Saturday, 26 May 2018

Espionage Cosmetics Twisted Utopia

I feel like it's been ages since I donned some Espionage Cosmetics wraps, I was trying desperately to get all my swatches out of the way and now that I have, I'll be back to my regular Saturday scheduling starting tonight. 

These gorgeous Twisted Utopia wraps have been staring/screaming back at me from my stash for ages and now is the time for them to grace my nails with their beauty!

These wraps were inspired by Bioshock and were the BOOSTER pack from the February Voyages NEXUS! Are you a fan of Bioshock? I love the first 2 games but still haven't played Infinite and I probably should get on that.

These wraps also glow in the dark. You can't see it in my terrible, terrible photo of them glowing but they say "Would you kindly?" and has some chain links. These couldn't be any more perfect and although they aren't available to buy straight up anymore, they are available in the Mystery Wrap packs, as are loads of other awesome designs, so be sure to grab a few packs. And don't forget that if you spend over $25, you can get 15% off with code PLUS10KAPOW (once per customer)

What game franchise are you hoping to see next in some Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps?


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