Monday, 9 October 2017

Born pretty Store Rounded Clean Up Brush

I am trying to blog as much as possible at the moment, so today I have this brush from Born Pretty Store to show. During the reviewing stage of this, I realised just how difficult it is to take photos of a brush when you are doing stuff with said brush but also trying to control the camera. 

But anyway, moving on to the actual review, the brush comes in it's own little tube to keep it safe and clean, which is great because otherwise, if you're like me, it just sits on your desk getting piles of crap on it until you next need to use it. So the tube can 1) help you find it a bit easier and 2) help it not get crushed or ruined by all your crap.

The brush feels like really good quality to me, and I don't have a vast knowledge of brushes but this reminds me of the Mitty brushes, the handle feels very similar and the bristles feel very soft but firm enough to do a multitude of jobs, from clean up, to actual nail art, to gel nail stuffs.

Normally I don't stray from the angled clean up brushes so I did wonder how a rounded brush would get into all the spaces but it did really well and I got good clean up from it. Plus, it didn't hold too much of the polish remover and didn't splay when being used.

I also tested this as a gel brush to scoop some gel out of a pot and spread it onto the nail, and it worked really well for this, it didn't hold too much of the product and stayed structured when spreading the gel on the nail, it was really easy to control.

As long as you use this only with non acetone remover and clean it in warm, soapy water regularly, this could be a staple tool in your nail routine.

If you fancy grabbing yourself one of these, pop over here to grab it for £1.22/$1.59, this brush is the #1 brush which is the smallest of the collection. And don't forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off all non sale items.


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