Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Transformers nails

Sorry its been a few days, i haven't had much uninterrupted time with the laptop.

On my last post, i told you about the cute Transformers stamping plate and that i was going to attempt some cute Transformers nails. Aside from the designs on the plate, i wasn't really sure what else i wanted to do and how i wanted them to look. Then i found a Transformers theme over at The Nailasaurus, so i'm not taking credit for these nails.

And before i put the picture up, the cable for my digital camera is broken, so i took the picture with my mobile, so the quality is pretty pants, but i will be getting a new cable soon so hopefully these pants quality pictures don't last very long.

It took me a while to get these right, even though some of it is simple stamping, it was a complete pain in the ass to get them centered and straight.

Thumb- i did the Autobots on my thumb, using Rimmel Black cab as a base and Barry M Silver Foil effects to stamp.

 Index Finger- i did an Optimus type,  i used a 17 mini in red and then stamped the squiggly pattern from the transformers plate in Barry M Retro 2 Blue.

 Middle finger i stamped the Decepticon, again, same as the thumb, i used Rimmel black cab for base and Barry M silver foil effects for stamping.

Ring finger- i did a Bumblebee theme, my freehand lines suck and are never straight or centered, so i used striping tape, i put a layer of Rimmel Black cab then put on 2 lines of striping tape, after that, i put on a few layers of Barry M lemon ice cream and once dry, pulled off the striping tape. I think it worked pretty well.

Pinkie finger- i did the part word stamp that was on the plate, i did the same as the thumb and middle finger in that i used Rimmel black cab for the base and Barry M silver foil effects for the stamp.

I always use a base coat before applying any nail polish and always use a topcoat so the designs last longer.

They haven't turned out perfect, but i still think these are super cute and i'm deffo going to try them again when my hands are a bit steadier and i'm better at all of this.

Also, this week i signed up to Viva La Nails and their affiliate program. I thought it might be a bit of  a push to keep up with the blog, just in case i start to flake.

I ordered the product sample pack for bloggers and have added Viva La Nails to my blog with the only banner thingy i could get to work- so you should be able to see Viva La nails to the right. Check them out if you get a chance as they do loads of cute stuff and the pricing is really good.

The product samples pack i received this morning. i will be doing a review post on these soon.

That's all that has happened so far this week. i will deffo do some swatches pretty soon and put them up here, and hopefully it doesn't take me too long to get that camera cable.

Have a good day everyone.


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