PR Samples/Product reviews

I accept samples and products for the purpose of reviewing them. By accepting these samples I am not under any obligation to give a favourable review for said product, the product will not be considered compensation for any content, all reviews will be my own, honest opinions.

If the post contains the 'pr sample' button, this means that one or more items in the post has been sent to me for review purposes.

If you are interested in contacting me regarding a product review, please email me here  chrissie@plustenkapow.co.uk

Affiliate/Referral links

I currently use Skimlinks on my blog, this means that I may receive some pennies if you purchase a product/service that has been linked to in one of my posts. Please note: these links may be auto linked and will not always be a product that I have personally linked to.

There may also be referral links on some posts, for example- on Loot Crate posts, if you subscribe through the link in my post, I will receive a referrer credit off my next Loot Crate.

Posts containing Affiliate and Referral links will not be marked.

Brand Ambassador

I am currently a nerd manicure ambassador for Espionage Cosmetics and unless otherwise mentioned, all posts containing Espionage Cosmetics have been sent to me for this purpose. All these posts will have a link to this disclosure at the top.


There are not currently any ad services running on +10 Kapow.


All images and content featured on this blog are created and edited by me, unless otherwise stated. Please do not use, reproduce or alter anything on this blog without my permission.

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