Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Born Pretty Geometry L003

Born pretty STore Geomtery L003 Stamping plate paper planes nail art Wikkid Polish Hello Sailor Pastel Neon

Yay! I finally did something. Ok, not technically if I'm honest. I did this nail art a little while ago and completely forgot about them, so I'm posting it now. But I had to go through the photos, pick some and colour correct and brighten, so yep, I technically did something today.

Anyway, I have the Geometry L003 stamping plate from Born Pretty to show you.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Espionage Cosmetics Blast from the Past

Espionage Cosmetics Blast from the Past nail wraps 80s 90s retro nails

It's been all about throwbacks lately, especially with Stranger Things 3 (which is amazing btw, have you watched yet?) and I had completely forgotten that I had these wraps in my stash, until I saw someone on Instagram wearing them and I dug them out. These are perfect for some 80s/90s feels. Who else still plays Pogs?

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Beauty Big Bang XL-070 Stamping Plate

Beauty Big Bang XL-070 BBBXL-070 Stamping plate skyline gradient nails Wikkid Polish Bring on Spring Pastel Neons

Are you bored of the Wikkid Polish pastel neons yet? Good! Because neither am I. I am getting so much use out of them at the moment, they just too pretty and now that I know they gradient nicely after this twin mani with @Nailastrophic, I thought using them for different sky scenes with this cute Beauty Big Bang stamping plate would be perfect.

Monday, 8 July 2019

Espionage Cosmetics Nail Mail Monthly: Heart of Mine

Espionage Cosmetics Nail Mail Monthly May 2019 Heart of Mine nail wraps Plus10Kapow

I am super late showing you these but I have to show you them because they are all gorgeous and the  Gaming Variant was one that I was super excited by and trust me, it did not disappoint. Plus, I am trying to catch up a little bit after the heat has been absolutely destroying my will to move or do anything of any type, urgh, Summer, am I right?!

Heart of Mine was the May Nail Mail Monthly theme from Espionage Cosmetics. Let's have a closer look at the variants.