Sunday, 22 April 2018

Diary of a Toy Killer: Flying Tiger Chicken

I promised I'd be back with more Diary of a Toy Killer posts, so here we are! Dad went to Bath on a shopping trip and went into a store called Tiger (Flying Tiger but for some reason only has Tiger on the storefront) It's a cool shop with really colourful knick knacks and stationery for really good prices. Anyway he found this fun toy for me and I set about destroying it immediately.

Toy: Blue Glow in the Dark Chicken
Price: £1 from Flying Tiger
Squeaker: One of those tubes that make the weird duck noise when air is pushed into it
Time it took to destroy: 2 hours to put a hole in it so the squeaker didn't work, 27 hours to rip at the neck completely
Level of Destruction: Headless

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Espionage Cosmetics Veiled Paradise

OK, I know a lot of you will have really loved the weather these last few days but I have not. I've said it before and I'll say it again, the only thing the bright, hot, sunny days are good for, is hanging out the washing. I am honestly looking forward to the rain coming agai but then, I have never been a fan of the heat and MS has made my dislike much stronger.

BUT, that doesn't mean I am not a fan of sandy beaches, the sound of crashing waves and the cool sea breeze. My favourite beach to go to is Dawlish, I think it's beautiful and have had some of my favourite times there.

Anyway, these Veiled Paradise wraps from the March Hidden Treasures round of NEXUS really caught my eye today, especially the wraps on my thumb and index finger, my gawd it's such gorgeous detailing. And, these wraps won the vote too so they're available to buy now, pop over here to grab these beauties.

While you're at it, don't forget to pop over to the presale to check out the massive pile of awesome and don't forget to use code PLUS10KAPOW on your basket of preciouses, and you can get 15% off an order of $25 or more (once per customer). Treat yourself, you deserve it!

And right as I was writing this post, we got a lovely thunderstorm, I'm in my happy place :)

Have a great night!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Loot Crate: Playback

Yup, super late posting this again but in my defence I had already uploaded the photos, they've just been sitting in my drafts folder for 2 weeks. The March crate was not half bad and I really liked what was in it so I thought it was still worth posting.

Loot crate have changed things up again in the way that they deliver information about the products. There is no magazine anymore, we are back to a card with just the bare minimum info and there is no theme art on it. Hopefully they decide to include some theme art again in the near future because I really like the art they come up with. I have been begging for them to include the theme art as a poster or print each month for ages, so fingers crossed.

So let's jump in for a closer look then.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Feeling a little blue!

I have been feeling a little blue recently, as in, blue has been present in most of my nail polish and nail art choices lately and I have really been feeling it. Today's nail art is to show off this gorgeous blue holo nail polish from Beauty Big Bang.

This polish is from their holo range (you can see my other swatches here), it looks best with 2 coats and just like the others in the range, it has a super strong, linear holo. It dries fast to a semi-matte finish, is easy to clean up and remove and does not stain. Photo shows 2 coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

Items used for nail art: Moyou London Comics 06 stamping plate, Moyou London Black Knight, Barry M Blue Moon, Barry M Malibu, Barry M Blue Grape, Barry M Dead Heat and Colors By Llarowe Turq'd.

I used the reverse stamping method to fill in the image from Moyou Comics 06 plate, then applied to the nail and coated with a coat of Seche Vite.

You can find this beaut of a holo here for £3.83/$5.49 or as part of the 6 colour holo set for £20.93/$29.99 and don't forget that you can use code PLUS10 for 10% of your order.


Monday, 16 April 2018

Espionage Cosmetics Nostalgic Nightmare

Starting the week off with some fun and bright nails courtesy of Espionage Cosmetics Nostalgic Nightmare because in real life stuff I have been dealing with a vomiting child which is no fun at all.

These wraps have unicorns, rainbow hearts and pandas but with the added twist of knives, saw blades, blood and poop! In a weird way, these kind of make me think of Deadpool and I think that Deadpool might, sort of, think these are awesome too!

The bonus is that these wraps are available to buy right now, pop here because you know full well that you are going to, nay NEED TO rock these! Also check out the rest of the shop, including the presale which has some awesome wraps and has been extended and don't forget to use code PLUS10KAPOW for 15% off an order of $25 or more (once per customer)
Stay awesome!

Friday, 13 April 2018

My First Proper Attempt At Fluid Nail Art

I have seen loads of people doing fluid nail art and fluid art and resin dirty pours and I am OBSESSED! They are absolutely stunning and I love the effect you get from it. Then I also saw the Sinful Colors transforming top coat polishes and was intrigued, so I bought Rebel Rebel.

The method I used was pour out lines onto my nail art mat, doing the same with other polishes over the top of each other, then I poured on Rebel Rebel, it didn't really do anything so I gently touched it with my stamper a few times and cells started appearing. Then I lifted my mat and tip the polish every which way and once it was all dry I attached it to my nails and applied a coat of Seche.

The colour went super weird on these photos, my camera clearly hates all the blues.

On my thumb I tried the method it says to use on the bottle, so I applied a coat of Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream and added a few dots of blue polishes and while it was still wet I applied Rebel Rebel, this worked quite well too and the cells started appearing almost immediately.

I really like these polishes and am definitely going to keep an eye out for the others available in the range and I am absolutely going to try fluid nail art a little bit more.

Have you tried fluid nail art? What method did you use?


Thursday, 12 April 2018

Dial the Gate!

I am always on the look out for quality Stargate stuffs and in the past it has been pretty hard to find anything. A while ago I bought two Stargate Chevron pins )one orange, one blue) from Prophecy Girl and they were both awesome and glittery, you can see them in one of the photos below, and I thought that was probably my lot for Stargate stuff for now.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Espionage Cosmetics Faerie Lace

OK, so Monday has started the week off with the dreary rain, so I think cute nails is a must today and what could be cuter than mint green, unicorn pee (because it's National Unicorn Day) and some gorge nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics.

These wraps are from the January Court of Faeries round of the NEXUS. They are transparent with black details all over them, and...

...they glow in the dark! The gitd effect goes over pretty much every line on the wraps and is super bright. Rather than using my UV torch to charge these for the photos I used the flashlight on my iPhone and they are still as bright as when I use my UV torch.

Other items used in this mani: Opi nail Envy, Barry M Mint Green, KBShimmer You Dew You and Barry M Plumpy topcoat.

These aren't available at the moment but there are loads of other awesome wraps available in the shop, including a load of new wrap sets ready for pre-order, check them all out here, there are even 2 new sets of Sonic wraps!!! Don't forget, if you haven't used it already, you can use code PLUS10KAPOW for 15% off an order of $25 or more! And don't forget that you can get exclusive nail wraps like these by entering the NEXUS!

Where to find Espionage Cosmetics: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Youtube | Tumblr


Thursday, 5 April 2018

I've Got Game

Yesterday I went to see Ready Player One with Kian and it was awesome, and although I borrowed one too many spoons from today and am seriously feeling it, we both really enjoyed it. It was the first time I have been to the cinema since Pirates of the Caribbean 2, it was noisier than I remember.

But holo makes everything a little bit better and so here is the gorgeous fuchsia polish from the Beauty Big Bang holo range.

This beauty is a bright pink with a strong linear holo. It looks best with 2 thin coats, dries quickly and to a smooth, semi-matte finish. It is easy to clean up and easy to remove. Photo shows 2 thin coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

Items used for stamping: Moyou Black Knight, Barry M Cotton, My Online Shop JR-31 stamping plate and Uberchic Geek Love 01

You can find this polish here for £4.99/$6.99 or as part of the 6 colour set for £25.66/$35.99 and don't forget to use code PLUS10 for 10% off your order.

Where to find Beauty Big Bang: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Monday, 2 April 2018

Prism Polish UK Holo-tta Love and Cosmic Confetti

Next on my 'buy some more indies' journey are these beautiful polishes from a new-to-me UK indie, Prism Polish. It was really hard to decide which ones to buy, there are so many beautiful polishes on there. I did try to buy one different to my usual taste but I ended up buying 2 polishes very similar to ones already in my drawer but equally as lush.

Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Gamer at Heart Shirt from Prophecy Girl

I have bought a few things from Prophecy Girl before but never posted about them on the blog because I'm pretty rubbish at clothing posts and have no idea how to do proper outfit photos or how to review clothing. But I bought this shirt and it is so awesome that I really wanted to share it with as many people as I could. We did try to do a proper ootd photoshoot style thing but I absolutely hated all the photos so I ended up just going with Snapchat selfies and yes, they are back to front because that's how Snapchat rolls and they looked a bit weird when I flipped them but I think they show the shirt off really well.

These are the 3 ways that I have been and will be wearing this shirt. The first image I am wearing another Prophecy Girl item, their 'I Rebel' tank with the shirt open for quite a casual look. The second I have the bottom of the shirt knotted at my waist and am wearing a pair of black, high waist jeans with it, I have it done up all the way and am wearing a PS1 controller necklace under the collar for a kind of gamer/preppy look. And the third look I am wearing the shirt underneath a t-shirt, with just the collar showing and a pin badge at the top button.

I am so not used to wearing shirts, I normally just live in t-shirts and leggings or joggers, so it did feel weird and buttons are a little tricky for my faffy fingers but I loved wearing it and made me feel like I got properly dressed for once.

The shirt arrived wrapped in tissue paper and then in plastic. The sizing was spot on with the sizing chart on Prophecy Girl, I choose a size 2xl because I am a UK 16. The sizes go up to 4xl! The sleeves are a raglan sleeve that gives room for lots of arm movement. It is made from a super soft polyester and feels great, it washes easily, no stains so far, and it dries really quick. Bonus, it doesn't wrinkle, so no ironing, yay!

It is covered in a cute, repeating, 8-bit heart design reminiscent of old school game health bars! It makes me wish I worked in an office environment because Prophecy Girl has 5 other nerdy but smart shirts available and I would buy them all so that I had a different shirt for every day of the work week. This shirt would look great with a high waist pencil skirt and looks great tucked in or out of trousers or jeans. They also sell scarves, pins and tank tops, all of which are awesome.

Kirsty who owns and runs Prophecy Girl is super nice, super creative and a massive nerd so you should definitely follow here on social media which I will link to below.

This shirt was £38 with postage of £3.50 so it's a great price for what it is and it will definitely last a long time. Oh, and they ship worldwide too so all you nerdy gals and guys can get in on the action!

How'd I do? Haha, I feel like I'm proper stepping out of my comfort zone doing clothing posts on here instead of just on Instagram. let me know if I missed out anything you would want to know about this shirt.

Where to find Prophecy Girl: Shop | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest


Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Plug Me In!

Today's notd takes colour combo inspiration from the Ready Player One movie poster, to show you this beautiful purple holo polish from Beauty Big Bang.

This polish looks best with 2 thin coats and has a strong linear holo. It does have a full rainbow as shown in the bottle but the red really shows through crazy strong against the purple. It dries really quickly and to a smooth, semi-matte finish. It's easy to clean up and easy to remove. It does stamp but is quite light and shows up best over white. Photos show 2 thin coats with a coat of Seche.

Items used for stamping: Moyou Geek 05, Lina Hippster, Geek or Chic and Barry M Blue Moon.

You can find this polish here for £4.94/$6.99 or as part of the 6 polish collection for £25.42/$35.99 and don't forget that you can use code PLUS10 for 10% off your Beauty Big Bang order.

Where to find Beauty Big Bang: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Monday, 26 March 2018

Espionage Cosmetics OASIS

Identity verification successful.
Welcome to the Oasis!
Login completed.

Ready Player One releases in the UK this week and I couldn't been more excited. The story is packed full of references that I both know and love and I do love a bit of good sci-fi. So I was super excited to see these Oasis nail wraps in the February Espionage Cosmetics NEXUS booster pack and I have been saving them for this week.

I definitely recommend reading the book before watching the movie, especially if you love popular culture of decades past and because I personally thought the book was awesome. Plus, it'll be good to see the contrast between the book and movie, hopefully they don't mess it up but it seems like good things are being said about it so far. 

I'm in love with how the above photo turned out. We did it on a whim an it turned out to be my favourite photo out of all of the photos. Thank gawd we had the PSVR otherwise the photos would have been pretty boring.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Can someone pointer me in the right direction?

Another day, another gorgeous holo polish from Beauty Big Bang! This beauty is the golden polish from their holo collection.

This is a 2 coater and it has a strong linear holo, although not as strong as the silver and black. It dries quickly to a semi-matte finish and stamps but just barely and only really shows up over black. It's easy to clean up and a breeze to remove. Photo shows 2 thin coats with a coat of Seche Vite.

Items used for stamping: Moyou Geek 04 stamping plate and Moyou Black Knight.

You can find this polish here for £4.95/$6.99 or as part of the 6 polish collection for £25.70/$35.99 and don't forget that you can use code PLUS10 for 10% off your Beauty Big Bang order.

Have an awesome weekend!

Where to find Beauty Big Bang: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Thursday, 22 March 2018

On the Silver Screen

Today's notd is centred around another gorgeous holo polish from Beauty Big Bang, this silver polish from their own brand holo collection.

This polish has a phenomenal, strong, linear holo that even has a smidge of rainbow visible in the dullest of lights. But in bright lights, with and without topcoat, the polish shows a full rainbow of blue, green, yellow, orange, red, pink and purple and it is just absolutely stunning.

It took 3 thin coats to be this opaque but the coats do dry really quickly. It dries to a semi-matte, smooth finish, is a breeze to clean up and is easy to remove. It does stamp kind of, but really only slightly shows up over black. Considering the Black holo polish from them was a one coater, I kind of hoped this would be too. Photos show 3 thin coats with a coat of Seche.

Items used for stamping: Born Pretty Store L043 stamping plate and Moyou Black Knight.

You can find this polish here for £4.95/$6.99 or you can find it as part of the 6 polish collection here for £25.70/$35.99 and don't forget to use my code PLUS10 for 10% off your Beauty Big Bang order.

Where to find Beauty Big Bang: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter


Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Star Wars Galactic Necklace from ThinkGeek

This is the Star Wars Galactic Necklace from ThinkGeek and it is the necklace of my dreams! As soon as I saw this I knew I had to own it and then it went on sale!!! That's a sign, right?

This was my first order ever from ThinkGeek and because it was already over the £15 no customs charge limit, I added the adorable Cache backpack by Pixelle because that too was on sale and it worked out at about £3.20, so why not?!

Shipping was $18.78/£13.35 and the order arrived by UPS only 7 days later, so I was pleasantly surprised. Until the UPS driver told me the Customs charge was £21! I didn't have enough cash! I had to wait another day for my goodies! But it was worth it.

The necklace has 9 celestial bodies from the Star Wars universe, along with the Death Star,an X-Wing, a Tie Fighter and an asteroid belt which all sit on a 3-tier, 17 inch, silver-plated chain.

The planets are all made of gemstones, as is the asteroid belt. The gemstones used are:
  • Coruscant: Hematite
  • Alderaan: Phoenix stone
  • Yavin 4: Malaysian jade
  • Tatooine: Yellow agate
  • Asteroid Belt: White turquoise & Tiger eye
  • Sullust: Faceted red agate
  • Dagobah: Phoenix lapis
  • Hoth: White turquoise
  • Endor: Alge stone
  • Bespin: Orange agate
The Death Star, Tie Fighter and X-Wing are all made from silver plated surgical stainless steel.

It comes in a thick, branded box and on the inside lid there is a planet key, identifying all the planets on the necklace. The inner that the necklace is attached too (as shown in the photo) gives you the names of the planets next to their respective gemstones, meaning you can have them memorised in no time so that you can instantly identify them to interested parties.

The necklace sits nicely when being worn and is weight balanced quite nicely so it doesn't shift around. The chain is 17 inches but it does have a 3 inch extender making it 20 inches in total but I have noticed that the looser I wear it, the more likely it is to get tangled on the 2 bottom strands when I move around. It is absolutely stunning though and (force) grabs the attention of anyone that sees it. I really want to keep this as a "nice place" necklace but I don't go anywhere nice so I am just wearing it to appointments and stuff because I see no reason that I cannot be fancy at the hospital.

Here is a terrible quality phone-photo of me wearing the necklace. I found out that it's tough to take a decent photo of yourself on a dslr, so this is the best I can do, but it works to show how it sits. This is on the tightest chain setting.

So if you are a Star Wars nerd then I highly recommend this necklace. It is stunning, it's a talking piece, it can be dressed up or down and it's very spacey, so if you like space then it's a good bet that you'll love it. It is currently priced at $39.99/£28.43 and it is definitely worth the price.

May the force be with you!

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Nails

Today I want to show you this gorgeous, black, holo polish from Beauty Big Bang and I decided to add a little bit of nerdy nail art to it, because who can resist a Harry Potter mani.

This polish is a perfect one coaster with a strong liner holo that even has a slight rainbow visible in dull, natural light. Being a one coater, it also stamps really well with the holo still visible in the stamped image.

It dries very fast and to a smooth, semi-matte finish. It is easy to clean up and easy to remove and did not stain my nails. My photos show one coat with a coat of Seche.

Items used for stamping: Barry M Silver Foil and My Online Shop Jr-31 stamping plate.

You can find this polish here for £4.99/$6.99 or you can find the set of 6 for £25.70/$35.99 and don't forget that you can use my code PLUS10 for 10% off your order.

Where to find Beauty Big Bang: Shop | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter