rub it to get the proper effect rather than just the glitter look, it left patches where it had come off.

I did eventually get full coverage but it did take a lot of powder and a lot of light rubbing with my finger. It seems like you need a very light touch.

I do really like this look over the white and I have some flakies coming up so might try them over a light colour with some nail art, just to break out of my rut.

If you fancy giving this powder a go then you can find it here for £2.29/$2.99 for a 0.2g pot, this size will give you a good few mani's. Don't forget that you can also use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.

Be a Unicorn!


Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Born Pretty Store Fiery Flakies

Today I have these beautiful, fiery flakies from Born Pretty Store to show you. Ya know, at first I didn't buy into the whole flakie thing but after having so many beautiful polishes and pretty pots of them, I would definitely call myself a fan now. I really enjoy them over black, I think that's when they look their best and these ones just prove my point.

You get a little pot with the irregular cut glitter in it and you wouldn't think that it would do very many mani's but there is a lot more in there than you would think. You only need to lightly dip your applicator in and depending on how you want the flakies to look, for instance, if you want them to look sparse then you could probably do a few nails with that one light dip. 

They shift so many different ways and make for some easy, quick and very pretty nail art. As you can see, you can do them sparse or full coverage and they look fab either way. They apply really easily and lie flat basically straight away. Removal is pretty easy, just a bit teensy bit of elbow grease required.

They are a little bit topcoat thirsty and I did need to put 2 coats on the sparse nails and 3 on the full coverage to get them smooth.

You can find these flakies here for £1.99/$2.59 per pot, this one is #4 but they have 5 other gorgeous and shifty colours available. Don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.


Saturday, 12 August 2017

Loot Crate: Animation

This July theme for Loot Crate was Animation and as you can see, all of my Loot Crate stuff has been super late again but the crate this month wasn't actually that bad so I can let it go. Take and look and see what I got!

Friday, 11 August 2017

Born Pretty Store BP-X26 Travel Stamping Plate

I don't travel, unless you count the trips to my appointments as travel. I'm not great at long distances and flying is one of my biggest fears, so if given the option of plane or boats, I would definitely go boat, everytime. I used to have dreams of travelling to places with incredible history, like Egypt and Salem but it just wasn't to be. I would've loved to be a jet-setter so this is kind of what this nail art is based on, my failed dreams of going places hahaha, joking, not joking!

This plate is the Travel BP-X26 plate from Born Pretty Store, it is one of the small, square plates but it has some fab images on there. It has 3 full sized nail images and 8 small images. The plate is well etched and picked up clean and crisp images on every stamper type. Some of the smaller images are good for reverse stamping  but I think this plate is prime for stamping straight over a fantastic base.

The polishes I used were Barry M Lychee for the base, then I sponged on some Barry M Butterscotch Sundae and Barry M Sunkissed to give it an old map kind of look, which you can't really see in the photo. I stamped using Moyou Black Knight.

You can find this plate here for £1.68/$2.19, check out how pretty the nail art in the stock image is, loving that base! And, don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10%off all non sale items.

Have an awesome Friday!


Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Snikt and Bamf! July VIP Box: Retro Games

Look at all that awesome! This is the Snikt and Bamf! July Retro Games VIP box. It's my second VIP box from them and I love every piece in it. 

I found Snikt and Bamf! through Instagram, and I was desperate to own some of their pieces, luckily I had some Christmas money and got my first pieces at the beginning of the year and they were amazing, which only made me want more, so when they announced the 80's cartoons VIP box (back in May) I knew I had to have it, and every piece was awesome, so, when they announced that the July VIP box was going to be Retro Games there was no doubt that I had to own it.

Saturday, 5 August 2017

Models Own One Night Stand

I keep thinking I have already put a post up but then I find it in my drafts and it's like aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh! Do you ever get that? 

Anyway, the beautiful Leanne of Polished By Leanne gifted me the Models Own One Night Stand polish, which I am so grateful for, although I think I have now missed the hype for it because of my lack of memory but I am so grateful to get the chance to try it.

If you haven't heard of One Night Stand, it is the Models Own version of a mirrored polish and with a price point of £14.99 I had pretty high expectations. For that price you get a bottle of the silver polish and a bottle of a dual basecoat/topcoat. Like other chrome/mirrored polishes I have tried, you have to have the basecoat on to get the chrome effect, kind of like an activator. They recommend using a very light touch when adding the topcoat and applying a very thin coat, I tried multiple times and just couldn't the hang of it, it was just very disappointing as you can see in the photo above. The above photo shows the basecoat, 2 thin coats of the chrome polish and one, thin (as thin as I could possibly get it) coat of the topcoat. 

This photo however, shows the polish without topcoat. As you can see from the 2 photos, it's quite the difference. Without topcoat the polish looks glorious, it truly is mirrored and I am in love with it but unfortunately, the moment anything touches it or rubs against it the mirrored finish disappears and you're left with grey, dull nails. 

I have seen other people with the topcoat on it and it's still pretty shiny so I am probably doing something wrong here, Leanne, in fact managed to to do it so that it stayed shiny on just her second attempt! (Check Leanne's post out here)

In January of last year, I swatched and reviewed a mirrored polish from Born Pretty Store (check them out, ahead of the times) and I was interested to see how the Born Pretty polish fared against the Models Own polish. In the photo above, I applied them both over their own respective basecoats and left them both without topcoat. The Born Pretty polish is on my index and ring finger while the Models Own is on my middle finger and pinkie. As you can see, they are both fairly similar but Models Own One Night Stand has the mirrored advantage.

They look vastly different in their bottles too. The Born Pretty Store polish price currently sits at £7.67 which is just over half the price of Models Own One Night Stand. Both polishes have a short mirror lifespan, with One Night Stand lasting only about 6 hours before it loses the mirrored effect and then a few more hours before it starts to crack and shrink. The BPS one can keep it's effect for about a a day and then it does the same thing, so both would be good for a night out. 

I don't know how I feel about One Night Stand in the end. I am really in love with it in it's pre-topcoat state but then with topcoat it is really disappointing and the price point is way too high for my taste, especially since it does have a short lifespan. You can get the same sort of effect with the BPS polish for much cheaper and better yet, if you're into gel polish, you can buy the powders for way, way cheaper and get the same, if not a better effect. 

What do you think? Did Models Own hit or miss with this polish? And what do you think about the price?


Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Born Pretty Store BP-L079

I was kind of going for a bit of a celestial topographic map, I'm not sure if I achieved it but I did end up with a pretty base and white stamping combination. 

This stamping plate is the BP-L079 plate from Born Pretty Store. On the plate is 6 different maps in 3 different sizes. Each of the bigger maps could stamp multiple nails and have plenty of detail in them to cover your whole mani and the smaller sizes will only give you 1 or 2 nails depending on your nail size.

I did find that I had a bit of trouble picking up the smaller lines on any of my stampers but after a bit of trial and error I did manage to pick them up even if they were a bit thin.

The base for this mani is W7 Aqua Suede Effect (an oldie but a definite goodie, especially with topcoat) and NYC Prince Street. Stamping was using Barry M Cotton. 

The plate has some cool images on it and I have seen some really fun reverse stamping nail art using it and I think this plate could provide enough for multiple looks if you use your imagination!

If you fancy taking the challenge or creating a better celestial topographic map then you can find this plate here for £2.29/$2.99 and don't forget that you can also use code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.